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  1. I am all over the place today. Not usually such a fidget-brain, but got some exciting news from my PT over my lunchtime appointment: I'm cleared to start with Bodyweight level 1 (from the women's academy side)! ...which is super-nice, because you already know how I actually started doing most of those things on Monday. 1A 3 x 10 bw squats 3 x 10 elevated push-ups 3 x 10 bw row (doorway row suggested) 3 x 30-sec farmer's walk (PT approved using my 10# KBs, which I've missed fiercely) 1B 3 x 10 good mornings (hands behind head, so bw
  2. Tuesday was stunningly low on steps (only 5,755) due to a day with lots of meetings and then a soccer game, which included the concession stand Hot Dog of Regret that ended my evening. Zero activity minutes recorded. Thankfully, today is the final game of the regular season, and forgive me for rejoicing that they probably won't play more than one game in the post-season. She scored another goal last night (in the varsity game!) and is ending the season on a strong note personally. Give them another year or two and they'll be doing much better together, I think. Did a lot of "
  3. I ought to have reminded myself of the specific goals I had for this week before this morning, because I was thinking I'd had a very successful Monday, only to discover that I'd been a teensy bit off-target. Ah, well. Favorite part of the day was when I went for a (remarkably smooth) run/walk session and followed it with a bodyweight workout: 4 sets x 10 reps each: BW squats, incline push-ups, box jumps, crunches, and inverted BW rows. Felt challenging but manageable. No pain today...just predictable and balanced soreness that tells me I did the work properly. Pu
  4. Not a bad start. Week one tracking MAJOR EDIT, inspired by Tuesday failures and backing up to look at the bigger picture: How could I have forgotten how off the rails May gets, with end-of-school stuff that pulls nearly every weeknight into chaos? Gotta restructure so I can feel like I have moments of influence and success. Activity minutes (weekly metric) -- keeping this one because I can still theoretically flex with things over the course of seven days. Fruits/veg -- Adjusting this one to *involve* fruits and veg in every meal, and to find one opportunity e
  5. Following -- can't wait until I can do TGUs again!
  6. A few years ago, I helped to facilitate a ritual that was about balance -- how it's not a static state to be achieved once, but something that needs to be cultivated and regained time and again. We used balance boards, bicycles, tightropes, and bunch of other things as physical demonstrations and metaphors. Metaphors work for me...so I'm thinking of this journey back to "fighting strength" as getting back on the bicycle. Gotta keep putting energy into it, keep pointing where I want to go, and try not to over-correct. Had mixed success with the last challenge, but I'm very glad to be back on
  7. Yeesh. Let's sum up. Though work and home life have kept me offline for most of the last couple of weeks, I got my feet back under me for most of these goals by the end of the challenge, but I think I need longer to work on solidifying the baseline habits before I get too fancy. To recap: Activity Minutes (avg 45 mins/day): I do not always hit this daily average, but I have consistently gotten 200+ minutes of activity per week. Tracking (3 days/wk): Absolute, fiery failure on this right now. I hate the app on my phone, usually can't manage to update at work due to connectiv
  8. What an apocalyptic stomach bug. Finally getting back on track this week. Got over 200 minutes of activity last week and managed my hydration goal, but didn't manage to eat much of anything and now it's low tide before paycheck on Friday. In positive news, the concussion kid is cleared to play again and gets to be on the field for tomorrow's games. Coach is mostly going to play her JV this week but she should be back starting varsity next week. She's so very happy! Dancer girl is back at it as well, discharged from PT and working her way back to all the leaping all the time.
  9. (( sigh )) I think the theme for this week is "two out of three ain't bad." Aiming for not-zero effort in all goals, but not fully successful in all of them just yet. Since everything was seeming like such a horrendous struggle, I focused hard on hydration and sleep yesterday. WIN on the hydration, and I broke into a sleep supplement I picked up from the chiropractor last week. While it doesn't taste like the delicious fruit flavor advertised, it's no yuckier than a Tums, and OMG was it ever magical for my rest last night. Ingredients are just the 5-HTP previously recommended for the brai
  10. Oh, YES. They'll lug mulch and pretty cheerfully help with spreading it. That's part of the Mother's Day prerogative. Finally feeling much better, thank you. Egad. Got lots of activity outside over the last couple of days and made really encouraging progress on garage and shed re-organization. Next weekend, we'll finish building the raised beds and then I'll be ready for DIRT! Dancing daughter has her last PT appointment for her knee, and is delighted with the results. Concussion girl is phasing back into practices according to protocol but probably won't be
  11. Oh, my lord. Glad that the Zero Week was good, because this week is shot. Kira and I continue to improve our partnership at dance competitions, with some notes about how we want to improve nutrition and hydration support after this weekend's experience. For example, we're going to bring a couple of gallons of bottled water to have with us, because water bottles empty quickly and then it's hard to scoot away from the dressing room to wherever the eff the nearest fountain is. And then, in the wee hours of Monday morning, I got hit with a nasty stomach bug. Was halfway productiv
  12. Today's rebellion is cancelled on account of pain. Lots and lots of pain. I should have noticed last night, when I kept losing things and forgetting what I was saying...by this morning, I couldn't block it anymore and just getting into the car was awful. I got to PT ten minutes late and he said, "you look miserable." Instead of exercises, he hooked me up to the e-stim machine, wrapped me up in a warm pack, and left me in a dark room for about 20 minutes. He didn't think there was cause to worry, since progress has been so awesome and sometimes thing just splinch a bit on the road to recov
  13. It's been pissing me off, these last few days, that fitbit doesn't "unlock" activity minutes until I hit 10 minutes of consecutive activity. After that, it'll add all the little minutes of life's daily hustle and bustle, but NOTHING before that magical 10-minute block of time. I got home just before 8:30p from kiddo's orchestra concert with close to 7k steps logged, but ZERO minutes of activity. So I'm stomping along the sidewalk, raging about the injustice of it all, because dammit I'm going to *get* those minutes and steps, when a very quiet and snooty voice in my head suggests that MAYBE
  14. Negotiated some bedtime agreements with hubby last night. He has no trouble at all falling asleep. He can go from laptopping to oh, let's turn off the lights, to sound asleep in a matter of a few minutes. I need some transition, because I'm frequently Doing Things up until bedtime. What we're in agreement on is that I'll settle in by about 10:30p and he'll go lights out by 11:00p, with the understanding that I'd like to ease back to lights out at 10:30p in the relatively near future. He's not *against* sleep, but he's distractable and genuinely functions better on less rest than I do. My
  15. Yeah, the resentment was definitely a thing. Glad things lined up better for the rest of the evening. Got to grill pork chops with hubby and got my run/walk in! And I think the Concussion Kid called her day before things got too miserable...by dinnertime, she was well recovered and in good spirits. Trying to line up another adult to be on call if she wants to try again tomorrow, but we won't make the final decision until morning. Gotta not have any headache to consider it. She's lined up a ride with a friend, so she won't have to deal with commotion on the bus. There's only so much sens
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