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  1. Getting myself moving last night was a bit of a challenge, but I did. I'm back in the saddle and evading zombies.
  2. Well week 3 got pretty well derailed... back at it tonight.
  3. Well my intention is to get right back on the horse today...
  4. Rough day yesterday. Didn't get much sleep the night before. I opted to skip my run for the night, so I'm down one run now. I did do, or try and do my pushups. Failed to hit the full set on those. Today will be better.
  5. Another weekend come and gone. I've continued well on all fronts. Pushup form feels to be improving, I'm started swinging a heavier kettle bell, and the zombies still haven't gotten me!
  6. Huh... well now. Thanks for posting this thread. I'd never thought to google it as I didn't actually realize it was something a normal person can go do. Turns out there's a place right here in town where I can spend 90 minutes in a tank for 50 bucks.
  7. You know, that's something that's always intrigued me, but no I've never gotten a chance. How did you manage to come by said experience?
  8. So I'm still on season 1... and last night they sent me on a supply run to pick up D&D books and minis.... I was laughing out loud in the gym.
  9. Everything felt better tonight. My push-up for is still not amazing, but it seemed a world better than last time. Thanks buckthetide, the video link helped. My run felt really solid too. Still not super fast, but my stamina felt good tonight, though my Zombies, Run! mission seemed oddly short. Guess that's why it has radio mode. Oh and last night I did my kettlebell sets for time, and by the S&S standard, I'm ready to start advancing in weight again. Go team!
  10. Fito checking in ;) This is all your fault, and I applaud you! :P

  11. @Buckthetide Zombies, Run! can in fact play with your pace, yes. There is a chase mode where periodically it will tell you that zombies are close and you need to go faster. If you don't, you loose stuff you've collected. Also, awesome video. Good information there. I need to give it a shot in a while, see about applying what they're saying.
  12. Had a decent run last night and knocked out some more push-ups. I'm progressing on the push-ups, though they're not amazing in form. With time I suppose. Running seems a bit stagnant. I've been write around the same speed and duration on my runs for a few weeks.
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