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  1. Update: I am kicking ass on diet and leveling up my life. Fitness is on hold as I am now in a hinged leg brace and attempt to do all these doctor challenges.
  2. My doctor and I had a phone session where I was in tears and demanded that we ignore the diabetes (it's managed and I am not insulin dependent) I will meet at this office this week and we will treat it like it's my first time limping in. My pcp has been amazing, helpful, and enthusiastic but he needed to hear me say "I'm doing what you told me to do, my diabetes is under control. Let's fix my leg so I can live a normal life." Updates as I get results from MRIs, therapy, and other appointments.
  3. Time for a ore-challenge nap ;-)
  4. Rebooting Again...Really? The shit really hit the fans this time. Holy cow has my life changed and required a lot of evaluation. If you check my character page or my blog you'll get all the gritty details. TL;DR Leg pain = doctor's visit = diagnosed as diabetic = still no answer on leg pain. But like always, I pick up the pieces and move on. I have decided to make my quest more epic and bigger. I now have larger goals that are truly big picture that will be broken down into easier to achieve chunks. I now identify as a druid, I've been told that I am quite laid back and at one with nature. I talk to plants, insects, animals, and rocks with equal enthusiasm and curiosity. "Oooh, what are you?" Diet: 2000 Calories a day. 240 g of carbs a day. Drink A gallon of water a day. Fitness: 10 minutes on the treadmill each day. Tai Chi four times a week. Effectively manage my pain. Level Up My Life: 15 minutes of quiet meditation each day. Read material for grad school (chemistry etc.) My epic quest is to get down to 225 lbs from 391. I am sitting at 300 as of 7/12/2016, so I am half way there. I have a couple of other things I'd like to achieve, and those are still in the development phase. Getting to the goal weight is not the end of the journey, but more the end of the tutorial level where I learn how to LIVE and take hold of my dreams.
  5. Great stuff, pulled some ideas from yours as I am getting ready to write mine.
  6. JohnnyShoes drops 82 pounds and finds his weakness...glucose.  Thus he is reborn and rebooted as Met-For Man, the diabetic Rebel.

  7. Every super hero has an origin story, right? Here's mine: overweight whole life, like 34 years of being fat. Like 391.8lbs of Met-For Man occupying the planet and universe. Then one day in 2014, he says "Screw this shit, I'm gonna try to live forever." In his quest for immortality, he discovered a pool to walk in, and a sport that he loved to do in disc golf.

    Now fast-forward to 2016. Met-For Man has lost 81.2 lbs. Hurray, the world is saved, he's learned how to do things to keep him active, he drinks all the water he needs in a day, he is conscious of his calories.

    However, in late December of 2015, he discovered that he was having some tingly feelings in his right arm and leg after MCing a variety show. Rest and stretching helps, but in late February it progressed so that he was struggling to walk and do simple things like shower. His doctor did an x-ray, no problems there, then he asked for a blood test. "Sure, no problem, I have some extra" said Johnny. (we are still working on that pinched nerve, heading to u of m soon for more options)

    Blood tests came back, with high a1c and cholesterol numbers. "No surprise there, I haven't been treating myself very well for the last few decades." Johnny made a vow to keep on losing weight and being, truthfully, fucking awesome.

    So while I am being treated for a nerve disorder, we discover that I am diabetic. Big life changes coming around, understood. Let's say you go in for a broken arm from playing hackysack, and the doctor finds out that you have a life changing disease....lupus for instance.

    Talk about kicking someone while they are down...right ?

    So there is my origin story. All of this is super brand new to me, But I have a lot of confidence in my future as a diabetic. I can take a pill in the morning, walk more, eat better, and control this thing. I have loving support of my girlfriend, friends, and most of my family.

    I'll never be cured of this thing, but I can make it my bitch.

  8. Hi Kids!!! My name is Johnny Shoes and I have been absent from the site for quite some time. I needed a break from updating to concentrate on school and a budding love life. Update: On March 27th, I passed the 60 lbs lost mark. This felt super big and important to me, and it turns out that this a big milestone for a lot of people. Now that I have school and live under control, I am ready to commit to another challenge. Main Life Goal: Blow classmate's minds at how much weight I have lost over Summer Break. This goal seems fairly open to interpretation, but I have learned to not put a number on weight loss. I think that if I make it down under 300 pounds, it will be good. So I have 5 months to drop 35 little bitty pounds. That is seven measly pounds a month, just under two a week. I have several ways on how to do that. First Goal: Become a stronger swimmer. My school has a pool, I use it once a week. I will increase this to more thrice a week. While in the pool I will walk/swim a mile each time. Second Goal: Pursue Disc Golf more often. We have beautiful courses within a short drive, I will golf twice a week. This will be a 1-2 mile walk with lots of rough terrain with a 20 pound bag on my back. Third Goal: Bendy Stretchy Time. I will do my half hour yoga routine daily, to increase flexibility and to center my mind. This is a good plan, a solid plan, a SMART plan. I will edit in the role-playing leveling up stuff in a few days. Hopefully I will be able to find my old squad mates and get in a group. Good Luck Adventurers!!
  9. I had a great second week, sorry for not checking in. The school and the relationship have taken over the life again :-)
  10. Hey everyone!! I hope that week one is going well, mine is going very well, even if beset by allergies. Rogue Welkin is getting married today...................be sure to send him a message. How are the Rogues doing ?
  11. Did a two mile bike ride today, felt nice. A little chilly, I have to figure out head gear for bike rides.
  12. Went for a mile walk today through a river valley that our school uses as a nature preserve. My knees are feeling it this afternoon, I tell you what!!
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