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  1. Mid Week 2... My arms are healed from the slow first strength cross training session, and I've put two in since. The Dumbbell Division program is great, I'm definitely feeling it!! Going to do wonders for my distance stamina. Fartleks are going well. I've put two more in since my last post. Still using the half mile run, quarter mile sprint. Not comfortable yet moving up. I'll probably do two more in the next week, then think about moving up. My weight is at 275, so it is coming down! I'm four pounds down, six to go in a month. I will attain this, I'm fairly certain. Thanks for
  2. End of Week one, and I think my strength training has slowed me up. I attempted workout A of Steve's Dumbbell Division program, and the program calls for pull ups.I can't do a pull up yet (Challenge #2 is going to have a goal of a pull up completion). So, the program calls for doing negative pull ups, where you lower yourself down from the bar until you work the strength up for a real pull up. I can't do those either. You're supposed to do these under control, and I am not yet able to hold myself up long enough to lower myself down under control. Not a problem, i just need to figure some
  3. Day One - Good So Far! I did my first speed work session, what I found out is known as FARTLEKS!!!! By the way, the greatest name for anything ever. ANYWAY, I went ahead and started a run where I was doing .5 miles at my normal, roundabout 10:00/mi pace, then for the next .25, upped that to about 8:00/mi pace (according to my app). I repeated that circuit 4 times, coming JUST shy of a 5k (it was round 3.04 miles.) I felt great at the end, and definitely pushed those four laps at a higher pace (heart was racing!). It's clear that I'll probably have to really focus on breathing control. It
  4. Hey Hammlin, Shaffnut here. I just had a quick question about posting my updates. Should I start a new thread every time i report in? or should I add to my original post with my goals? just curious, i don't want to muck up the format being a newbie to the group. Thanks!!!
  5. Great way to get going! Thanks for the post. I have a question: When i open the document, and see what others have added, how do I save my additions so they show up for others? Is it a simple situation of typing my information and closing the document? Not real familiar with Google docs. Help!!! - shaffnut
  6. Hey Erica! Great job, and welcome to the site! It's great to have you here. I myself am very new to the site and the community, so it's great to get to know people on here that are new with me! Congrats on the upcoming wedding, and I see you're from Norfolk! GREETINGS FROM YORKTOWN!!!! I teach at Grafton High School here in the 23692!!!! Might have to get up for a run or something! In any case, it's no problem that you're learning to be a nerd. You've come to the right place! The most important thing is that you don't let anything stop you from achieving those great goals. We're here
  7. Man I love these goals, especially the cleaning house goal. I will be incorporating one or two of these as my life goal next!!! as for the running goal, I have to agree with the above poster..make it more specific, whatever your goal may be!!! I've found in my short running career that a specific goal is absolutely necessary in order to make sure you can achieve it!!! Don't go crazy with an unattainable goal; make it realistic and GO FOR IT!!!! Get you some!!!! Looking forward to getting to know you guys better here! lets do this.
  8. Fantastic Jack: This Challenge is great. I have now met someone who is as big a fan of ASOIAF as I am! I invite you to join us over at the Tower of the Hand, the greatest community for GRRM fans there is. Get on and participate in the group re reads of the books, and the reviews of the shows. as far as your challenge goes, GET AFTER IT!!! the Running goal is absolutely doable!!!! I will be with you in the running portion, trying to reduce my 5k time by a minute and a half. WE WILL GET THERE!!!! Keep up the fantastic work bud. And, as I tell all my Ice and Fire friends, "If R+L=J i
  9. Hello everyone, as a new member to the community, this is my first post. I am looking for some help or suggestions. I am a bigger guy, 282lbs, and have started the past four months with the paleo diet and Steve's basic bodyweight programs. I have started running as well, doing a number of races in that time (My farthest has been a 10k, which I was psyched to have finished this past Saturday!!). Anyway, I want to start Steve's Dumbell Division strength program, and I have been looking at the guide pretty closely. The only real change I'll have to make is the negative pull ups, as I still
  10. See, you guys are awesome already. I'm loving it. MissMormie, great suggestion. I will absolutely adjust the parameters of the goal. I kinda had that already in mind (to continue trying till someone said 'sure!') but it would be good to adjust it. And as far as eating goes, I took the advice o Steve and others and went Paleo starting in February. It has been a big reason why I've had some success, and ill be continuin to stick to all-natural eating. But thanks! NicoleCanoes, I have been instructed by some friends and colleagues about the interval and hill training. Ill be incorporating
  11. Hello everyone! shaffnut here, and this will be my FIRST NF six week challenge. I am a high school teacher in Virginia, and having been born and bred in the Steel City, I will be going home for the second half of June and July, so this challenge is PERFECT!! My attributes are as follows: Race: Half-Ogre Profession: Scout (I know, not usually a combo you see, but I swear IT WORKS!!!) Strength: 4 Dexterity: 2 Constitution: 2 Charisma: 1 Wisdom: 3 Stamina: 2 Total: 14 Level: 1 Here are my goals: 1. I would like to start my first challenge with a goal that I believe
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