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  1. Hope you were able to resist the pull of the forbidden. You're 30% done, no starting over!! You can do it!
  2. Ah, spaghetti squash... has to be the most under appreciated veggie out there. Too bad you couldn't find one. Keep looking, when you find them buy a few, they store for a long time and can be topped with just about anything. They're peak season is fall here in the states (same as the other gourds) but you can find them from Mexico almost year round. Your enthusiasm is inspiring! Happy Wednesday indeed!
  3. Awesome job with the liquid calorie goal!! And double points for more water. You're rocking it!
  4. Good for you reaching out to someone that's done it all before!! I'm sure someone will reply to your inquiry!
  5. Alright, so it's been about 12 days since my last post.... not good, where is the embarrassed emoticon? Goals: Routine: Waking up/going to bed as scheduled, mostly doing the job search thing, but it's depressing. There is literally NOTHING in my field within a 100 mile radius. But, I've been looking daily and working the resume and what not most days not the full 5 hours though. On a related note, I've an audition next week for work as a yoga teacher, not ideal, but hopefully stress reducing and it will generate some spending money. Crossfit Tuesday/Thursday has been solid, but I've not made
  6. Sounds like you're off to a good start! Keep it up!
  7. Could you try yoga? It's a gentle body weight bearing exercise. It might help with some of the guilt and will certainly help with ankle and wrist mobility. Good for you! Resisting chocolate and alcohol, WOOHOO!
  8. A doctor that suggests a paleo lifestyle is rare, lucky you! With PCOS you'll want to eliminate gluten completely and heavily restrict refined sugar. As Rookie, said your macros will depend on your goals, but If you are new to paleo, maybe that's gonna be enough for awhile. Get used to eating real food and only real food for awhile.
  9. Right, so I posted my goals today, BUT i've been working them all week, (I promise!) Routine: Getting up at 630 hasn't really happened, the alarm goes off, but I haven't really been hitting the snooze a few time. However, since I have gotten up by 700 each day, I'll take is a win. Close is better than sleeping all day. The job hunt has now really begun. I have done pretty good dedicating time to it. I blew off Tuesday for errands, but I'll put in the time Saturday to make up. I've gone to both the box and the studio twice each. Seems people missed me. Not enough to call, but enough to notic
  10. No liquid calories... love it! Good luck!!
  11. I think this is my third challenge, however, I was laid off in November from my job of 12 years and have REALLY been back sliding. I've not been to the box or the yoga studio (despite having memberships to both) in 2 months. I've consumed cases of wine and processed crap (not just the ordinary holiday crap). This is where I turn it around. I will eat better, get back to exercising (I'm unemployed, I've the time, you know?) and find a JOB. No more wallowing in self pity, with a wine glass, and the TV remote! Routine: Failing to plan is planning to fail, yeah? Routine is KEY to getting thin
  12. You have to pretty lucky girls! The club house is AMAZING! My treehouse growing up was in danger of falling down during every stiff breeze. Lucky for us, it wasn't very windy in TX. - Yours is going to last FOREVER!
  13. Final Summary Ugh, my participation in the group encouragement has sucked, it wasn't a goal, per se, but isn't that the premise of the challenge? Fail As for my actual goals: Since I'm the exclusive cook and grocery getter at our house, there is no gluten, sugar, or processed poo in the meals I cook. That is a total of 7 breakfast 5-6 dinners, and all lunches (leftovers). So I'd say that's about 95% clean and the family is getting used to it. The fiancé has even lost a few pounds sitting on the couch as opposed to gaining them! A I've gotten back into yoga. I've been going Friday evenin
  14. Burpees between games? You are my hero!!
  15. You are really doing a great job staying on track! Keep it up and you'll have not problem reaching your goal weight. AWESOME!
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