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  1. Eilyd: thanks for the advice.  I'm keeping it low b/c I need to lose weight.  As I find a happy carb/weight loss ratio, I'll increase carbs.  The more I work out, the more carbs I can have.  That's one reason I'm here on this site!  I definitely eat my veggies, just not fruit for now.  I don't eat potatoes, sweet potatoes or other high carb veggies, but there are still plenty to choose from! 

  2. The pain. THE PAIN.

    Ha!  Enjoy the pain.  I bought a cordless hedge trimmer and went to work "Rambo style" on the front hedges and trees on Sunday.  I was soooo sore on Monday!  I had fun doing the trimming, but oh man, that was a good workout!  I kept telling myself on Monday that it was a Good Pain.  I'm in the same boat as you are as far as fitness level.  Hopefully we'll be badass when the 6 weeks are up!  Keep up the good work!   :pride:

  3. Good idea about using the upstairs to cool the downstairs!  The upstairs unit is newer also and more efficient.  I think the downstairs unit is an antique.  It looks like it was put in when the house was built in 1963.  Did they even have AC in 1963?

  4. Meditation is actually going very well.  I had doubts about doing it in the AM, but it helps get me focused.  I thought I might just go back to sleep if I closed my eyes!  As for getting stronger, I'm going to try to do the lunges and squats in my office (where I can close the door!).  I have a desk job, so stopping every now and then to exercise should be very good for me and my concentration.  I realize I should be doing it all at once, but for now just doing it is okay.  I might start taking walks in the morning when my work schedule allows.


    I haven't started on cleaning out that room yet.  It is a big room and very intimidating!  The weather is going to get very hot soon and I'll only have an opportunity to clean it in the mornings before work or the weekend mornings.  I'm trying to save money and not turn on the AC upstairs (separate units for up and down).  Six weeks is not a long time and I need to get going on this.

  5. Ugh.  I live in Latin America which is the capital of men making comments at women.  It is a national pass time. Don't engage them, it just encourages them.  As one poster said above, if you're wearing headphones, they shouldn't be loud enough that you can't hear what is going on around you.  If you feel threatened and have a phone, call the cops.  If you don't have a phone, go to a store or something.  Carrying a whistle isn't a bad idea, particularly if you are going into semi-isolated areas alone.


    Every woman should know how to protect herself so if you haven't done it yet, take a self-defense course.  You will learn a lot you will hopefully never need to use.  But, if you do, you will be glad to have the knowledge.


    I had a guy grab me once on the street.  I don't know if he was trying to rob me, cop a feel or do something more dastardly, but having the skills to leave him a broken-nosed, bloody, sobbing, heap on the ground made me feel damn good. :)

    Whoooo, bad ass!  way to go!!!

  6. Yeah- it's one of those things you gotta play by year.


    I have a problem- I have a mouth- I'd totally say something. But one day I"m sure I'll say it to the wrong person!

    I'm shocked!  You "have a mouth"?  I'm new to this site (like today) and I already think this is funny!  Yes, I like sarcasm too!

  7. I'm going to disagree with a lot of the points suggested above, well regarding headphones anyway.  While it is helpful if you want to ignore things, it does decrease your general awareness of your surroundings.  You shouldn't be paranoid about going out for a run the vast vast majority of cat callers are harmless.  But if you are in a situation where you are being followed at slow pace by a car, you don't want any distractions in the case shit hits the fan.  So while I do wear headphones myself, in this sort of situation I would rip them out and when they are in, never have them that loud that they drown out all other noise.


    If they are asking you a specific question e.g. are you married?  Then don't answer it, this is what they want and expect.  Either ignore or if you do respond, don't answer the question.  Put them out of their comfort zone.  Give your best giant fake smile and wave is one option.

    Yes, I totally agree with this.  Don't make yourself a victim by shutting down one of your primary survival senses.

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  8. Sounds like just the ticket!  Good luck!  I know when I started seriously drinking (water) I felt a lot better.  It becomes a habit very quickly.  Keep a water bottle with you as much as possible.  You'd be surprised how often you'll drink it if it is right in front of you.

  9. Tin Man: I have free weights at home so I'll start with those.  I used to lift in the far distant past, so I have a good idea of what I am doing.  I'll install a mirror and make sure I'm doing it right before I start "serious" lifting.  Thanks for the tip on the Warrior page.  I'll definitely be checking it out.  As I said in my post, this is literally my first day on this site, so all tips are truly appreciated.


    I don't have a trainer or a training buddy.  I just decided to do this, so I don't have the lifting plan yet.  I'm supposed to be working now, so I'll probably draft something tonight when I get home.

  10. Just found this site today and I love it!  I'm joining the challenge!


    1) meditate 10 minutes/day (I stole this idea from another challenger)  I am a "cat napper" by nature, so the idea of meditating quietly for 10 minutes sounds so refreshing!

    2) start Tai Chi by doing 15 minutes/day.  If I really get into it, I can change from 15 minutes/day to 1/2 hour every other day, and if I make even more progress, I can do 1 hour 3x/weekKeep below 20 carbs/day.

    3) start weight lifting and do it at least 3x/week.  Learn proper forms and start keeping track of reps/weights so I can improve.

    4) clean out my spare room (my son left a lot of his toys and debris when he moved into another bedroom.  My desk is in that old room now so this also means I have a lot of filing to do!  Windows will also be cleaned.


    Edit: I know nothing about Tai Chi and this is a ridiculous goal for me.  I'm changing it to keeping below 20 grams of carbs/day.  I think I took too much on at once.  I need to get the basics down first.  As for weight lifting, I'm going to use the basic beginner body weight one.

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