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  1. I think that following this program could be a good life goal. On the other hand, you're right: it's a bit expensive, but it sounds interesting.
  2. More or less. If I'm concentrated and in a good mood, it's perfect. I'm developing with myself a better and healthier relationship, but it only works when I don't eat too much sugar or carbohydrates (hormones are important, I think). So time to do the review of the week. #1 Workout Score: D. I only went to the gym one day. #2 Eating Score: B-/C+. Weekend doesn't go very well, but I cut from 76 kg to 74,7 kg: the final balance is good. #3 Run Score: A. #4 Study No progress on my esays, because I have to change the topic of my PhD, so I've been reading looking for something interesting. Result: 6 books and a couple of new ideas. Great.
  3. Day 4 Weight goal: Food Great today. I'm drinking a glass of milk at night, but I think I'm losing weight, so it isn't too bad for now. Score: (2/42) Sport goal: Workout. Done at 7 am. Not so embarrassing. Life goal: Study. I think I should have to change the topic I'm going to investigate, so I'm reading a lot of literature trying to find something which fits with me. The essays are stopped right now.
  4. Maybe you've fallen back a step, but you will be doing the workouts as you did sooner than you think. It's not like the first time you started doing exercise!
  5. Congrats! Another quick snack are carrots with hummus (I don't know how to do hummus, but carrots with whatever are fine, too).
  6. Meal plan for today Breakfast: oat porridge (10 g. oats, 10 g. amaranth, 10 g. quinua, 2 walnuts, 1 tsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp cinnamon) + coffee with milk (100 ml. black coffee + 100 ml. semi-skimmed milk) + apple. Snack: 1 orange. Lunch: baked vegetables (1/2 zucchini, aubergine, onion, red pepper, 1 egg) mushrooms soup + 6 strawberries + coffee with milk. Snack: 2 tangerines. Dinner: mushrooms soup + 2 artichokes + mushrooms + 1 egg + 10 g. chocolate (72%) + 1 glass of milk.
  7. Great! Day 3 Weight goal: Food I didn't register when I felt hunger, but I didn't eat without it. 5 meals: good breakfast, oranges as a snack (x2), a light lunch, and a light dinner (I eat a bit more than I wanted to - an egg and a glass of milk - but I think it was pretty good). Score: (1/42) Sport goal: Run! 2 km in 13 minutes or so. Tomorrow I'll try with 3 km. Life goal: Study. I didn't register. But when I am not doing sport or sleeping I am reading, so...
  8. Thank you for this comment, it has been very supportive and motivating. It's true that my body is a weapon to do what I want to with it, and if it works, I should think it's beautifl. It's a good way to think. I'm going to the University with a smile in my face, thanks! Yes, maybe you are right and people are more concentrating on themselves than in me. And the couple of friends that I did there shouldn't think anything about me since I'm still the same person.
  9. Meal plan for today Breakfast: oat porridge (10 g. oats, 10 g. amaranth, 10 g. quinua, 2 walnuts, 1 tsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp cinnamon) + coffee with milk (100 ml. black coffee + 100 ml. semi-skimmed milk) + tangerine juice. Snack: 1 orange. Lunch: paleo-vegetarian 'pasta' (1/2 zucchini, aubergine, onion, red pepper, 1 egg) + 1 orange + coffee with milk. Snack: 1 orange. Dinner: 1 egg + 1 glass of milk + mushrooms soup + boiled artichokes + 10 g. chocolate (72%). In green what I have eaten according with the plan, in red what I have eaten and I shouldn't. I accept suggestions for the rest of my meals.
  10. And, as Matt Frazier says, a superfood! Welcome to the team!
  11. Maybe a suggestion: if the break with sugar, gluten and soda beverages is radical you could score -1 (or another number) to 42 (7x6) each time you eat them, and -0.25 when dairy (or something similar). Good luck!
  12. I have problems with iron absortion, so I can understand your decision (I eat fish when my anaemia could be very dangerous). I usually feel healthy in terms of energy, but it's true that I don't know how to eat well when I am vegetarian (I tend to live in a carbohydrates party most of the time). This challenge I want to learn a bit about eating clean, and I try to reduce my grain consume to breakfasts. On the other hand, I eat eggs (a lot) and I think it could help when you try to eat better.
  13. I understand you. I think I have an account in every forum it's possible, and most of the times I cannot remember the nick or the password or the e-mail I have associated it. And, of course, I have a ridiculous amount of number of e-mails.
  14. Leithient was my nick since 2004 on the Internet, but I've been changing it during the last couple of years. I thought that returning to it could be like a symbol of a new starting. Thanks for your supporting!
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