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  1. Postal Training Center in Norman.
  2. My schedule is pretty regular. I'm available before 7am, and after 5:30pm on weekdays. Weekends are pretty much open...as long as I haven't decided to go fishing. It is $10 for a guest pass to my gym, or we can go to yours. As long as they have a rack and weights....I'm there. I just finished up the two "Art and Science" books. Pretty good stuff. Lots of crossover between the two of them. Sorta wish they had just tacked on 4-5 chapters in the first book to cover the athletics...but I suppose they had the idea later. The Taubes book is taking longer. Really slow reading...with lots of lo
  3. Well, Any time you want to get together and lift, just let me know. I'm most certainly up for it. I have jumped back on the keto truck after being totally lax for weeks. I feel friggin awesome. Turns out I was screwing it up the first time. I thought it was great then... this time it is just amazing. Just goes to show that no matter how much you think you know...there is always more to learn. Bought three books last month to help me understand the science behind what I'm doing. I really recommend them for anyone interested in nutrition science. "Good Calories Bad Calories" Gary Taubes. Gr
  4. Bookman84, Yeah...it helps maintain/increase lean body mass. I've found lately that the scale has stopped moving...but my new belt is running out of holes.
  5. Ketoacidosis involves blood ketone levels impossible to reach through dietary ketosis. You would be hard pressed to manage 6-7 mg/dl through a no carb high fat diet. That said, I'm not sure how this diet would affect a type 1. Insulin is really complicated. Much more so than people ever thought possible. http://diabetestypettlchf.blogg.se/ She seems to be doing well on it. Dr Stephen Phinney is pretty much the authority on the subject. You could fire him an email. www.artandscienceoflowcarb.com
  6. We should pick a day to get together and lift. I think that would be lots of fun. Nothing really serious, just a great opportunity to learn new stuff, check your form..etc.
  7. Heather. You have two SCA groups that do fighting nearby. http://namron.ansteorra.org/ and http://wiesenfeuer.ansteorra.org/ Depending on what they want, I'd be willing to play as well.
  8. Fen- Since I'm pretty sure it is just going to be me you and Krys tonight...and we can't be out very late since I have to get ass early to take Krys to the airport. Why don't we just do somwhere you can get your vegetarian thing on. I'm sure I can be a food nazi just about anywhere.
  9. I wish there was a keto-friendly restaurant app or something. Taj doesn't even have salad though. But man do I love their eggplant. We can pretty much do any non-buffet place. Cheesecake Factory? Ihop? Pretty much anywhere I can get like steamed veggies and butter...or salad. Fenshire, any suggestions?
  10. Terrible joke. Nobody would ever come for burpees.
  11. We could do something that is not dinner. Burpees in the park! lol
  12. Tomorrow is good for us, but I don't think we can do Taj. Could eat then just come for the meetup I guess.
  13. Welcome back Damaramu! The next scheduled meeting is in like two weeks. I think we have been doing the second Tuesday or Wednesday. No idea where we are planning to go this time. Extra points if you arrive astride Roshi.
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