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  1. Hello! A couple of thoughts on you dilema: You are doing a lot of leg strengthening with the lifting. How about mobility. When I work with runners they all seem to have tight hips because that is not a focus on most runners. We tend to worry about hammies, quads and calves. I would try to work in some hip mobility exercises: Clam shells, Pigeon, leg swings and the like. A quick google search on hip mobility will give you a great starting place.As for the breathing, my guess is that you are probably carrying tight in your arm and shoulders. This will have a tendency to "cave in" your
  2. RAGNAR is done! Update for the week is pending but a crazy day ahead of me so not sure when.
  3. Sorry to hear about the medical woes! I am glad that the Doc have some concrete ideas. I hate when they just through darts.
  4. Ahhh...the Renaissance Festival, bringing boobs to the masses for a generation!
  5. Awesome job! I think you need to double that weight total mid-challenge. You are absolutely going to crush that one. Cake and Champagne?!?! Yeah, that's worth a cheat!
  6. This will make morning runs a breeze! I love that you are running with your faster sister! Easiest way to get better is to chase the fast ones!!
  7. My oldest son was very nervous the first two times but by then end he was like a little monkey! My wife wants to give it a go next. Too bad my littlest guy can't do it yet. Maybe we will just let him boulder. Great idea! The dancing is problematic for me because I usually can only do it when slightly intoxicated.
  8. Can't wait to read the week two wrap-up...
  9. Awesome mile time. Jumping is a great thing to help you run fast. Keep it up!
  10. I like how your "off" week totally crushes my "good" weeks. Keep working hard!
  11. True but for Mt. Climbers I only count the right leg. It seems like I should be counting both but then it would just be too easy.
  12. I love the "tele-type" look of your reviews! Keep working hard you are just beating this challenge to a pulp!
  13. Week Two Updates: 1. Upper Body Strength - Do 400 Push ups and 100 pull ups/chin ups per week. Grade: A. 580 Pushups and 102 chins/pulls. Feeling really good about this part of the challenge. I do the push ups each morning and then save the pulls/chins until the evening. I find my arms loosen up throughout the day, especially my elbows. Second straight week of A level effort. 2. Alternating Cardio work - I like cardio and need to be consistent with getting it in each week. I need to cycle, walk, run and/or swim at least 240 minutes each week - Grade: C. Still missing th
  14. I hate when life interferes with my plans! Keep up the good work!
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