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  1. hey everyone, sorry about not posting often. I've been extremely busy for the past week. I will promise that I will be posting what I have done for the past week tomorrow. I did forget my journal in my friends car. so please bare with me.
  2. I will take that advise, and although I know how much it hurts to run, I already run a mile in 12 mins, and then walk the rest of a half mile. I do use the elliptical when it gets too hard. But I was 280 in high school playing iron man football, so doing 6 days a week is not a big leap for me. I've been doing 4 to 5 days for the last month. I know that some hefty goals, and maybe I'm cocky, but I've got to be in a mind set of an athlete. I'll aim for perfection and settle on excellence. My parade is water proof, and I rather have honest critique like you gave me, so don't worry abo
  3. I have martial arts experience from tea Kwan do as a child and Krav Maga as an adult. I've always wanted to fight competitively but my laziness and poor choices seem to always get in the way. Now I'm trying to "get the beast out" and have at least 5 armature and 1 professional fight. This is a long term goal and I'll use this forum for my short term. So here we go! Stats Age: 29 Weight: 332.6 Height: 6 Goals Over the next 6 weeks I will be focusing on conditioning and endurance. Run up to 2 miles a day 3 days a week cross fit training 3 days a week strength training Remain paleo and cut a
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