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  1. Looking forward to restarting my journey!

  2. So I moved recently and now I live like a 2 hour drive away from work. As part of my goal to level up my life.. I would like to start taking the train. How does this level up my life? Well actually it does this in 3 ways. *Saves money *Instead of spending 3-4 hours driving each day, I spend 3 on a train where I can read *The train station is 3 miles from work. Which means I am forced to do physical activity even when I don't want to Walking takes a long time due to stoplights and a lot of traffic so I am hoping I won't be doing it for long, between my work hours and the commute it doesn't leave much time to live. I started a funding campaign to try and buy a bike. Hoping to have one soon! http://www.gofundme.com/hgajm0
  3. Going good, thanks! Like I mentioned, I'm out of town for work. I can't do a full check in or probably even sign on again until I am home though. I'll do an update when I get home this coming weekend!
  4. Well I am stressed today. So far I am doing okay food-wise. Having processed food but gotta eat all my perishables before I leave on Sunday. But at least after that I won't have any left to eat! Went to gym this morning although only did about 30 minutes of working out. Very tired and grumpy from work stress today. Here is hoping the day goes by fast
  5. Awwww i like your motivational note with the doggy in it!! Good luck on your goals, very good ones! I swim sometimes in place of a gym work out because it uses sooo many muscles. Can't wait to see you succeed in your challenge!
  6. I love your third goal and your life quest, both are definitely things I need to work on too! Those are all great goals, I will be cheering you on! Can't wait to see how you do on your challenges
  7. AWESOME goals! Mmmmm carbs... lol. Definitely make sure you pack snacks for work though! I like to keep a few less naughty ones stashed in my desk, like raw almonds or dried fruit, just so I resist the urge to go buy something on days when my lunch just doesn't last long enough. Will look forward to hearing how you do this challenge!
  8. Great goals! For the third one do you have a calorie count you are trying to be under, or just want to be in the habit of counting them? I have no doubt you can do it! can't wait to see you succeed on this challenge!
  9. Awesome goals! My only suggestion is that on the third goal, allow yourself a little wiggle room. It can be really discouraging to have one slip up or bad day derail you. I like to give myself a set amount of splurges so that it doesn't put me off course if I just can't resist one day. Can;t wait to see your progress!
  10. Great goals! I actually love your life goal haha. I had a phone I needed to cancel and put it off forevvvverrrrr... When I finally did it was super fast and painless and I was kicking myself for paying it all that time lol, whoops! Good luck and I can't wait to see how your next few weeks go!
  11. Sadly I don't use FB but sounds awesome for you guys! I will have to just keep tabs on NF though Hope everyone is doing good so far! A few days in so we should all still be on track and doing awesome!
  12. Yay I already did this yesterday before I saw this challenge! I was posting in the 1st Timers group on people with no replies. I totally agree with people, it is way more motivating if you know people are cheering you on and keeping tabs!
  13. So day 3... Gym this morning. Last night my back was really sore so I was relieved to feel better this morning. That would have made the gym a bummer. So far so good, although I think I will have to make next week graded differently. I found out I am going on a trip for work so workouts will be at home and I will be at the mercy of my coworkers food wise. We leave Sunday and return I think Friday so should be interesting. I am just going to grade myself on how well I, 1-resist temptation and pick the healthier options when we are out eating, and 2-keep exercising despite being away from the gym and my normal routine. Other than that doing good. Just tired but that's normal for me by Wednesday.. I work a lot!
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