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  1. Ok, so posted this in the wrong forum firs, but here we go: It's been a while...I mean a long while...from the time I last posted they've changed me on the big screen. Now I'm being played by a high schooler...crazy, am I right?!?! Anyways, I digress. That's not the point here. The point is Spider-man's gut is starting to look like "spider-flan" (see what I did there?) To get serious, I've gone through some stuff in the last year or two that's caused me to (slowly) quit on myself. My self-esteem issues are creeping back in, my weight is ever so slowly going up and I'm just not trying any more. I owe it to not only myself, but to my wife and my son to get myself straight again. Currently (as it stands) I am 208 lbs and my clothes that were loose fitting are starting to tighten back up. I can no longer run without getting winded and I stay tired all the time. Here are my quick goals: 1. Get back down to 200 lbs a. This requires a plan: i. BBW once a week (it’s a start…and frankly more than I’m doing now) ii. Log 7 miles a week in walking/running (roughly a mile a day) iii. Follow the diabetic diet Did this when my wife was pregnant with our son and was able to get healthier 2. No eating out for lunch/no soda (or sweet tea) a. Can be broken once a week (only if eating with someone else) i. Eating alone = eating too much 3. Read my Bible/Make Prayer Time once a day a. This is something I have strayed from and with the power of the Holy Spirit can get back to doing Well that’s it. If you see something I’m missing, please feel free to comment. I will be doing my best to post updates. .
  2. Did my PR today 3.1 miles - 33:45, shaved a min and a half off my time. Still working.
  3. Thanks all. Also, Thorns, I am not reading the current Spidey comics, I had to cut myself off. I was spending way too much time/money on the comics. I could never find a middle ground between not collecting at all and subscribing to 15-20 issues/month. I wish I was, is there something going on that I need to catch up on? Also, ran over the weekend (first time running outside) gearing up for the 5k and did 3 miles in about 40 mins. I had a really hard time pacing myself. I had no iPod (since I won't be doing the 5k with one), so I was just going off instinct. Ate out on Friday for lunch (not a horrible idea), but ate at Moe's thinking it would be somewhat health-ful. Ate the special of the day (Taco "Break-your-diet" Stacker), came back to the office and did their nutritional calculator and discovered I had eaten 1500 calories....GARBAGE. Still logging cal's. Doing good about 90% of the time. Thanks again for all the support. ***EDIT*** Also, went running today. Could only do 2.75 miles (took 35 mins) or else I'd be late getting back to work.
  4. Ok, ran again today, 3.1 miles in 35 mins again. I am encouraged so far. I've been logging food as well (good and bad). Not much time to type. Will keep everyone posted.
  5. Thanks guys. Sounds like I have some more to think about whilst running Thanks Thorns, I appreciate the support. Good to know about belly, I still have a bit of one myself and that makes total sense. I will have to work on the belly some more. As for goals, I skipped the last BBW I was supposed to do and just did my first Interval run (from C25k) for the week. I was pretty disappointed with myself. I couldn't even make it past 20 mins. I think this is a result of letting myself go over the weekend. I didn't stick to a diet and just ate whatever I wanted and ended up gaining about 4lbs over the course of the weekend. YIKES!!! I am trying to work it off this week just to get back to even. I am doing BBW sometime in the next 24 hours and hope that I can make it through at least 2 cycles again. I am back to logging my food for the week. I had a moment of weakness yesterday and ended up at the clown's habitat eating something that neither resembles a "mc" or a "chicken"...garbage. Stayed strong today, worked out and brough lunch. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks!
  6. You had to bring science into it didn't you? Good to know, now my mind can wander else where
  7. Also thought of something today while I was on the 'mill. I was thinking about whether or not it's possible to become 'addicted' to exercise. While I think there's some validity to it, I think it's more of the drive that's addictive and the exercise is the outlet. Will have to work that over some more in my head...there's a quote in there somewhere. Why do I have nothing better to think about when I'm running?
  8. Finished week one of C25K - only did 2.5 miles in 30 mins today, however finshed the whole 3.1 miles in 35:15. I don't remember ever running/walking that far in my adult life (biked 6 miles one time) in one "sitting" (or is it standing? or running?...hmmm...I'll have to figure that out). Overall I feel pretty good about it. I'm a little sore in the mid-section...I don't know if that's normal or not. I'm just happy that I could do it. Doing good today with the diet. I have a BBW coming up tomorrow and a rest day on Sunday (I'll need it). Until next time, stay tuned - Same spidey-time, same spidey-channel.
  9. I know I'm a couple days late on this but obviously I want to be Spidey. I like how he realized that he had these powers within him and had to just hone and build up and make better. Sure you make mistakes but you keep going. He's had some rough defeats but that doesn't stop him. And there's always that great sense of humor. EDIT***: BTW I have updated my challenge stuff. I made it up to 3.1 miles in 35:15.
  10. ORC! Buddy, I can't believe I haven't posted in here yet. I'm liking the progress on the goals so far. Keep up the good work, that Warrior Dash is coming up fast, you're going to do awesome! Keep us posted.
  11. Hey guys, just checking in. So far, I've done...Ok. Not letting "failures" get me down like last time. I did skip two days as far as workouts go, but I've been quarantined with Pinkeye for the last 24 hours. I want to use that as an excuse for why I didn't do well, but honestly I could've still followed the plan. But anyways...I did my second run on C25k on Monday (as I reported earlier) and just "finished" (only got through 2 cycles) my first BBW. I've been doing OK calorie wise. I find, it starts in the morning. If I do good at breakfast, I'm set for the rest of the day, but if I don't do good at breakfast, then I tend to fail the rest of the day. I haven't updated MFP the last two days but will try to piece-mail it together tomorrow. Thanks Katia...honestly this is my first time running for a race but I've been jogging on and off for the last 3-4 months or so. E, I honestly picked up the book because I'm a big CS Lewis fan. I've only made it through the fist chapter but have enjoyed it so far. It's interesting to see where Lewis is going with this. Thanks Orc, I'll keep you posted on the progress. Ok, well hopping off for the night. If I don't update before the weekend, good luck to everyone on the weekend.
  12. Day 2 of C25k. I think I've found the 5k I'm going to enter but it's a Cross Country 5k. I used to run Cross Country in Middle School (I always came in next to last) and really enjoyed it. Did run 2 today 2.5 in 30 mins again but this time at a 1% incline. Since I'm running on lunch breaks I have to use a gym, so's I can shower. I think I'm going to have to start doing some practice runs on the weekends otherwise the trails will kick my butt! Otherwise on other goals, I have started a book (The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis) and am keeping track of my calories (if you're so inclined check out MFP in my links). Thansk bgvanbur, knowing that you run ultra's that really boosts my confidence! Thanks gabbard! Thanks patc....I mean Thorns! Appreciate it buddy! Thanks for all the support guys. It really does help. I'm at work now but will check out everyone's posts tonight.
  13. Just got done with my first pre-challenge run (using c25k), did 2.5 miles in 30 mins. I'm pretty pumped about this. I was a little hesitant about my goals after hearing from the veterans here. This run was important because it was really a gauge about how this challenge was going to go. I think I can actually do this. Gotta keep it up!
  14. Still tracking my intake, much better yesterday than on Wednesday. 1760 cals vs. 2600 cals and I drank much more water. It's been a couple weeks since I've ran, I like to blame it on our recent move but honestly motivation has been lacking. I'm heading to the gym today for a prechallenge run, we'll see how it goes. Normally if it's been this long I will get that awesome pain in my side, but that's just something I have to go through to get used to running again. Thanks for the support Orc, looking forward to going through the challenge with the SIT team again.
  15. All I have is an Ipod touch, so I feel you there. I haven't even tried to dl the app because of no GPS (but they keep repeating that you can run from zombies without the GPS, it's not just not the exact same thing). I would rather run from zombies, but alas I am running from my couch into a 5k.
  16. Globe trotting and leveling up. Sounds fun Good luck with the goals!
  17. Great goals! And, you have your end point set already. It's just that pesky middle. A monkey riding 112 miles on a bike? I'm in! Good luck
  18. I have to agree on the quote. Very nice. I'm going to have to steal it!
  19. Those are 2 great goals, I especially like the writing down what has made you proud of yourself. Not bad to give yourself a pat on the back.
  20. I had not heard of the Whole30 and just looked it up. YIKES! However, if you do it (and you can), it's gonna be SO worth it. Good luck and keep us posted
  21. Ok, I'm joining up...will do better this time about keeping up. I was disappointed with how my last challenge went, but am not going to let that stop me from levelling up my life. Check out my current challenge in my signature and let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Looking forward to working with everyone again.
  22. Just from a preliminary stand point, I've been 3 days and have logged all my food (good and bad - check out my fitness pal if you're interested), so far I'm sticking to that at least. I'm nervous (I don't know why) about starting up the workouts, will really have to think/meditate/pray on why this is a hangup for me. Also: Ok, so after reading the comments from you guys and really thinking about it, I am going to look into running a competitive 5k (there's tons in my area). I haven't picked one yet but it will be close to the end of the challenge. Also, will work on the partial credit thing, look for an edit soon. I'm totally down with that, just keep me posted and I will def. join up! Yeah, last challenge it took 2 edits before I had some good goals. So, I started this one out a bit different. I wanted to make sure I was able to track (SMART goals). Also, wow...a Robert the Bruce reference...I seriously had to use Wikipedia. The more you talk the more I like your style, I'm officially following your progress now (as if I shouldn't have with the entire Holy Grail inspired post). Thanks for the well wishes. Ok, so maybe I got a little lofty with the 30 min goal...I may have to adjust a couple weeks in, we'll see. I just thought (my first mistake...HA!) going around 6mph, I might be able to do it...We'll definately see. Thanks for the support buddy!
  23. Ni! Seriously though, good luck with your goals.
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