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  1. I feel you on the jumping from program to program. Just trying to follow through with it this time. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your goals.
  2. Sounds great! Good luck on your goals.
  3. The "miracle mile": very impressive. I'm trying to track my food this time, too. Good luck!
  4. SWIM!!! THE "ZOMBIES" ARE COMING!!! Seriously, though, good luck with all of your goals. I too struggle with the 7-8 hrs of sleep (usually get 5-6 most nights, and rely on coffee the next day).
  5. I hear you on the water struggles. I bring it most days from home but find myself "not thirsty". Good luck on all your goals.
  6. That half marathon looks awesome! Good luck on the research. Also, good luck on the journey back home.
  7. Gwen Stacy has been kidnapped, Doc Ock's got her. She's over on the other side of town (approx. 3.1 miles away). You're out of web, and lately you're not able to stick to buildings (also you're up to 200 lbs...WHOA). Doc Ock's got some new invention that's gonna turn her into some red head (named Mary Jane....NO!!!) if you don't get there in 30 mins or less (what am I? Domino's?). What are you gonna do? Good thing you spent the last 6 weeks training (OR DID YOU?!?!?!?!). Goals: Overall: Run a 5k (even if not competitvely, be able to run at least 5k) With all my goals I will only get RPG pts if I get an A on the goal (no partial credit) 1. Interval Training 3xweek - I have a gym membership (at least until September...curse those 6 month contracts), use it - STA (3) A - Interval Trained 3xweek - Can run 5k in 30 mins B - Interval Trained 2xweek - Can run 5k in 40 mins C - Interval Trained 1xweek - Walking/running 5k in 45 mins F - Inconsistently trained - Walk 5k (can do currently) in 45 mins 2. Track Food Eaten - myfitnesspal and also having to do for challenge at work (which is just tracking exercise and diet) - CON (2) WIS (2) A - Tracked food for 6 weeks of challenge B - Tracked food for 4-5 weeks of challenge C - Tracked food for 2-3 weeks of challenge F - Tracked food of 0-1 weeks of challenge 3. BBW 3xweek - HAVE TO DO THIS, I gained some strength over the last few weeks with what I had done before and moving over the last few weeks (WHY IS CHILDREN'S FURNITURE SO HEAVY????), I actually have some muscle tone in my arms and none of the flappy under arms, would love to keep this up and be able to fit into a smaller spidey-suit. - STR (2) STA (3) A - BBW 3xweek B - BBW 2xweek C - BBW 1xweek F - BBW less than 6 times (total) of challenge Life goal: Start a Book (that I haven't read before) and Finish it - WIS (3) A- Did it B - >1/2 - 3/4 way through the book C - >1/4 - 1/2 way through the book F - 0-1/4 way through the book My main thing I want this time around is sticking with the challenge. Last time I started out great and completly fell off. Thus I'm still stuck with the Blob (marvel.com/universe/Blob) body in the Spidey-suit... AND HERE WE GO!!!
  8. Getting Ready for the New Challenge

  9. Ok, so...let's be honest here...I dipped away for a while in the midst of the challenge...or for roughly 5/6 of the weeks...not great. I'm not even going to talk about pts and such, I failed most (if not all) of my challenges. No extra stats, which I'm somewhat disappointed about, but to be honest, I'm more disappointed with the lack of self control. I did move in the middle of the challenge and I have been getting stronger (thanks to the move and the fact that I'm doing pushups daily) but still ate out a lot, didn't read my Bible, went to bed super late, and didn't even follow through with the BBW challenge. I did get down to 199 lbs but have since gone back up to 201 (not bad and I really can't let my weight judge how I'm doing). I am on board for the next challenge and will have some adjusted goals (and some the same). Stay tuned...I think I'm going to go over the Scouts (I have found that I love running as long as it's outdoors), but who knows...I may just hang around the adventurers one more challenge.
  10. Hope your final went well. Sounds like things are going good for you, keep us posted!
  11. Kray, don't worry about it. I find it more motivating to post my struggles on here (see Wednesday last week). Plus we're all here for support anyways. You're doing great, keep it up. The hardest part of doing this is realizing it's not going to be easy and sticking with it anyways. GO REBELS!!!
  12. Matt, sounds like you're doing good. Part of this is recognizing where we can do better (like goal 3 for you). I like the idea of planning the meals a week ahead, no room for "we have nothing to eat, let's go out tonight". Keep it up buddy, you're doing great!
  13. Hey guys, had a decent first week (check out my challenge post). Glad to hear everyone made it through the weekend "okay-ish". Sorry to hear about your grandfather Saph. Also, don't worry about it Witch, we can all slip up every once in a while (see my Wednesday last week), but it's about keeping your direction toward your goal and not letting "the empire" get you to quit (on your goal or yourself) entirely. GO REBELS!!!
  14. Sounds like you're doing good! Keep it up! Sorry to hear about the hardware store, but sounds like they are working on keeping it going. I love the popsicle idea, I may have to do that one myself!
  15. Looking good buddy, I'd say a B is a great grade for the week! Keep it up, you'll keep seeing the differences this will make!
  16. DUDE!!! You're killing it! Awesome results, keep up the good work. You're proof that keeping at it will show results (it actually motivates me).
  17. Hey guys sorry for the delay on getting back on here...things have been crazy at work (that's normally when I post on here) so I'm just trying to get back on here and post some updates. Great news, over the weekend, I decided to weigh myself (on Sunday) and had finally broken the 200lb mark. It was just barely (199.7) but progress is progress. That makes this the lowest I've weighed since I was at least 16/17 years old. I'm really excited about the progress. 1. BBW 3x a week - Did all 3 last week (haven't done one this week but starting tonight) 2. Keeping up with the bed time, even on the weekend...it's a HUGE difference maker (Was able to do this 5 times last week) 3. Brought my lunch yesterday and today, and have not eaten out for lunch this week!!! (I only ate out 2 last week) 4. No Bible reading yesterday, had actually gotten on a roll with it, but it's starting to slow down. (I read the Bible 4 times last week) Overall I'd give last week a C+ (not great, but definitely not horrible). Thanks for all the kind words guys. Normally when I take it (if it's not left overs), it's a sandwich (ham, cheese, whole wheat - no condiments), apple, banana, yogurt, and pork skins. I am really struggling getting veggies into my diet. I have cut out some of my milk intake and started doing chocolate almond milk after workouts instead of chocolate skim milk. I am very slowly converting to paleo, don't think I'll ever be completely there (I do enjoy dairy). Will try to update more regularly. Thanks again for all the support!
  18. Again, dinner looks amazing. I'm going to have to check into more Jamie Oliver recipes. Keep it up buddy!
  19. Red, looks like you're doing great! Don't worry about the pizza, etc. it happens (just so long as it doesn't happen everyday)! Also, thanks for the link to the new photo for me (overhead extensions pic of spidey, don't know how I missed it the first time), and the great support I really appreciate it! Keep attacking those goals, you're doing amazing!
  20. Sounds like you're doing good. Good job on joining up with MFP, it's an excellent tool (when I use it). Don't kill yourself on the cardio. Looks like you're really making some improvements. GO REBELS!!!
  21. Much better day yesterday, check out my challenge. Thanks to the team for the support!
  22. 1. BBW 3x a week - Got through the BBW last night! WOO!! It helped that the NBA finals were on so I had something to watch during jumping jacks 2. Was in bed and asleep by 11 last night, much much better! 3. Brought my lunch yesterday and today! 4. No Bible reading yesterday, not sure what happened, a lot of prayer though, but still a little disappointed that I didn't even crack it open once...will do better today Overall, a much better day considering the day before! I can't tell you guys (Tyr, Heisenberg, Orc, and Red) how much it means to have the support and kind words, I'm glad I didn't quit. I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. The thing that makes the rebellion great is that yes, we are somewhat anonymous to each other but we all have the same goal and that's what makes this work. I really do appreciate all that you guys are doing!
  23. YES FROLF (obligatory Seinfeld reference)!!! I actually do love Disc Golf and terrors right, it's nothing but walking. Glad the gym buddy is helping with your goal. Also, that sleep app looks pretty legit, I might have to check into it myself. Keep up the good work buddy!
  24. Dude, I am really appreciating the pics. Those meals look amazing! Keep it up, looks like you're knocking this goal out...
  25. Hey buddy, sounds like you're doing good so far. I'm with you on the TV snacking. My wife and I actually used to do this alot (I had a love affair with Utz Wavy Barbecue chips, I just got goosebumps typing that), but we switched to apples and peanut butter (I know peanut butter is frowned upon in the paleo world, but I just can't get into almond butter and it's way too expensive to buy and feel "meh" about) and it's been much better. Plus, I also feel fuller with the apples. Good luck, we're here to support you, let us know if you need anything buddy! Go REBELS!!!
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