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  1. Great job on the AB workouts, progres is great! I'm with on the self medicating...had a rough day yesterday and gave into the golden arches, so it's awesome that you were able to resist that! Keep up the good work buddy!
  2. Rough day yesterday (just click my challenge and be prepared to read, I ramble sometimes). Hopefully, today will be better. Sounds like we got a great group going, glad to have you on Heisenburg and good to hear from you eab! Bonita, I'll be honest: the dolls are not my thing, but I'm extremely impressed that you made them yourself. That's amazing. Seems like everyone else is doing good with their goals and challenges so far, I'm really glad I'm doing this and glad to have a support team like you guys!
  3. Rough day yesterday! I totally whiffed on the mini-challenge I gave myself, stayed up too late and ate out for lunch (did not eat Paleo)...I'm a little disappointed in myself honestly. I also got mad that I even was disappointed over not meeting the goals. I started questioning why I was even doing this "stupid thing" (my words to myself last night) anyways and was at the point of going "These people don't even know me, I have no reason to feel bad, this is dumb to even do this challenge"......... . . . . . . . . . . . Needless to say, I started thinking less selfishly (or more considering this challenge is for me) and really feel like I had backed myself into a corner and my usual "I'm not going to follow through with this because 'why should I ?' " mentality came out. I'm NOT quitting like I usually do. It's amazing that this creeped up so quickly, but it just goes to show that not only is this going to be a physical journey, it's going to be mental and spiritual. I did not read the Word yesterday and I think alot of this has to do with that. I said in my original post that it's only with the Spirit that I'll be able to accomplish any of these goals and I see how neglecting my relationship with God for one day can cause a change that quickly. Again, I reiterate: I'M NOT QUITTING!!! That's too easy, I just see now who's going be my biggest stubmling block: ME. UGH!!! Here's my stats for yesterday: 1. BBW 3x a week - Did no cardio and no BBW yesterday (although it was not a BBW day so that's not really an issue) 2. Was in bed at 12 last night (BOOOOO!!! <---I'm actually "booing" from the crowd), the thought crossed my mind at 10 to start getting ready for bed but again I was also trying to convince myself I was crazy for even putting limitations on myself...good times... 3. Ate out lunch yesterday (not bad), but ate a Quarter Pounder from McD's...RRROOOONNNNAAAALLLDDDD!!!!!! (again Kirk came back) 4. No Bible reading yesterday, I have a feeling alot of the drama came down to not following through with this goal, I'm reminded of Gal 5:22, one of the fruits of the Spirit is Self Control...obviously I had none yesterday, which lead to no Peace, no Patience, etc... For today, I have my BBW coming up tonight, hopefully I can follow through with that. Also, brought my lunch today, and both the wife and I agreed going to bed as late as we did last night "es no muy bueno"! Will keep you guys posted and thanks so much for the supportive words I really appreciate all of them! Good to hear from you Orc, Heisenburg (love the name!), Tech, Tyr, and Matt!
  4. In the words of Meatloaf: 3 outta 4 ain't bad (ok, so I'm one off). I know how it goes with the video games, mine kept me up past when I wanted to go to bed (being a parent I almost typed in "bedtime"...ha!), it's a real temptation for me. Sounds like a good day, keep up the good work, it will payoff!
  5. Yeah, the water thing: kinda important! Good job on the progress, getting up at 6 is great, keep up the good work!
  6. Tech: Thanks so much for all the good info and support, I know I'm not the only one who really appreciates the time you're putting into the group Sapphirite: I find myself more like you (my wife has the same problem too) I eat when I'm bored (FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!!), so I have to keep myself busy or else I have to buy new pants...ha! Lady: welcome to the group! Other news: Just updated my progress (long story short: going good so far), giving myself a mini-challenge today of no dairy
  7. Quick update: 1. BBW 3x a week - got through the WHOLE BBW last night!!! WOO HOO!! I'm a litle sore today, but I'm learning to like the soreness 2. Was in bed by 10:30 last night, however fell asleep after 12:30 (darn that Lego Batman game...also yes, I'm 12 ) 3. Brought my lunch yesterday and today so I'm still doing good with that 4. Read my Bible yesterday, enjoying the fellowship with God so far, actually the wife and I read some as well before she fell asleep! I find the more I do, the more motivated I am. Maybe I'm crazy but I think I can already tell a difference by doing these things. I'm giving myself a mini-challenge today: NO DAIRY! We'll see how it goes.
  8. I have to echo Tech and Bonita, myfitnesspal is very useful. Also, if you're making your own meals you can always search for recipes online (for a similar looking meal), I know alot of places post the calories/fat/etc of the meals. And good for you for getting the standing desk, I've heard really good things about them and am interested to see how it goes!
  9. Hate to hear you're feeling bad, that always makes it difficult to shift into first gear! Good luck with the rest of the challenge, I admire the tough push up goal (I struggle with them myself and they are a part of the BBW so I know we can work on this together!)
  10. Keep up the good work. Looks like you're having a hard time getting to bed earlier, I know that's a struggle with me as well. I've been able to do it so far. However, I'm always tempted to start a movie, or at least one episode of <insert any tv show here>, as soon as I get to bed so I'm hoping I can keep it up. I wish I had a gym buddy as well, that would def. help with the motivation.
  11. Hey guys, just updated my progress (just click my link on my signature). I could feel the motivation waning even as early as last night, so I know I will def be using you guys to help knock this challenge out! Looking forward to seeing how everyone is progressing as well! Go SHINYS!!!!
  12. Thanks for the support everyone! A quick update to the goals so far. 1. BBW 3x a week - so far have not done this, I am starting tonight. I did interval training yesterday, which I was excited about because I jogged/ran the whole time (minus the 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down), starting the BBW tonight 2. Was in bed by 10:30 last night as well. Usually falling asleep around 11 so I'm still getting 7.5 hrs of sleep and can tell the difference 3. Brought my lunch yesterday and today so I'm still doing good with that 4. Read my Bible yesterday I am going to change my goals a bit up top, just to add grades to it and also will be changing the 4th goal to just reading my Bible daily. Again, I appreciate all the support and hopefully can keep this up!
  13. Yeah, I'm with you, we just got our free *dumb* phones the other day. I did, however, get a Ipod touch since most places have free wi-fi and downloaded the myfitnesspal app which has been pretty useful in the last couple days. You can even use it online (and it's free!). Good job so far on the goals, keep it up buddy!
  14. I'm in! Thanks for starting the group..I could only think of the REM song when I saw the name...SHINY HAPPY (or NEW) REBELS SINGING...
  15. Great goals! Keep up with the posts. Good call on Jamie Oliver, that dinner looks awesome!
  16. Super- those are great goals, and good progress so far. Keep up the good work, it will pay dividends!
  17. These are great looking goals. If you can do the 10k steps per day, my hat is off to you. I like the sleep goal (I have a very similar one myself). And nice tables, I now have table envy. Keep us posted buddy!
  18. Great goals. I'm with mrrich, it takes real conviction to post measurements, it will be easy to see your progress as you go along, which can be a great motivator. And good luck with the 4th goal, it's very similar to mine so I'm sure we can support each other there!
  19. Thanks for the encouragement Orc, you're right leaving the room for 2 different workouts usually means neither will get accomplished. I think I'm going to listen to your advice (no eliptical machine though) and if I'm not able to complete the 3 cycles on the BBW at least do some cardio for whatever time is left in a 30 min period. On a separate note, I actually started number 2 last night and I feel great today (so far)!
  20. Tomato - You're right, I remember times in my life where I actually was sore and felt like it was a good thing, gotta remember that sometimes Nerd - Thanks buddy, I appreciate your support!
  21. I know the sheets full but from what I can tell, that doesn't matter. Count me in! Besides, how can this be a superhero group without your friendly neighborhood Spider-man? Looking forward to fighting the Empire with you guys!
  22. Good goals. I wish I could just get one pull up done! And on a side note, thanks for all your doing for us that are here state side.
  23. Ht - 5'11" Wt - 202 3 years ago I weighed 225, and had weighed that much since I was in highschool (which is roughly a decade ago). Needless to say I was over weight and tired. I have slowly lost some of the weight but I know that I am still heavier than I want to (and should) be. After years of struggling with what to do about being over weight I'm excited to find a place that, not only shares my sense of humor (and love for all things nerd), but also is genuinely interested in helping people cut through all the fitness mire out there and find a plan that works for you. As you can see I'm inspired by Spider-man. He started out a weak geek, but with much training and discipline became a super hero that we could all look up to. So here goes my first challenge: 1. Beginner Body Weight Workout 3 times (or more) a week - STR (3) Up until this point I have tried both workouts (with some success) but haven't been able to stick to it because I "feel sore" the next day or two. NO PETER PARKERS ALLOWED! A - 18 BBW's completed +3 STR B - 15 BBW's completed +2.5 STR C - 12 BBW's completed +2 STR D - 9 BBW's completed +1 STR F - 6 or less BBW's completed +O STR (And a stern talking to in the mirror!!!) 2. Be in Bed by 10:30 at least 5 nights a week - CON (4) Most mornings my wife and I are up by 6:30 to get ready before my son wakes up. Assuming I'm in bed and on my way to sleep by 10:30 this should give me way more sleep. I never understood how important sleep is, but the more I read about it the less impressed I am that I can "get by with 4 hours". A - 30 times +4 CON B - 25 times +3 CON C - 20 times +2 CON D - 15 times +1 CON F - 10 or less times + 0 CON (And a stern talkin to in the mirror!) 3. Only eat out for lunch once each week, and when I do eat out, eat paleo - STA (2) DEX (2) Darn that Clown, and his dollar menu! I do bring my lunch at least 2-3 times a week currently. Here's the problem (and I don't think I'm the only one, but then again I may be), there are days where I supplement my lunch from home with a dollar menu item for <insert fast food chain here>. The empire knows how to get me, cheap food that's filling. In the words of Cpt. Kirk "RRRRRRRRROOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!". Ok I may be mis-remembering, he may have been mad at someone else! A - Brought my lunch everyday for the week +2 STA +2 DEX B - Brought my lunch 4 days a week +1.5 STA +1.5 DEX C - Brought my lunch 3 days a week +1 STA +1 DEX D - Brought my lunch 2 days a week +.5 STA +.5 DEX F - My tubbo self ate out 4 days a week +0 STA +0 DEX (and a stern talkin to in the mirror!!!) This grade will be based off my worst week, so if I do good 5 weeks but slip on the 6th and eat out twice my grade will be a "C" 4. Read my Bible daily, and then rethink over what I've read before I go to bed at night - WIS (4) I can't stress enough how important this is in my life. The more I stray from the Word the less likely I am to be able to do any of these things listed here. It's only by being in the Spirit that I am even allowed to do these things. The more I listen and commune with God the better I'm able to serve others and then myself. A - Read the Bible daily +4 WIS B - Read the Bible at least 5 times a week +3 WIS C - Read the Bible at least 3 times a week +2 WIS D - Read the Bible at least 1 time a week +1 WIS F - WHY DIDN'T I READ THE BIBLE??? +0 WIS (and a stern talkin to in the mirror!!!) This grade will also be off my worst week, so if I slip up one week and only read the Bible once that week I get a "D". This is not something physical I have to do (along with the lunch goal) so it's not like I could get sick and wouldn't be able to meet this goal. I know that for Peter, it took one night (or bite) to become "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man". I'll be honest I'm still looking for a radioactive spider, but until then I'm working my hardest for the rebellion. ***EDIT***: Changing first goal to only the BBW, I wanted to do just the Angry Birds but in all honesty, I was worried the BBW might be too "hard" to do that many times a week, I'd rather push myself than not get consistency. ***EDIT 2***: Added grades to each goal, also changed the 4th goal to just reading my Bible daily
  24. Sounds very similar to my challenge (which I haven't posted just yet), I'm 5'10" and had gotten up to 225, I'm down to 202 (lost slowly over the last 3 years) but still working on it. It's hard to do in cube land, so I understand! Good luck!
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