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  1. Thanks, PB! and SG, the best way to be a writer is to just start writing! It helps to take classes and study literature and all that, but writing every day is the skeleton key. Journals rock! And so does NaNoWriMo!
  2. Thanks, everyone! I didn't get a stitch Saturday, but I'll have some things to try if I get one tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day...
  3. Finished Week One! Goal 1 - Ran at least 30 minutes six days for a total of 18.58 miles and 3:22:52 = 4 pts Goal 2 - Yoga every day, strength training on Sunday and Thursday = 4 pts Goal 3 - Meditate 5 min a day = 4 pts Goal 4 - Finished my outline and my world building; READY TO WRITE THE NOVEL!!! 4 pts
  4. 1. Do a pull-up. I’ve never done one in my whole life. It is a big gaping hole in my overall fitness. I've never done a pull-up, either! And not for lack of trying, I can tell you. I spent six weeks working at it and got as far as eye-level with the bar. Then other stuff started happening and I got off my workouts and it all fell by the wayside. But someday I will add this to my challenge, too. Because I'm sure it's possible.
  5. HELP!! I've been running six days a week for the last five weeks now, and today, for the first time, at 2.56 miles, I got a HORRIBLE STITCH in my side. HORRIBLE! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! Although, of course, I didn't stop, because I was almost home. But I did wonder if I was actually supposed to push through it, or if I was supposed to stop and lie down and give up the ghost. And WHY? WHY DID THIS SUDDENLY HAPPEN?! I'M VERY DISTRESSED!!! Would love some feedback on this, because I really would like to avoid it in the future. Thanks!
  6. . I am using the book Get Fit for Free Home Workouts Yoga and Pilates. There's a strength training one, too, and they have the pages split with the workout on the bottom strip with the page numbers and then you turn the top part to see the poses and exercises and read about them. They are my favorite workout books. Except for You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. I always just get that one from the library, though.
  7. Did my jog, my yoga, meditation, and strength training. Worked on my outline. I just have a couple of characters to fill in and some backstory to figure out, and I'll be ready to write the last section of the outline. Plan is still to start writing on Sunday! Can't wait!
  8. Thanks! NaNo is a big part of my life every year, and I highly recommend it to everybody.
  9. This morning I had a great run: 3.2 miles in 35 minutes! Which is basically 3 11 minute miles. At the end, I felt great (although definitely not like doing more). It seems like no matter how many times I do the yoga stretches my body is not memorizing the pattern and I keep having to look at charts to get through the routine. I enjoy it, though, and I think I'm going to get a mirror to make sure I'm doing it right. I wish I could take a class... Meditation - this part is easy. I've been stopping and going through my mantra at other times of the day, too, and I think it is lessening my anxi
  10. I also use mfp, and to be honest it's the only way I've managed to keep my binging under control, besides abstaining altogether. If I buy a chocolate bar, I'll eat the whole thing. If I buy a bottle of wine, I drink it. But if I don't buy, I don't eat or drink, so that works some, it's just a treat-less life. So being able to eat one square of chocolate and drink 3 oz of wine is a breakthrough!
  11. Day 1 Jogging and Yoga complete! I had such a hard time getting myself out the door this morning. If it weren't for this challenge I might have given up the jogging forever. But I got out there, however reluctantly, and then as soon as I got started I was a running goddess and everything in the universe was in my power. I went 3.14 miles in 34 minutes. And part of the reason I'm so slow is that I live almost at the bottom of a giant hill and close to half my run is up very steep hills. A bit of it is up not very steep hills, and then a bunch is down, too, so that helps. So, what's left is t
  12. The bread factory would kill me! I try not to think about bread much.
  13. National Novel Writing Month is where you write 1667 words a day every day in November and by the end of the month you have a 50,000 word rough draft. It's great fun! You can find more info at nanowrimo.org. I am modifying my first goal! I was able to jog 3 miles this morning in 32 minutes, so I don't think it's measurable or tough enough. NEW Goal #1: Jog for 30 minutes every day. The rest is good, I think. And I'll give myself 4 points per week per goal, taking off 1 pt/day/goal missed, except for the writing. I'll only take off half a point as long as I've written some. 1 point if I d
  14. First challenge! I'm really excited. I'm also a teeny bit lost on how to put points to each goal. Also how to break them up week by week. Goal #1 - 3 miles in 30 minutes I've been jogging six days a week for the last 4 weeks, and I've gone from one mile to 2.6 miles. My jog this morning took me 30 minutes. But not sure how to break that up into weekly intervals. Goal #2 - Yoga every day, strength training on Sundays and Thursdays. I've started this already, but haven't managed total consistency. Goal #3 - Spend 5 min a day focusing/meditating on this: I trust myself. The Universe
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