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  1. Ninja's Last Post Hey guys. It's happened. I'm on track with my own goals, but I've fallen out of love with updating on a daily / frequent basis. I think it's because I now write so much in both my job and as a theatre reviewer. I'm delving more into my creative side and loving it. But it also means that I need to cut back on other pursuits, saving strength for things that come higher on the priority list. I'll never forget the friendships I've forged on NF, and what the community means to me. Today, the Stealthy Ninja Bastards are stronger than ever. I'm really proud of the strong people
  2. *sneak sneak sneak* Sorry guys, I've been dealing with Too. Many. Dem. Things. Including physio, which f*cks up my exercise routine. Be back latah!
  3. I can totally picture you running on rooftops. Butfirstsignthis:
  4. It must have something to do with the season. Or, it's almost my time of month. Maybe...? My eating tendencies got even worse last night. Bowl of miso soup. Burger. Sesame wafers. Orange. Homemade popcorn. Sigh.
  5. Yes! Smoked salmonTurkey sausageAvocadoMixed greensSome kind of light dressingThank you! It was about time to kick my own ass!
  6. Yes! Zomg I must say, we've all been kickin' ass at the no-buying-out challenge!
  7. Thank you Peggy! And might I say. Manfriend gets serious brownie points for today's packed lunch. I have educated him well - multiple forms of protein & healthy fats.
  8. I third the sweet potato fries. So yummy. Sometimes I also throw in a yam but to be honest, sweet potatoes are where it's at!
  9. Ran this morning, despite coming in late from theatre last night. Whee!
  10. Hahahahaha you are HILARIOUS. Best written food confession ever! Winter is always hard for me. I think you're right - our bodies automatically want comfort food cuz we're storing up resources. Must be some kind of instinctual caveman behaviour going on there. How about acquiring / making some healthier snacks that still satisfy? If you keep them on hand then greasy popcorn might not be the first thing you turn to next time?
  11. Didn't go to yoga. Hang head in shame. Here's why - manfriend will be away for a week in February. And tried to work out more classes in my schedule, and kept on butting heads with work as it's a busy few weeks for us. But also, didn't workout either last night. More head hanging. I went home and relaxed. Had a bath. Also made dinner. It wasn't a total write-off, but definitely kicking myself today. Today, my appetite seems to be insatiable. Perhaps it's the lack of exercise. I dunno. Plus, it was so hard to get up this morning, I've been really tired throughout the day. Went out for a walk
  12. $70??? You're doing well indeed! And yes to the coconut milk. Let me know when you graduate to coconut cream!
  13. I think it comes down to motivation more than actions. Why did you pick this goal as your side quest in the first place? Setting up measurables should be easy for you - much the same idea as running a marathon. What are the steps and prep work that get you there?
  14. Neighbours kicked it into high gear last night, so as a result I didn't get any sleep. Woke up with an exaggerated crick in my neck. Somehow, I think they're related. Thankfully, tonight will be my first yoga class at the new studio. Here's where I'm practicing. Can't wait to sink into bliss! Also, parents leave tonight, so I'm going to be on a more normal schedule from here on in. I'm proud for myself for: Not reacting sensitively to comments on my weight or how I look (parents also tried to keep the comments to a minimum on their end) Saying no to food I didn't want or didn't need (juic
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