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  1. hey everyone I haven't been around cause I had a medical emergency, I had to get my wisdom teeth removed so for the last 2 weeks I haven't been allowed any exercise at all! It's actually been rather horrible cause I haven't been able to eat properly and the lack of exercise, not even being able to ride my bike has had me in a horrible mood, there's been a lack of decent food, lack of exercise,trouble sleeping, I've been grumpy as hell.
  2. I love your name! and your taste in books, I loved the graveyard book and while the dante club I found kinda creepy I did enjoy it. good to hear your goals are going well, I recommend some fruit in the morning, at least I find it helps
  3. hey there I am sorry to hear your depression is fighting you that sucks, having your mind working against you. sometimes it is necessary to take a mental health day or a few.
  4. I joined a gym this week! I went on a run on monday which went rather well, then on wednesday I went to my first spinning class which was intense, but I somehow managed not to die,but it was tough, I had to set the bike to low. then on thursday I went to a body pump class where you do stuff like squats and push ups and weights. I had to fix my form several times but it was alright. I wanted to go to another class tonight but I didn't get the time, I want to try and go tomorrow. I did go running again today and it went really well. I think I finally figured out the breathing, I didn't get stitches and most importantly, I didn't stop, I went at a good pace the whole time.I even sang along to keep myself motivated and to check I still had my breath and it worked. I've continued biking, and today I walked a lot and tomorrow I'm working with techo to raise money which will also mean a lot of walking. I've been drinking more water, feeling better, my cold is definitely receding and I am definitely beating insomnia. so all's good so far, I've been a bit sore but not in any actual painful way, and I'm almost beginning to enjoy exercising
  5. I can't prop this so consider this comment my prop
  6. so far my first week has gone well. tuesday I had a nasty headache and I felt quite ill on wednesday but lucky me, my classes were cancelled so I had the chance to rest and felt good by thursday. still a bit sleepy but catching up I exercised a little on thursday, only a few exercises at home for like 20 or 30 minutes cause I still felt tired. Today went really well. the sun came out so I got my bike out again, I hadn't since Monday, and then later in the afternoon I went for a run, I started zombies run, listened to music, and it all went well, I didn't feel particularly tired or winded, I did feel tired as expected but not in a omg I'm dying kinda way. At one time my legs did start to hurt a bit, but I didn't stop I kept going. I basically ran the whole time, sometimes slowing to a crawl. I stopped a couple times, like to take my glasses off cause I was wearing new ones and they were about to fall off so I put them in a pocket, once cause my headphones fell off, I somehow managed to pull them off and was shocked for a second. when the mission finished I turned around and ran more slowly back home. I felt good. like I could've kept going, but I didn't want to push it. I went home and I did a session of nike training club instead. so I feel rather productive now. according to my app I've had a couple of days where I drank less than I should but I am getting into the habit. I can already feel some effects,I think. I've slept better. I have not wanted to jump around in class simply cause I'm bored. I have not had anxiety crisis even though I had a lot to do for school. I have been worried and stressed but not excessively my digestive system is working better. I got my period and it wasn't nearly as painful as other months. all encouragement to keep going.
  7. welcome! those sweet stuff can be really tempting. I find it hard to give up on them altogether, I prefer to employ moderation, maybe eating them as a reward or something.
  8. First day started well. I downloaded an app called "water your body" to keep track of mighty liquid intake. I did reach the 1881 ml required yesterday. not as much today. I felt quite thirsty. got soaked though. yesterday was nice,weather wise, at least there was only very light rain. I went running in the afternoon. besides getting a stitch on my right side, I actually felt rather good, with energy and not totally hating it. I remember going in january and struggling a lot,now it was a lot easier. the side stich was pretty annoying though. weirdly in my right side,usually I get them on my left. and my right earbud kept falling off. next time I'm wearing different ones. today I didn't do much, just a lot of walking. got caught in the rain on my way home. and I had a headache and it kept worsening through out the day. I think the lack of sleep is starting to affect me. I felt kinda off the whole day,not to mention sleepy. got my student certificate so tomorrow I can go sign up for the gym. I found a rock climbing place I want to try out, it's near my house. will report more later.
  9. Hi there I'm a newbie as well, I like your goals, getting stronger is a good one, I kinda like push ups, good luck, and do you mind if I add on you on fitocracy?
  10. great goals, I think it's important to be able to run a while so when The Doctor comes we can keep up! I am curious about your life goals, are you studying education or something similar?
  11. Oh, I definitely have chocolate. I can't live without it. I drink chocolate milk every morning and I may have a stash of kit-kats hidden in my room. I use my bike to commute usually, it's about 15 km a day but I also use it for fun and fitness. This last week thanks to a nasty cold and impossible rain I've been riding the bus which I kinda hate. I went for a ride yesterday and got absolutely soaked,the rain was coming down on buckets, but I discovered using a baseball cap actually does help in keeping the rain out of my eyes, since I wear glasses and they tend to get filled with little drops making it hard to see. I have slowly began to building a collection of winter clothes so I can continue to ride in the cold and rain including a mask that'll help with my lungs not freezing in the cold air.
  12. Hi, I've been following nerdfitness for a while but I've just joined to do my first challenge. I'm a cyclist which is why I chose to focus on endurance this time, I've been cycling for several months now, since around october last year and I began to exercise somewhat regularly around january cause I'd been struggling with depression and when I got off meds I needed some other way to keep control,to focus, to be able to sleep and to deal with my adhd and anxiety. I began doing yoga thanks to tara stiles which is really cool but I also wanted something more active. I was doing more or less ok, a bit messy but ok until about a month ago when I went on a trip for a couple of weeks and since I've been back I have been all out of sync,having trouble sleeping and all those old stuff and not exercising cause it's been too cold and I've been feeling ill. so this is me getting back on track my stats: STR 3 - DEX 4 - STA 3 - CON 1 - WIS 3 - CHA 1 my goals: -be able to run 15 minutes without stoppping (at least. currently I can go a little over 5) -Keep well hydrated,make sure I drink 2 liters of water a day (includes tea and juice) -Exercise: -I already ride my bike 4 or 5 times a week,usually once or twice long rides -plus two runs a week -plus 1 session of other (like NTC,rock climbing or some other exercise. at least 30 mins) or 1 session or yoga ( I only do this ocassionally Mostly, I want to be organised, cause I've been doing a lot of different stuff through the summer and I want to settle onto something. I'm joining a gym on monday cause winter has come and I don't feel much like being outdoors. I figure I'll do spinning classes and maybe try other ones I've been zombies run on my bike which I find really fun and so now I want to try it with actual running.
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