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  1. Don't be scared. Regardless of what the scale says, you're kicking the ass of all the things you need to do to get to a healthy weight.

    Agreed. Scales are ok for tracking one way, but the most important ways to track your progress is to take stock in how you FEEL. And looking at how your clothes fit is also a huge indicator of change! I was more happy when I could cinch my belt tighter than I was when I got on the scale. 

  2. You'd be surprised how much difference these little hacks make when they all add up.  Keep going!


    I agree. A few months ago I made a change so that instead of taking the elevator up one floor to one class, I would take the stairs. At first, I was all huffy and puffy. Now I take those stairs (and all other stairs) like a champion. It's a great feeling making it to the top and not feeling put out in any way, and knowing that before... you were gasping. 



  3. This week has been pretty terrible. Most nights I literally didn't have the space to do something like a plank, let alone yoga or pushups. My grades for this week aren't going to be good. But, yesterday I carried 100+ pounds about a mile. Good god. 

  4. Holy shiiiiiit Spiderman crawl. I wanna do that. I gotta get to that. It'll be way after this challenge, but man. That is Batman. I want to creep people out by being able to do that really fast (imagine that shit in a haunted house during Halloween season....). 

  5. Thanks for all the support, guys. I'm currently on another train, going to another place. Vagabond life, baby! I am mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I've been keeping up my planks, and I am aiming to do a full minute of a standard plank and get to 50 seconds in an extended plank by the end of this week. 


    A lot of unexpected emotional stuff has gone down the last couple days, and expected emotional stuff (me leaving my life behind for a while to go to Sweden) is going to happen in just a few more days. I think my emotion cup is full!

  6. Nachos don't have to be bad! Just think about what you're putting on them. Instead of tortilla chips, you could use zucchini or kale chips (and it might take some getting used to, but you DO get used to it and don't feel like you're being punished or deprived). Make sure the cheese doesn't somehow have tons of sugar (read: carbs) in it, and go for it. Put lots of veggies on top. Cut back or do away with the sour cream. Baby steps!

  7. I agree with everyone else, don't be harsh on yourself! You did amazingly well last week and you deserve the highest grade. 


    What I started doing with carbs and sugar, and this might not be for you, but I just pretended to be a prissy bitch about it. Wanna go get a bagel with cinnamon sugar cream cheese? "Oh no thanks, I don't really eat stuff like that. I'll come with, though!" Cookies being passed around class/meeting/circle of friends in living room? Pass the plate without taking anything and then casually flip your hair back. 


    And know that it is hard. You will still eat those carbs sometimes, you will still eat the sugary deliciousness that is pure evil underneath. But just keep reminding yourself that you are going to keep saying no to it, even if you aren't right that second. It's one of those things where you have to keep trudging along no matter how many times you get stuck in the mud. Eventually, you'll come out the other side and it will be WAY easier. I promise. 

  8. Oh and I should mention that I've become "that guy." Yesterday while walking from the bus stop to my destination, I was carrying my backpack and a duffel bag. I was lifting my duffel bag row style as I walked, switching arms every ten reps. Such a dork!

  9. I'm alive!


    So my life is ridiculously complicated right now. Sleeping in a different place every night, not knowing where that sleeping place IS until a couple hours before nightfall each night, and dealing with radically shifting temperatures (desert to San Francisco Bay, and back, and then somewhere else, etc). Not to mention, I'm supposed to be moving to a different country in a week and all my luggage that I'm taking there is traveling with me while I bounce around the last days. I. Am. Exhausted.


    But! I've kept up with my challenge. I'm going strong and hitting my marks. Today is the end of our first week, so huzzah for us all!


    I did a 33 second extended plank today, but the last couple days I haven't been able to break 50 seconds for the standard plank. Hopefully I'll start climbing upward again in week 2. Yoga and splits are going well in that I feel the soreness from it, but I'm not seeing any real flexibility progress quite yet. Again, hope things shape up in week 2. 


    Meditation is going fine... that and the water intake have been the easiest, mostly because I've been hella dehydrated and tired this whole time!


    Realistically, I'm seeing it being very difficult for me to stay on top of my challenges for week 2. Week 3, even. It'll be my first week in a new country. I'm nervous, you guys! Nervous about everything!

  10. Don't worry overmuch about the scales. You make muscle it goes up. You eat something salty and keep more water it goes up. You get gastro it goes down. Keep your eye on the big pictures like how your clothes fit and how you feel. You are smashing it!




    Lookin' good!  


    And regardless of what you say about being in the slow lane, I'm seriously impressed with that time! It took me an hour to walk 3 miles yesterday, and I was rather pleased with that.  Also, I see your stats on fitbit and feel like this:



    I cackled. So hard. 

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