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  1. Best of luck! I've got some pushups in my goals too, inspired by some other folks on here who also have pushups listed. We totally got this!
  2. That injury must be maddening to deal with The aerial stuff sounds so cool!
  3. Ba-Gua! Have you ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender? The airbending is based off ba gua!
  4. My personal interest is for pre-Christian Scandinavia in general, but we have very little material evidence (comparatively, anyway) for that era, or anything prior to the arrival of the missionaries. The era that has the most interest and of which we have a fair amount of "stuff" is of course the Viking age. I will most likely be looking at material from there, but who knows! Anything could happen!
  5. Hey thanks! Yeah, a lot of my friends say that I'll get off the plane and see all the beautiful Swedes and never look back, haha. The relationship thing has been a very strange circumstance in my life. Clearly it ending hurt like a bitch, but it's caused me to examine sooooo many things about myself, and reevaluate things, and has forced me to figure out a lot of shit that I largely ignored or never developed at all in the past six years. I am really, really happy with most of the changes and discoveries I've made since the break up, but... it was still a break up. I will probably need (and love!) some commiseration at some point, so thank you! As for the pushups, my current plan of action is to do the PlankADay challenge, since I've read in several places on here that planks really help the pushups, especially form. I plan on doing the pushups every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Need to rest to let those muscles build. Other than that, so far I think I'm really only just following the directions for a plank and a pushup on here! If and when my routine gets more specific, I will record it here I would love love LOVE if we could do some middle splits training! I’m so fascinated by the circus and sideshow art stuff, and splits are so cool for so many reasons. I don’t know what kind of hip structure I have. The wide kind? Is that going to hinder my progress? Keto is definitely something that takes up your primary focus and time and seriously the bank account does not like it, so I feel you. But you’ll get those five pounds some other way, I know it! I’d love to chat about recipes some time (I’ve got some good ones, too!). Now I’m off to message you about the splits! SOoooooooooo excited!
  6. Son of a nutcracker, I love the "real" rewards system. I think I might need to add something like that to my challenge...
  7. You're going to love the paleo and the water! Best of luck training for Tough Mudder!
  8. No problem! I am proof positive that they can seriously boost language acquisition.
  9. My degree's emphasis was actually in history/mythology/folklore, but since I'll be IN Sweden, I'll be hands-on working with stuff that directly pertains to my work. I'm heeeeellla excited about it because it's a complete change from purely textual work on a campus. And the degree is in Scandinavian Studies, but it's very much overlapping with stuff like anthro/archaeo/history/linguistics.
  10. Language goal, nice! You should check out memrise and quizlet... great sites for learning vocabulary.
  11. Best of luck with the sleeping goal. I think most of us could use this goal!
  12. Good luck with your goals! You are going to be the greatest example for your daughter!
  13. You make it sound super amazing. I need to put Newfoundland on my list of places to go!
  14. You should post progress pictures of your knitting/sewing projects! I've got a hat going right now that I really need to get cracking on, and I just got some yarn for an awesome mobius cowl...
  15. Yeah, sugar is the devil. And if you can just go without out it for a relatively short amount of time, and then go back, you can feel it all. The headaches, the stomach aches, the blood sugar spikes and crashes
  16. Yeah I'm totally adding the planks into my push up goal! I will be Batman (minus the dead parents and raspy voice). I'm moving to Sweden (from the US) for a few different reasons -- I will be doing some field work Indiana Jones style (well, maybe not AS cool... but archaeological, anyway) and I will also be trying to get a non-profit of mine off the ground. Long, long road, but it's gotta start somewhere. Not to mention, I will be perfecting my Swedish, about which I am very excited!
  17. I like working on ten pound goals. Trying to look at the whole amount is seriously detrimental to my motivation (not to mention my self esteem). You've got this! It's gonna be great!
  18. My biggest issue with it is being in the sun and getting way too hot. I am the fairest of them all and don't do well in the sun/heat But I have been dying to find some alternative hiking places... and when I get to Sweden in a few weeks I'm going to start planning some snow hikes!
  19. Wow, good luck in all of your goals. I could never do the stats one!
  20. I think they mean beginner's body weight circuit training, patchwolf. Silas, I STILL have never been on a hike and I've lived in a place where hiking is the number one thing to do for everyone ever. But I can never get it to happen! Best of luck with it. Also, tracking all food is really difficult for the first week or so, but I promise it gets easier. Just push through it! I wanted to die for the first two weeks, giving up bread/rice, but now any time I eat that stuff in any real amount, I can FEEL it (and it sucks). It's a weird sensation, to suddenly be more in tune with your body, and it's so worth it.
  21. Berkeley! I just graduated from there! Best of luck with your proposal. What department are you looking at?
  22. Baby steps are the best, and we shall all get to Batman pushups one day!
  23. I had no idea snoozing was such an issue with so many people! I've heard "practicing" getting up to an alarm a few times a day for a few weeks will train your brain into getting you up immediately.
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