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  1. I had seen the post, I think I was just being harsh on myself. I will mess with the award points and give myself some slack! Thanks for pointing it out!
  2. Thanks! I've lost 20ish pounds with keto, but fell off the wagon recently because of various life factors... hoping to get back into it during this challenge period!
  3. I can't wait to see the packed lunch pictures! I really need to gain some skills in packing healthy lunches.
  4. Go go Keto! Have you checked out the subreddit for it?
  5. This thread is soooooo cool! I want to learn how to juggle, and learn how to hoop so I can do fire hooping... I wonder what other exercise-y sideshow/circus stuff there may be for us to look into!
  6. I've always been interested in this, but too afraid to get into it because of the possibility of serious injury =/
  7. I have no good advice for this, but I do want to express my total UGH for this. I hate that we have to resort to things like pretending we don't speak the language. Be safe, girl. And maybe do some boxing in your next challenge!
  8. Having very fair skin and so (now, thankfully) having been on the sunscreen all day erryday wagon for a long time, I can say that a lot of ladies swear by SPF 15 to 30 being enough, and there are lots of moisturizers that have that in it. And of course, sunscreen or not, you should be putting on moisturizer beneath your makeup all the time! I also have a non-smelly (important) SPF 50 face sunscreen that I put on when I know I'll be out more than usual. I can't remember the name and it's currently packed up but if you're interested I can rummage around for it
  9. For me, getting long term birth control (arm implant) and getting off SSRIs is what gave me my sex drive back.
  10. Ok, here we go! Hobbit Adventurer Looking to Become an Assassin with some Druid and Monk capabilities This is a big transition period in my life. In less than three weeks, I'm moving to a different country. Last week, I graduated college. In the last six months, I've incurred and dealt with (both healthily and unhealthily... well, mostly unhealthily) a broken heart. In the last year, I had major knee surgery. I was with my ex so long (six years) that I hadn't really done any "adult" dating before them, and now I'm in my late 20s without a clue. It's been a real ride, and I've discovered two things: I want to be more flexible and able-bodied so that I can do fun physical things with new potential partners (yes, this includes sex), and I need to do some serious self-loving and learn to find and appreciate and really love my body (and my brain, but I don't have as far to go with that aspect). I want to know and love and use my body for myself AND for others. I injured my knee about ten years ago, and since then it's been several operations and lots of declining physical activity. Now my knee isn't perfect but it's much, much better than before. I tried to start running and hurt my heel (whoops), so I have to learn to have patience with myself and just lay off the legs a bit more. I need to be kind to myself, and think things through, and not stress or worry about making myself look active or evaluating myself harshly against others who don't have the same profile I do. I need to have fun and celebrate and explore myself (which is the purpose of this challenge, for me). If my goals don't seem attainable or would realistically need to be tweaked somehow, please mention it! I am (obviously) new to this. · 100 Breath Meditation - 4 times a week o http://kevinrose.com/100-breath-meditation Grading Scale A - 4 times a week B - 3 times a week C - 2 times a week D - 1 time a week F - 0 times a week Average A gains STA 3, B gains 2, C gains 1 · Flexibility Training - 4 times a week o Yoga - Surya Namaskara A & B (Ashtanga Primary Series) o Six Weeks to Splits § http://www.unique-bodyweight-exercises.com/splits.html Everything I look at is for the front/back splits, but I was hoping to do straddle/center splits. Someone should tell me if there’s a program out there for this! Grading Scale A - 4 times a week B - 3 times a week C - 2 times a week D - 1 time a week F - 0 times a week Average A gains DEX 5, B gains 4, C gains 3, D gains 2, F gains 0 · Pushup Progression – 3 days a week o Right now I can do zero. By the end of this challenge, I would like to be able to do five perfect pushups. I think this is attainable, right? Grading Scale A - 3 times a week B - 2 times a week C - 1 time a week D - 0 times a week F - 0 times a week Average A gains STR 4, B gains 3, C gains 2, D gains 1 · 64 ounces of water intake - 7 days a week o Simple. Drink it. It makes your skin nice and your joints move and your throat not hurt! Grading Scale A - 7 times a week B - 5 times a week C - 3 times a week D - 1 time a week F - 0 times a week Average A gains CON 3, B gains 2, C gains 1 Beginning Stats (STR): 1 (DEX): 1 (STA): 1 (CON): 2 (WIS): 4 (CHA): 6 --- Useful links that have been posted in this thread! http://gymnastics.about.com/od/trainingadvice/ss/centersplit.htm'> about.com’s How to Do a Center Split http://www.unique-bodyweight-exercises.com/splits.html'> A kind of terribly put together site for stretches that help get you to the (front) splits http://www.goldmedalbodies.com/crow-pose/'> Gold Medal Bodies’ Mastering the Crow Pose (yoga) http://www.thesecretsofyoga.com/ashtanga/Dristhi.html'> Explanation of dristhi (yoga) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t46jMhp6pjQ'> Demonstration of the knees-chest-chin progression for chaturanga (yoga) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caSIo6Rw0Bg'> Chaturanga alignment video (yoga) http://kevinrose.com/100-breath-meditation'> Kevin Rose’s 100 breath meditation http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/02/15/proper-push-up/'> Steve’s article on how to do a proper pushup http://phraktured.net/molding-mobility.html'>Phraktured.net’s Molding Mobility guide for warming up to and helping with pushups Inclune pushups guide Pushup Technique Improvement Demonstration of good arm form for pushups (you don’t need the product they’re showing) Gold Medal Bodies’ Mastering the basic pushup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K7rv_vFOWM/ Spiderman Crawl
  11. Oh man, your roll-out-of-bed-and-be-a-bad-ass description has made me consider adding pushups as a goal...
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