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  1. As far as I can tell, Leksi, we just stalk each other, yeah! I think we can update our progress however we want, and it seems like most people talk about daily stuff in their threads, and then update with a weekly thing in their initial post.
  2. I just found a park called Trolleholm Slottspark (Castle Park!) that the map says is about thirty minutes from where I'll live! I am not an outdoorsy person at ALL. Where do I get a knife? What kind of knife? What would I be realistically using one for?
  3. That would be AMAZING. You should develop a direwolf training program! I want to find people to hike with once I get to Sweden! I googled trails there the other day but I only came up with the super long, multiple day ones. Will have to search again.
  4. Yeah there's no real way to exercise in the middle of the day and not get wrecked if you've got heat and humidity
  5. Yeah, give yourself a high five (do it, do it right now) for logging. That's the hardest part, and the good choices will come much more naturally and easily once you've gotten into the swing of logging. And damn, that hike! I wanna hike and chop wood! I need some NFers to hike with me.
  6. Yeah, that sounds hella hardcore. You go!
  7. Sweet, thanks! Heading over there now. And no worries about the pictures! No rush at all. I'm "slowly" putting together a guide for front and center splits that I'll show you once there's more content.
  8. I put all (I think) the links from this thread into my first post, at the bottom!
  9. Day two has so far been busy with stuff, but now I'm home and have nothing to do for a few hours but catch up on Game of Thrones.... and do planks and pushups!
  10. Heyooooooo! So! My first day I did alright, considering. I did check everything off the list that I was supposed to do, but I was unhappy with how sucky I was at everything. I think it just might have been the stress of the day, unrelated to our challenge.
  11. Thanks, I hope you're right! And yeah, soon I'll be in the European block of time... so weird!
  12. I got up way too early and had way too much shit to do, but I still ended up doing challenge stuff pre-shower just because I was thinking of you guys! Can't let you down!
  13. Maybe I'm being a jerk because I don't have the snoozey problem, but are you able to go to bed earlier? You just need more sleep...
  14. Use the img tags, and stick the picture url in between them!
  15. Just stopping by to say I LOVE your name. It's on my short list for future children, even!
  16. Yeah, I want a climbing wall treehouse, too!
  17. I cannot even fathom that shit, but sure, when planks get boring!
  18. Ok! So tomorrow I have to leave the house at 7 am and be on a bus for seven hours. This means I need to get up at five so I can do my planks, flexibility training (yoga and splits sequence), and meditation all before getting in the shower and getting ready. I got this!
  19. Unfortunately no My grandma tried to get me to do it all my life, and I only just warmed up to it, but now I feel like it's too late. Maybe a good youtube video to practice alone in my room!
  20. Great goals! It's so nice to have a support system in your partner! Is your username from the Flewelling novels?
  21. I'm rooting for you guys! You're gonna crush it!
  22. Yeah a few of them don't actually have like, commercial tours of the places, and I'm ok with that. Just being outside some of them to take pictures, and then going into town to have their beer is fine by me. I don't think I'll have a car while in Europe, so there's some planning to be done...
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