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  1. And I just looked them up on Amazon and they're only like 20-30 bucks? Amazing.
  2. I LOVE 10 - 16 C weather! That's my jam. I can't take shit above that.
  3. Yeah I get way too nervous at the gym still. I like being at home!
  4. This is AWESOME. I plan on doing a tour of the Trappist monasteries in Belgium (and hopefully hit the ones in the Netherlands and Austria, too) this year. Doing a beer tour in a foreign country alone is the perfect plan, right?... Right?
  5. What are you doing to burn so many calories per workout on a regular basis?
  6. I just got starry eyed that I even kind of sort of got lumped in with the "circus people."
  7. Thanks, Bruce! Hopefully it won't be too difficult, with the summer heat!
  8. Wait and I won't pull down all the moulding on my doorways? This is black magic...
  9. You could do the weight machine things! Harder to see that you have the pin in the lightest weight!
  10. What are you gonna do at the gym? Gyms scare the crap out of me, haha!
  11. These sound like very solid goals. Best of luck, and if you feel like you may be giving in or faltering, just come post here!
  12. Did it require lots of drilling and stuff, or is it possible to have one of those stay up with tension alone?
  13. Can I just say it's super awesome for me to see someone's goals include something hardcore like rowing, and painting your Warhammer army? This site has given me so much hope that there are/will be tons of adjusted and healthy nerds out there for dating and friend purposes!
  14. Neat goals! Which five books do you plan on reading?
  15. Sounds like you're starting from a super solid foundation. You totally got this! Why do you think the concert will be an obstacle?
  16. Have you thought about doing some version of batch cooking, where you cook a bunch of stuff all at once, portion it up, freeze it, and then you're good to go for a while? At the very least, you could take a few pounds of chicken breast, marinate it, cook it up, and then portion it out so you've got a week's worth of protein just waiting for you.
  17. Those magic eye things never worked for me. I was so bitter about it as a kid! One day, far away from now, I want me and my former roommate to be able to do amazing poses like the crow together!
  18. I think pullups are definitely going in my next challenge, provided I can find a bar thing somewhere in my new place.
  19. I love your username! Dancing, yay!
  20. Hey Bruce, best of luck! One minute bursts of exercise should be interesting!
  21. I think pictures are a good idea! Even if you aren't fussed with changing size or shape, I think mood also shines through to a certain degree. It will be interesting to see the difference overall between you today and you six weeks from now. In fact, I might do the same even though I'm not sure any real physical difference will happen with my goals, either!
  22. So I know this sounds insane, but my method is to type out stuff, then print it, cut it up by a few lines each, and then write stuff in the margins and on extra slips of paper, then organize it on a table... then type it back out....
  23. I feel you. I want to do what Toph does (chu gar) but you know, with the bending.
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