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  1. Good idea, I think I'll take some measurements tonight/tomorrow and see if anything changes between now and the end of the challenge. Not sure if I'll post them, though!
  2. Great goals, and I love your name!
  3. I will keep this all in mind for the future when I try to run again. In the mean time, I need a foot massage T_T
  4. For me it really helped to just push through about two weeks of very, very little to no sugar. That included fruit and breads. After those two weeks, eating sugar was TOUGH. I could feel its effects instantly. It wrecks us, man, and we just let it. No more!
  5. Just wanted to add in that right now I cannot do a single pushup (or pullup, or anything) either. I just plan on practicing a whole lot! That's all we can do, and that includes you!
  6. Thanks for the link! This morning in bed I was trying to stretch out a bit by doing the froggy and a little bit of a pancake. Both are abysmal at the moment. If you do end up giving it a go, let me know about your progress!
  7. Crows are no joke, man. I am always hella impressed when I watch my friends go into that pose.
  8. I was always hella terrible at pvp in WoW, so I'm rooting for your bonus goal!
  9. Someone should make a motivational fantasy soundtrack playlist.
  10. Llamas are the best, and this thread is achingly cute. Many luck wishes!
  11. In my opinion, a good stretching session is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make you feel positive about your body. Everything feels better, you have better range of motion, and it feels YUMMY.
  12. Just googled it and this looks super freakin cool. I want a sledgehammer!
  13. I wish you ALL the luck. You are undertaking some serious shit. You're gonna do great!
  14. Yeah, the assassins are where I think most tumblers/dancers/circus people go. Once I get better at hooping I totally want to try doing it blindfolded. It sounds awesome!
  15. I will second AngelBlaidd... the weight will come off if you stick to the other goals, and it's difficult to set a hard and fast number to lose when our bodies are way more fluid. You might gain some muscle, you might have tricky water weight that comes and goes...
  16. Try not to be so harsh on yourself -- sometimes we need three days of GoT and LotR. Best of luck in all your goals!
  17. I think your fourth goal is awesome. I am really bad about not even getting dressed if I can help it. Good luck!
  18. I am doing sun salutations for this challenge, too! Katia and I have been talking about form a bunch in my thread if you want to pop over there and take a look. She's linked a bunch of good videos and has given a lot of really good advice for progression into hella good form. FotB!
  19. Also I was wondering, how long can you run without stopping right now? I feel like running for an hour is a huge buildup sort of thing.
  20. You are getting me SO pumped for this. Last night I was practicing planks here and there, and then I put myself into cobra and with (embarrassingly serious) effort, I got my legs off the ground for a few seconds! I was so proud! This progression sounds amazing. I am going to be BATMAN after this challenge.
  21. And the great thing about most of the dancing is that there are just tons and tons of videos out there, most of them for free. Tumbling seems really, really intimidating to me, too. In one of my future challenges I want to be able to get to (in perfect or very good form) a cartwheel, front and back walkovers, a bridge, and a handstand/walking handstand.
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