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  1. Definitely post pictures! That would be really great!
  2. Yeah once I finish my move and get a bike, I think I'll try it with that.
  3. I have no idea how I run. I'm not terribly interested in barefoot running, since the extra impact will really tear up my knee. I use regular running shoes. And it's like the flat of my heel that hurts, like a pulled muscle or something.
  4. I actually have both of the zombie apps, but I hurt my heel right after starting to get into running, and I can't get it to stop hurting :'( Haven't run in weeks now.
  5. I wish you ALL the luck. I think it's a great idea to get the kids involved and to show them that hard work and team work can get things done. You are being a great example for them! Some new exercise stuff to try... you could do all kinds of dancing, like belly dance, bhangra, zumba, hula, or o'tea! There are also circus skills like aerial silks, fire dancing (poi, baton, sword, hoop), hula hooping, and tumbling.
  6. Even the awful video is good! I will try that method out and see how it works out. I still can't really even get my legs off the ground though. Maybe by the end of the challenge! I really like the second video, too. Good pointers! Thanks!
  7. I'm really interested in the dancing! Are you a beginner, or...?
  8. Heyoooooo, I've also got a splits goal
  9. Yes, I also by no means intend to be exclusive with our Fellowship. I want to hang out with everybody!
  10. Tear my hair out, usually I try to get out whatever I've got jangling in my head out, and then just leave it for a bit. I have no good advice for churning out the words, unfortunately.
  11. I think a productivity journal is a great idea for your productivity goal. I read on the almighty internet that you should note down when you are feeling productive and when you are feeling creative... then after a few weeks go back and look and find your pattern, and then adjust the best you can so that you are productive during your productive times and doing creative things during your naturally creative times. Does that make sense?
  12. I've been trying to do them straight down, but really failing. I am not being modest when I say I am still a total beginner. It was convenient except for the 7 am knocks "YOGA TIIIIIME!" (I am kidding. She is one of my closest friends and I love her. Ok but maybe I'm not kidding. A little.)
  13. I want to second the loving-kindness meditation. Also, this puts me in mind of something I heard Laura Nader say when I was attending one of her lectures. There's a difference between her generation and ours. Today, to make ourselves feel better, we turn inward, we look for pills, we go to therapy. Her generation, if they were feeling low, they went out and talked to their neighbor. Brought over some food for an ailing family member. Did something nice for someone else. There's nothing inherently wrong with our generation's methods of coping, but her generation's methods are something I feel we can add in as more options. Love yourself, and love your neighbor! Actively!
  14. I think so. People will tell you to give yourself a scale, though, for different levels of completion. It's discouraging to have an all or nothing sort of reward system.
  15. All of your goals are so scary (to me)! Best of luck!
  16. I LOVE your geisha goal. You should post pictures of makeup time! I loooooove makeup. Oh oh, also, recently I saw this geisha thing... *rummages around* Here! http://thebeautygypsy.com/skincare-secrets-of-the-ancient-geishas/ And subbed, because Fellowship!
  17. Hey, don't forget pregnant bellies are beautiful! And non-pregnant bellies are also beautiful!
  18. BIG DAMN HEROES HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *ahem* So glad you're joining us! Lots of nubs here, so no worries. You're actually at the weight that I started at, too! It's gonna take work but I promise you it is so worth it, and now you've got all of us! I hate the gym, too. You might be interested in the body weight exercises on this site; lots of people here start out with them, it seems. For tracking, you could try using the site/app myfitnesspal.com I use it and love that shit. For exercising five times a week, remember to give yourself REST days. Muscle forms when resting, not when moving! Gotta let those gross little rips heal over and make big guns (Vera, anyone?). Also, maybe you should be more specific and think about exactly what exercises you wanna do, so you can take the decision making out of the process over the next six weeks. You can just autopilot instead of stress out!
  19. Yeah, I still use binders and notebooks for lots of stuff! Some things are just easier to keep track of when you've got tactile representations!
  20. Effie_


    This woman is my idol. I want to be like her when I grow up:
  21. Effie_


    I was directed to an article recently about hooping for bigger people. The hoops need to be bigger! It's not us, it's them. http://www.hooping.org/2013/02/the-hoop-of-self-esteem/ I'm really looking forward to trying to make my own bigger hoop and see what a difference it makes. I want to be a beautiful fiery hooper one day!
  22. My experience, willpower is DEFINITELY finite. My decision making capabilities basically shut DOWN somewhere like a week before graduation and are only now starting to come back online. We aren't robots (as much as some of us would like to be) and learning to conserve ourselves and be kind to ourselves is rough.
  23. I read about it years ago on a blog somewhere about frugal parenting (I am not a parent, no idea why I was there) and it really stuck once I tried it.
  24. That is very strange, patch! Have you done any of the water running to help build stability in it?
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