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  1. Becasue the following sounds like a pity-party/bitchfest I want to say thanks for the encouragement. It is a little helpful to have people try to give a boost. TL;DR: Still on the grind. I can't count the number of resumes I've sent out since just the first of the year. In a previous challenge I had "Fight the Job Search Troll" as a goal and sent out a couple targeted resumes and cover letters at least two days a week. I didn't stop looking and sending just becasue the challenge ended. I got this series of interviews because a friend is dating a guy who works for the company, and I'm trying
  2. Despite my being reserved about the situation, it doesn't sting any less to have them tell me that they don't want me to work for them. I guess I'll be in perpetual fail on this goal. I guess either way it was something I wasn't going to have to worry about after today.
  3. This is my third challenge (skipped the one that ended July 12). Fitness goal: Rebel Strength Guide- Bodyweight Brigade. I will be posting measurements before and after, possibly during, too. I may take the Henry Rollins "Iron and the Soul" approach and NOT take any measurements until it's all over. By December 1 I would like to be at 15% body fat according to my Omron monitor. To get a good start I'm going to try to lose 1/5 of the total difference between current % and 15%. By the end of the challenge I would like to do 1 unassisted pull up. Diet: I've let my Robb Wolf st
  4. I used to assistant instruct Aikido and since it's a joint-lock and throw style martial art we were constantly finding the limits of our flexibility. I recommend looking up wrist stretching exercises, and do them such that the stretch is uncomfortable but doesn't hurt (there's a difference). Find the edge of discomfort, hold for as long as you can and stay on the edge of "ow." This is going to be a lengthy process since you sprained the musculature and then didn't properly rehab it (and your doctor didn't care enought to recommend PT or something because that wasn't putting another office visi
  5. Dude that's awesome. I'm gonna go do 10 burpees and 20 inverted rows RIGHT NOW because I'm honestly inspired as a guy at 260-ish that pullups are attainable. (I'm totally serious)
  6. The "experts" that I've read all say to eat within a half hour (some say up to an hour) post-workout. Yes, your body will allocate the previously ingested protein and whatnot as fuel and for rebuilding. But I believe from an efficiency standpoint, getting protein and some carbs (e.g. sweetpotato) as soon as you can post-workout will be better for recovery. If you're high protein for breakfast, then something like a sweetpotato afterward will be good for recovering your sugars without taxing your liver (if I'm remembering my Robb Wolf correctly ). this place totally needs to be sponsored by
  7. The way you've framed the question indicates you already know the answer: Yes, you're missing out. Where do you think your muscles are going to get the protein and aminos to rebuild? You need the three "S"es: steak, sweetpotato and sleep. Ok, you can get away with most animal-based protein, but "the two 's'es and ABP" doesn't have the same ring to it. Now go club a lower-order mammal and get your muscles rebuilding.
  8. Here's a quote I've read recently: "No, peanut butter is not paleo. But then again neither is lube, and I don't see you giving that up." So if you're worried about it, finish the container and in the mean time find a grocery store that has a machine that takes raw almonds and makes almond butter. On the other hand, you're supposed to be monitoring your nut intake on a Paleo diet anyway becasue of the impact on your omgea fatty acid balance, and nuts are really calorically dense...
  9. Welcome to the Rebellion, and the Paleo club There are a couple places on this board that cater to the carnivore. Also, agreed that Dr P (and cheetos) are the road to ruin
  10. I was headed more toward co-ed buttered Twister games but it's still messy and kinda gross
  11. That's an amazing realization, and definitely puts into perspective the work you've done. That's SEVEN bags of potatoes from the grocery store. That's almost two large bags of cat litter! I'm very impressed. I'm gonna avoid commentary regarding Spezzy's pound of butter imagery...
  12. Yeah, but the membership fees are killer, and you're locked into a contract that lasts at least 18 years.
  13. Is it the motion of the squat, the flexion of the knee at the bottom of the squat, or just any added weight? Because I'm headed toward bodyweight squats until the knee feels better. That said, as someone who has chronically bad knees, I'm not advocating doing anything that doesn't feel 100% ok. Have you tried a front squat? If the issue is the knee flexing at the bottom of the squat, moving the location of the weight might alleviate some of the stress on the joint- that clearly won't work if your knee doesn't even like to bend all the way with just your bodyweight, though.
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