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  1. Becasue the following sounds like a pity-party/bitchfest I want to say thanks for the encouragement. It is a little helpful to have people try to give a boost. TL;DR: Still on the grind. I can't count the number of resumes I've sent out since just the first of the year. In a previous challenge I had "Fight the Job Search Troll" as a goal and sent out a couple targeted resumes and cover letters at least two days a week. I didn't stop looking and sending just becasue the challenge ended. I got this series of interviews because a friend is dating a guy who works for the company, and I'm trying
  2. Despite my being reserved about the situation, it doesn't sting any less to have them tell me that they don't want me to work for them. I guess I'll be in perpetual fail on this goal. I guess either way it was something I wasn't going to have to worry about after today.
  3. This is my third challenge (skipped the one that ended July 12). Fitness goal: Rebel Strength Guide- Bodyweight Brigade. I will be posting measurements before and after, possibly during, too. I may take the Henry Rollins "Iron and the Soul" approach and NOT take any measurements until it's all over. By December 1 I would like to be at 15% body fat according to my Omron monitor. To get a good start I'm going to try to lose 1/5 of the total difference between current % and 15%. By the end of the challenge I would like to do 1 unassisted pull up. Diet: I've let my Robb Wolf st
  4. Here's a quote I've read recently: "No, peanut butter is not paleo. But then again neither is lube, and I don't see you giving that up." So if you're worried about it, finish the container and in the mean time find a grocery store that has a machine that takes raw almonds and makes almond butter. On the other hand, you're supposed to be monitoring your nut intake on a Paleo diet anyway becasue of the impact on your omgea fatty acid balance, and nuts are really calorically dense...
  5. Welcome to the Rebellion, and the Paleo club There are a couple places on this board that cater to the carnivore. Also, agreed that Dr P (and cheetos) are the road to ruin
  6. Is it the motion of the squat, the flexion of the knee at the bottom of the squat, or just any added weight? Because I'm headed toward bodyweight squats until the knee feels better. That said, as someone who has chronically bad knees, I'm not advocating doing anything that doesn't feel 100% ok. Have you tried a front squat? If the issue is the knee flexing at the bottom of the squat, moving the location of the weight might alleviate some of the stress on the joint- that clearly won't work if your knee doesn't even like to bend all the way with just your bodyweight, though.
  7. It depends on your needs according to the fish oil calculator. And it's just until you get your balance in order, plus the stuff is apparently cheap. I'm willing to bet real fish would be more expensive and you'd have to eat quite a bit-- the oil is in the fat not the muscle so you're looking at sardines, salmon and other fatty fish. The high dose bottles only require a few tsp per day if you can afford to pay more.
  8. The Omega-3 eggs are from chickens that have been fed flaxseed. Apparently the digestion of the flaxseed can be hard on the liver, and we don't actually get much of the Omega-3 that is contained in the seeds, so we let the little chickies' livers do the metabolizing for us then we eat their tasty, tasty unborn. Just an FYI if you're thinking about going the flaxseed route. FWIW Robb Wolf et al. aren't thrilled about the krill oil becasue there's some question about the product's purity due to how and where the krill are harvested. He seriously recommends the Kirkland (Costco) brand of fish o
  9. Great topic (esp now that warmer weather is here and we're all gonna want to be outside playing!) Most of the links below are pretty recent, so everyone's on the same page Your salt idea is spot on. The first recommendation I have is Brawndo- it has electrolytes, which the body craves! (Idiocracy reference in case you haven't seen it) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrolyte http://eliteathletic.com/performance/quench-your-post-workout-recovery-thirst-with-home-brewed-electrolyte-replacement-drinks/ http://www.crossfitbrandx.com/index.php/forums/viewthread/12929/ http://board.crossfit.com/s
  10. There are a variety of hills over in Woodway (it's just south of Edmonds, and is between Edmonds and Shoreline). The big hill is about 1/4 mile and fairly steep. North and South Dogwood lanes have slight inclines and they combine to make a horseshoe (it's fun on a bike). There are a couple other hilly side roads. If nothing else, the scouting drive is nice, and on warm days it is very pastoral. I think 164th is a bit crowded for much of anything (if you're near Manor Way/Alderwood Mall Blvd), but especially running (you gotta stay safe!)
  11. Well there's the problem. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 (from a Win 6.5 POS) so that's why I didna see it in the app store. Back to your regularly scheduled Clawed Bear updates
  12. I haven't seen a -functional- tricorder app. Who wrote it/what's is actually called?
  13. I was just messing with you- the picture's fine. Every time I see a camera phone shot, I think "tricorder" 'cause I'm a geeeeeeek
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