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  1. I have recently just started culinary school and will be joinging the industry in the next year. I was doing so well before I got here with my diet and working out. I was down nearly 20 lbs from my start weight. Eating well has gotten so hard! Not only do I need to try foods to learn, the stress of 7-10 hours in the kitchen is leading to me to eat a lot of sweets again. In my head I keep making the excuse that eating dessert is better than starting smoking cigarettes again. Is there anyone else in the cooking industry, restaurant industry that can give me some tips to be more successful?
  2. You feel good and then you want to keep feeling good and it's all good

    1. Duality


      Well that's good :)

  3. Right where there with you. I have been trying to make smart choices in all aspect of my life but I will not give up beer or milk in my coffee. I've still droped 12 lbs in a little over a month. woot!
  4. yes yes yes!! I am the same and I love it.
  5. This is exactly how I feel. I've just started a new game I know little about. I am trying to get the hang of it, leveling up, applying skill points, ect. Then that moment happens where I've realized I didn't know what I was doing and it is going to to be fruitless to continue on with how I've started. I need to restart the game! I know what to do now and I'm going to get the best weapon and skills and more efficiently because I've learned. This challenge was my first save. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know what my life was going to be like after I moved. So the next challenge i
  6. This week is going to be 100%

  7. Week 4 (side note officially relocated to Vermont which is awesome and stressful) Eating paleo- 3.5 Explanation: I did well this week with support from my aunt and uncle. Half point off for snacking on a meal day Body building- 3 Explanation: did two and one was done in the Oklahoma heat Pt- 2 Explanation: I did 1 and a half. Level up- 2.5 Explanation: started it but didn't finish or mail. Overall 11 D+ Getting worse grades than I did in quantum mechanics lolz
  8. Week 3 Eating Paleo - 2.5 Explanation: home. Sushi and family had me breaking this more than I wanted to Body Building - 3 Explanation: only did the workout twice but put in some serious manual labor on an off day PT- 2.5 Expln: did it twice and got some new excersises from my sister who is a physical therapist Level up - 2.5 Explanation: got and sent three cards to family. Not what I set out to do but in the same spirit of appreciation. Over all- 10.5 D better but not where I want to be.
  9. My pops got me into Doctor Who, so good parenting! These are great!
  10. week two was blAsha dfha bioarj v (yep that about sums it up) Eating Paleo - 3.5 Expln: I am so proud of myself. Just left a job and there was lots of cake and soda and all yummy yucky things that I successfully avoided and successfully traveled. However did have three meals non paleo instead of two. Body Builder - 1 Expln: talk about making excuses. Only did it once. I'm pissed that I didn't make it a priority. Now I'm going to have to dig in. PT- 1 Expln: see above blah Level up- 4 Expln: wrote a friend a letter and used my bad ass wax seal on it. I feel like i'm in Westeros. (ugh d
  11. Going back to CA on Friday! Pumped!

  12. First week progress I am going to grade myself 0-4 each week. Eating paleo -> 3 Explanation: I did pretty well but ate non paleo on three days instead of two. Beginning body build -> 4 explanation: done and done PT -> 1 explanation: I only did it once. I really just don't like doing pt but it needs to happen. If I can consistly do it by the end of the challenge I will be really happy Level up letters -> 4 wrote it to myself but it counts Overall 12/16 C Ugh not bad. Not good. I will keep working. Moving around a lot in the next weeks so that will be challenging but I
  13. Sore as heck and it feels so good

  14. First day of the challenge. Working out is going to be my biggest challenge

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