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  1. Thanks for asking Evenewbie It's been a crazy week so I haven't been online that much. No hikes planned, unfortunately. The kitty is doing much better. I think he's still in some pain, because he winces and pulls back if I put my hand near the front of his spine, but otherwise he's doing a lot better. I tried a new smoothie but I hated it: http://www.wholeliving.com/180976/melon-mint-and-cucumber-smoothie I left the mint out because I didn't have any on hand (my mint plants all died ), maybe I would've liked it better with the mint. I fell behind a little this week: Walked the Hill: 3/3 Smoothie: 3/4 Ate Outside: 3/5 I'm hoping things at work slow down and the weather stays nice again so I can get more done
  2. Week one was a success! No hiking, but I still have time to get 4 in before the challenge. Hopefully I can make it happen. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6g69oz8kcumacso/week_1.jpg
  3. I have a history of binge eating (that I think is just about kicked! Today is day 98 with no binges ). One of the books I read said to stop eating meals in front of the tv or while doing work or anything else, because then you pay attention to your food more and feel more satisfied with what you've eaten. I think it's helped a lot, it's nice to eat without so many distractions. It varies a lot depending on what I have on hand. Some of my favorites are strawberry with blueberries and a tangerine, strawberries, banana, milk and a half scoop of slim fast, and lately I've been adding cocoa powder to some flavors because I read that it's a good source of iron, plus it has so few calories. I have a ton of recipes I want to try, and I really want to try adding baby spinach or kelp but I'm extremely picky so I'm nervous. I really need to eat more vegetables though.
  4. I like your money goal! I'm SO bad at saving. I try but something always comes up and I need to use the money. Good luck!
  5. Hi! Thanks for checking in Day 2 is good! I did the hill this morning, it was haaaard. I haven't walked around the apartment complex in a while, so I guess I forgot how out of breath it makes me. Out of curiousity, I did some researching, and it's about 1/4th mile in length (each way) and about a 100ft difference in elevation from my door to the bottom of the hill. That probably wouldn't be much for most people but for me it's rough! Which is why I'm doing it I think my kitty is doing a little better every day his walking is getting less clumsy, and he isn't hiding as much. He's been spoiled with the balcony visits though and cries at the door when I won't let him out. I'm happy to see him being a brat though, since it's an improvement to just hiding and looking like he's in pain.
  6. I've been going ever 4-8 weeks, so far they've increased my dosage twice. The most recent visit was last week and they aren't increasing it this time, so I guess it's right for now I really don't know about his body temp but he has lost some weight, I have no idea how much though.
  7. I'm really glad I came across this thread. I was actually here to pose the "cardio vs weights" question myself. I've been googling and coming across so much conflicting information. But, this is extremely true. I have a hard enough time sticking to the things I do enjoy, if I try to force myself to do things I hate, I definitely won't stick to it. I already knew this about diet. I know I could never stick to Paleo. Like, not even for a week. So it's not worth me trying, no matter how much other people like it and have success with it. For some reason applying the same reasoning to exercise never occured to me.
  8. Excellent posts Upirygirl I'm fairly new to hypothyroidism. My main symptoms were depression, constant weight gain, and hair falling out. I was diagnosed and began treatment in March. I was put on levothyroxine for my thyroid and wellbutrin for depression. The combination of the two have helped me a lot. I have far more energy and managed to finally control a binge eating problem I've had since grade school. I haven't changed my diet much besides not bingeing but I've been losing about a pound a week since I started treatment. My brother also has hypothyroidism, but for him the symptoms were primarily joint pain and weight gain. He hasn't had much luck with the medication, but he says going gluten free and dairy free have helped his joint pain a lot.
  9. Day 1, so far so good I had my smoothie on the balcony today. I let my injured kitty out with me, since he loves it out there, I think he really enjoyed the fresh air after being sequestered to the bedroom (to keep him away from the other cats, just in case) for the past few days. I'm going to walk the hill after work since I didn't have time to do it this morning. I'm really trying to keep up with posts and participate more For my first challenge, I was in the Adventurer group and there were so many people, I found it impossible to keep up and gave up.
  10. Excellent gif/meme usage! And good luck with your goals, I don't eat much meat but I'd love to start trying to find more humane sources for the small amount of meat I do eat. Looking foward to see how you do!
  11. Good luck on the sugar! That's definitely a tough one. Your penalty and reward system sounds great though
  12. That Yoga For Inflexible People sounds interesting to me. I wish they had it streaming on Amazon Instant though, DVDs are sort of a pain for me. Good job on your first day!
  13. CakeBanisher, the cat in your profile picture cracks me up every time I see it
  14. I'd love to see pictures of the sekrit shawl of doom! I haven't knit in forever, I could use some inspiration
  15. hufflepug

    Druids Lodge!

    That sounds amazing! Have a great trip!
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