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  1. Just Dance for the Wii has a 'fitness' routine. How did I not know this?!

  2. So I just realized I have not done a single update since I started the challenge. Whoops! Goal 1: I'm doing great on this, often doing upwards of 12,000 steps...on week days. On weekends I'm lucky to crack 3,000. If anyone has ideas how to get some motivation for the weekend or what would be fun to step up those steps, please, please, please let me know! Goal 2: Currently I've hit somewhere between 1,400 and 1,600 calories each day (today not counting, we did Thanksgiving at the office). This goal almost seemed too easy until I completely forgot to track this weekend and basically feel like I have to start all over. Goal 3: This is probably my most difficult goal because right now I have only accomplished 105oz. of water/day about 50% of the time. I've found this is really easy on the days I'm just sitting in the office because I drink water to avoid munching. Weekends and days I'm in meetings I tend to struggle. (Don't know if you noticed a theme, but weekends seriously kick my behind!) Life Quest: Of all the goals, this is probably the one I've made the most progress on, mostly by accident. I was asked back for second round interviews in two different jobs this week, with the one that I'm more excited/nervous about being tomorrow. I really, really, really want the job that I'm interviewing for tomorrow and I think that the second round interview is basically final cuts. So wish me luck! So, even though my goals have been a little spotty and my weekends are sabotaging my efforts, I've still lost 10 lbs since starting this challenge. And trying on a bridesmaid dress yesterday really sent the message of "Gee, if I've lost 10lbs with crappy weekends, I wonder how awesome I could do if I were to actually try on the weekends." It's just too bad that message wasn't clear until halfway through the challenge!
  3. Going to pick up the 1st of the bridesmaids dresses today; this could be the kick in the behind I need!

  4. Hey Lord Swoledemort! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well; hopefully the checkup helps to fix everything. How's the volunteering working out so far?
  5. Finally, someone got the reference! My first week is going extra awesome because I told my cubicle partner about a couple of my goals, so she is hounding my behind about getting them done! She also helped me come up with a non-food reward to following my water goal specifically, so that's extra awesome. I've used Google+ and Google hangouts a great deal so I'm completely in for the hangout! Put me in the Eastern Time tally.
  6. Hi Rogue Squadron! Would I potentially be able to tag along on this most awesome adventure? I've been creeping on the discussion, and it would be most excellent if I could join in the fun!
  7. After several long weeks of offline adventures, which include moving to the other side of the country, I am back and ready to roll (or not roll, by the end of the challenge)! My main quest is that which is pretty common: to lose weight, more specifically to be in a healthy BMI by the sister's wedding. My motivation: I have 4 weddings in 4 months, 3 of which I am in. That's a lot of pictures! My 3 'subgoals' are pretty simple this time around but that is mostly because I struggled finishing my last two challenges and I haven't done anything even remotely fitness related since August. So baby steps, this challenge is all about the baby steps: 1) Walk 10,000 steps/day. Worth 5STA. Now that I've flushed out the grading system my plan is: 6/7 days=90%pts; 5=75%; 4=60%; 3<= 0pts. 2) Edit calorie consumption to less than 2,000 to increase weight loss. Worth 3CON, 2CHA I have a sweet little calorie counter app where I download my weight, goal weight and how much I want to lose per week, and it tells me how many calories I can have per day as well as keeping track of the week so if I have a cheat day I don't blow the whole week! It does all the math for me, beautiful! 6/7 days=90%pts; 5=75%; 4=60%; 3<= 0pts. 3) Increase water intake to 105 ounces/day. Worth 5 CON pts. This goal is actually important for a couple of different reasons. The first is to help my body figure out the difference between being hungry and being thirsty! Another is this is roughly how much water I should be drinking every day anyway for health purposes. And the final is that because of a new medication I am on, I need to increase my water/healthy beverage intake every day, so what better way than to make it a goal. 7/7100%; 6=90%; 5=80%, 4< 0pts. Life Quest: My life quest specific to this challenge is to get a job by the start of the next challenge. I've recently moved to a new city and in order to stay I need to have a job or paid internship for when my current internship is finished! Throughout this challenge I will be working to find work! Now that my goals, points and grading scales are laid out, I would love any and all criticism, ideas or general thoughts!
  8. So, I dropped off the face of the Earth real bad this time. Just doing a quick update: since everything went to heck in a hand basket with my grandma being unconscious more than she is conscious and moving and starting a new jobs, I'm tabling the challenge for the moment. I'm hoping that by tabling this challenge and getting in the right mindset for the next one, I can be more on the ball. However, just so everyone knows, I did accomplish goal 2 and my life quest. I am currently across the country from my LQ but I will hopefully be uploading a picture of that soon just so everyone who is sorta following this can see how clean and wonderful my room looks. Thanks everyone for the support!
  9. Oh goodness. So Week 3 has come and gone, which I did not realize at all until today! Unfortunately, my update will have to be shortish (AKA no pictures) since life went berserk this week. In a short amount of time, hordes of family members will be descending upon my home due to a family member taking a turn for the worse and my house being Family HQ for all extended family members. G1: I am definitely getting my 10,000 steps in every day! Because I am spending the majority of my days packing for my move I am not only getting in a lot of steps, the majority of those steps are happening on stairs. Yay! I only was able to actually do a set workout on 2 days, so I'm going to have to work to improve that this week around family obligations. G2: I only woke up in my goal timeframe 1 time this whole week! For some reason, my schedule was completely turned around this week and I would be going to bed at 5am and getting up at 11am. Definitely doing to have to rearrange that for next week. I realize it is only halfway through the challenge, but I feel like this goal is going to have to be a repeat for next time. G3: This goal is going phenomenally! I am increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables, not only with every meal, but also as snacks. This week my doctor put me on a lactose-free diet as a test, so I am having to substitute my normal snacks with fruit. Also as a lover of all things cheese, I am learning that every time I would use cheese on something I am putting vegetables and seasonings instead! It's been a rough couple of days, but I'm working on it. LQ: I am so freaking proud of this goal! While I still have a lot of stuff in the basement, most of that will be moving with me in a couple of weeks so I am not as worried about those items. However, in my room, not only can you see the bed, I am currently sleeping in it! My room is almost completely cleaned and organized; as soon as things settle down here I will be posting pictures of my new organization strategies and my super clean, super organized room! Hope everyone is having a great challenge so far and let's rock it the next few weeks!
  10. I honestly think Karma just goes "Oh look, you've been doing really well on your fitness challenge. CURVEBALL!"

    1. Nazy_Ak


      totally feel this.. dont lose hope, You'll get back on track :)

    2. gnometosser


      My curveball consists of sickness... Fever, belly ache and joint pain. Now I only wanna eat sweets, and curl up in a ball! But I'm not going to! You are gonna get back on track, too!

  11. So random thought: I think the world is out to get me when I start these challenges. Last time I started a challenge I had a major life style adjust right at the kick off and this challenge I had the same darn thing happen to me! On that note, anyone know of some great lactose free recipes and such I could try out? Being a lover of all things cheese, I'm having an unhappy moment here. In other news, how are challenges working out for everyone else this week?
  12. Feeling good, feeling awesome, feeling...completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of junk I've accumulated that stand between me and my life quest.

    1. Ba'sini'on


      Are you gonna keep the junk around? Or get rid of it?

  13. I'm all for one in America! I'll more than likely be in the cheer squad, being extra loud with signs of course!
  14. So I have no pictures from this week, nor did I really make any progress on the life quest of organizing my room; however, I did go to THE IOWA STATE FAIR!! For those of you whom have never had the joy of the Iowa State Fair, it is amazing, awesome, wonderfulness all wrapped into 12 jam-packed days of food that are fried and put on sticks. It also involves walking, miles and miles of walking. So I did phenomenal on my exercise goal of the week. Relatively, I also did quite well on my fruits and veggies goal. While fresh food can be difficult to find at the Fair, it is possible. I only failed goal 3 twice, which considering I was at the home of all things fried, I'm pretty proud of myself. I even sort of did okay with mission goal 2. Since I helped staff a building for several days, I was not only awake before my time goal of 6:30-7 am; I was already at work by 7 am almost every morning. But alas, my time at the Fair is over and I am back at the daily grind of work and moving prep. So wish me luck as I try to find someway to keep the exercise moving and the mornings early!
  15. In the words of wise Rafiki: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF39O_OQm6M But seriously, how did everyone's week 2 kick off? Anyone have extra special challenges they are looking forward to this week? My personal challenge will be navigating the dietary pitfalls that is end of internship celebrations!
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