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  1. Still doing well with working out. Yesterday, we went for a 14 mile bike ride, then went to the gym for a bit. (I didn't get my press or pull exercises in on Saturday, so I made those up, and then did 20 minutes of cardio.) I don't think MFP is working for me. Measuring and counting calories was encouraging me to eat in ways that I'm not convinced are the healthiest. Nothing too awful, but I did have a beer, and a lot of eggs, yogurt and milk. I think a plant-strong eating style is healthier, but it takes a bit more effort to count calories from veggies or sweet potatoes than just punching in "one egg." I wasn't really eating like myself: I can't remember the last time I bought milk, cereal or eggs before this. I feel a bit self conscious because I'm changing eating strategies again. But -- it's okay! My only food goal for this month was writing down what I eat. I started rereading the book "Eat to Live," which promotes eating primarily (5-10%) vegan whole foods and prompts readers to do a 6 week challenge. I intend to take that challenge at least until the end of this NerdFitness challenge. If I feel okay about it then, I'll buckle down and keep it up for the next 4 weeks. In any case ... Here's what I ate yesterday: Food Log: Breakfast: half honeydew melon, 1 tbsp flaxseed Lunch: huge salad, 2 oz avocado, chickpeas, 1 oz walnuts Snack: grapefruit Dinner: huge salad, chickpeas, 1 cup brown rice, pinto beans, roasted veggies (squash+carrots) Snack: rest of the can of chickpeas, 4 apples
  2. Alright, so I've been quiet here, but I'm doing awesome offline! Running every other day, strength training three times a week, and logging food on MFP. So I said no counting calories, but so far MFP has been easy to use. I'm not including any vegetables in the count, so it's pretty effortless. So far, so good!
  3. Lifting Log: 10 min stair climb 5x5 Squats, 70 lb 5x5 Chest Press, 55 lb 5x5 Barbell Rows, 40 lb 3x5 Assisted Pull up, 70 lb assist 3x5 Assisted Pull up, 85 lb assist Food Log: Breakfast: protein powder + almond milk Lunch: several bowls of rice, beans, guacamole and veggies. Two cups of tea with cream + sugar Dinner: protein powder + almond milk
  4. Running Log: 5 min walk 90 sec jog, 2 min walk for 20 min 5 min walk Food Log: Breakfast: so many almonds, tea with cream Lunch: more almonds, yogurt, protein powder Snack: Protein powder + almond milk Dinner: Rice, beans and fresh veggies, guacamole, protein powder + almond milk 14,300 steps stepped today.
  5. Lift Log: 5 min Stair Climb 3x5 Squat, 60 lb 3x5 Bench Press, 45 lb 1x5 Deadlift, 65 lb 3x10 Assisted Pull up, 85 lb assist 3x10 Back Extension 3x5 Leg Lift Running Log: 5 min warmup walk 90 sec jog, 2 min walk for 20 min 5 min cool down walk Food Log: Breakfast: Handful of cashews, orange Lunch: Beans, brown rice, veggie stirfry, 2 eggs, 2 cups of coffee (both with cream, 1 with sugar) Dinner: Beans, brown rice, veggie stirfry, grated cheese, more cashews Post-racquetball: a few handfuls of almonds Happy that I was offered some sweets today, twice, and declined both times. I bought into our community's produce share this week, so I'll get a load of random fruits and veggies on Friday. I'm excited! Including racquetball, I took 20,600 steps today! Woo!
  6. Hello February! These are the goals I'm working towards this month: Lift weights 3x's per week: I have had some success getting over my shyness at the gym! My partner has received a "prescription" to workout, as part of a regime to alleviate his back pain. Going with him a few times last month has built my confidence, and I've even gone twice by myself when we were scheduled to but he couldn't. I'm very excited. The prescription and my partner is motivating, even when my motivation wanes. So far I've been doing a Starting Strength-inspired routine. I'm trying not to worry too much about programming--I just want to do the lifts correctly, and work on a few exercises that interest me. Jog 4x's per week: I have not been exercising my dog enough, and he is losing his mind as a result. I have avoided going outside lately, because of the cold. The key to being successful in this regard is simply dressing warmly. Just put on the layers. It's honestly not that cold here: the weather is my scapegoat. But my laziness is hurting Poops. He will appreciate the runs more than almost anything else I could do for him. Keep a super simple food log: Super, super simple. No measuring or anything. I just want to increase my awareness of what I'm putting in my body. Get a job: I don't want to write to much about this here, but it would be beyond wonderful if I'm in a new position by March. I'm working on it! Here is where I'm at today: Weight: 162.3 lbs Neck: 14.5" Waist: 31.5" Hips: 39" Body Fat: 29% (x) Update: Week 1: (2/1-2/6) Lift: 2/3, Run: 4/4, Food Log: 3/6 Week 2: (2/7-2/13) Lift: 3/3, Run: 4/4, Food Log: 7/7 Week 3: (2/14-2/20) Lift: 1/3, Run: /4, Food Log: 1/7
  7. Goals Get to a healthy BMI by February 27th, 2014 For me, this means weighing 155 pounds. I will reach this goal through changing up my food and exercise. Food-wise, I will not count calories. I want to learn how to eat in a sustainable way, and I don't want to count calories my whole life. Paleo works for some, but I am a vegetarian (for environmental reasons). I think eating paleo and vegetarian can work together, but I don't want to experiment with it right now. Instead, I think the US gov's MyPlate can give the guidelines and flexibility that I want right now. 7 oz whole grains : 3.5 cups cooked brown rice/quinoa/pasta 6 oz protein : 1 oz = 1 egg, 0.25 cup beans, 0.5 oz nuts or seeds 2 cups fruit : 2 pieces of fruit per day unlimited veggies less than a half cup milk a day 6 tsp oil a day no added salt or sugar Activity-wise, I want to spend about 45 minutes a day working out, alternating cardio with weights. Cardio will change as I desire, though it will mostly be jogging, hill sprints, biking or a home video. Weights will be: ab rotation (3x's, 45 sec superman, side plank, crunches, side plank, front plank) knee pushups (3x's, as many as possible) dumbbell flys (3x's, 8-15) "walk the planks" (3x's, 8-15) dumbbell rows (3x's, 8-15) curls (3x's, 8-15) dumbbell French press (3x's, 8-15) side raise (3x's, 8-15) alternating dumbbell press (3x's, 8-15) lunges (3x's, 8-15) squats (3x's, 8-15) Get at least a 3.0 GPA this semester I will achieve this by submitting all of my assignments, and I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day studying per class. I will not study with the television on in the background.
  8. Welcome! I am Cardea. Here's a peek into my history : In 2011 : My weight topped off at 205+ pounds. I went on an amazing 2 week backpacking trip. From 2011 - 2012 : I lost weight by upping my activity, changing how much and what I was eating. This was the first time I ever lost weight. From 2012 - 2013 : I moved. Some of my priorities shifted and I abandoned some of the habits I built. I told myself I would never see over 175 on the scale, however, and I stuck to that. Now : I am calling it. I'm ready to prioritze my physical health again. A healthy body supports all my other goals, and is a goal in its own right. This is me, and these are my current stats. I'll update this post again next month, with new measurements. Waist : 33" Height : 5'6" Weight : 169.4 lbs Date : 10 / 27 / 2013
  9. Milk+protein, and off to print an assignment then workout!

  10. Way to make being active fun! I'll be following along
  11. You are an adult -- you are the person responsible for what goes into your body. I live with roommates and have to deal with being seen eating like 7 times a day, and bringing home frozen veggies several times a week. Sometimes I feel embarrassed, but it's not embarrassing to think about your health. Work on finding a gentle way of saying, "This is healthy for me." Don't put anybody's choice down, but you are well within your right to state that you are making a choice for yourself. Try thinking about unhealthy food like you were a diabetic, or had a food allergy: would you feel weird saying no to a type of food if you knew you were going to suffer health consesquences from? No! And your friends would understand that.
  12. Athlete If you are having the performance you want, stay vegan! I have a friend who plays volleyball, can dealift ~1.7x's body weight after a year of training in college, and eats like a raw vegan 90%+ of the time. It's what is working for her.NoMeatAthlete has a dozen articles written by vegetarian/vegan athletes.Paleo vs. Vegan At the end of the day: a lot of evidence supports the paleo diet. A lot of evidence supports the vegan/vegetarian diet. One diet isn't necessarily better: one is better for different people, and both are better than the Standard American Diet.If being a vegan works for you, trust it. Tell people it's working for you. It's okay! The Paleo diet works for a lot of people on this website. That's okay, too. There's a lot of conflicting information out there. Experimenting with yourself, going with what works, and reevaluating if it's no longer working, is part of life. If you or your coach wants you to start eating more protein, you could try soy/brown rice/green pea protein powder, after making sure you're eating high quality vegan protein.If that's not working, adding milk and eggs can give you a lot of protein. Eating them will not ruin your health. Eating crap -- Doritos, candies, pizza -- will ruin your health.Healthy Eating in College Every dining hall should have a salad buffet. Eat a salad every night! Never go a day without eating vegetables, and try to make them fresh.Don't ever feel like you "have" to have deserts because they are being sold.Don't drink excessively.
  13. I just added a beginner's weight training program to my exercise routine ... and I have been starving for the past week, haha. But, I've stayed in my calorie goal (2000-2200). This is what it working for me: Eat veggies! Four cups of frozen veggies have 100 calories ... or 5 cups of frozen veggies and an egg have 200 calories. I've been eating ~2 cups veggies at every meal, and sometimes microwave some for a snack.Drink water! Depending on your goals, 65 grams of protein seems like a decent amount. You could try upping your protein and fat, though, while your body adjusts to increased activity. You could choose eggs instead of waffles every other day, or walnuts instead of black beans, for a few weeks. Eggs, nuts, broccoli and spinach ... and eat your fat! Full-fat yogurt could make a difference?Remember that it will pass! Everybody has days where they want to eat everything, haha. Go to bed, go workout, or get ahead on work.Also, make sure you are eating enough. This is Steve's post on figuring out how many calories you need. Good luck!
  14. Here is the sign up sheet, then go to the "Cross Guild" tab to find us. You can find it camoflagued at the top of the Accountibilibuddies forum page. I just completed my first strength workout of these 6 weeks. :3 Exercises included planks, inclined push ups, hip raises, step ups, squats and dumbbell rows (using a cinderblock). I can do 2-3 good form inverted rows, but decided to scale back and work on DB rows until I can bust out closer to 6-8.
  15. Yay, I love walking goals. This is great! I am sure you can meet your weight loss goals with these exercises + a good diet. Good luck starting off!
  16. I like your goals, too! I'm working on 1 & 3 myself. Good luck starting today!
  17. 9 is so much better than 1 or 3! Great way to start off!
  18. Count me in! (I've added myself to the spreadsheet ...) The games begin today, everybody!
  19. You are awesome! This post is really inspiring to me. With a non-drunkard alcoholic in my life, it sometimes seems impossible that a person can realize it's even a problem, if it's not interfering with work--much less strive to change it. Thank you for sharing here. The whole rebellion is behind you, Chris!
  20. I agree with this 100%. 1200 calories is not generally enough. Most women should be eating between 1,600 - 1,800 calories, to lose weight, if they are exercising moderately. I'd say figure out your TDEE, including your exercise (There are so, so many calculators online, but here's one; maybe try a few to compare.) and then eat 80% of your TDEE. When I initially lost ~35 pounds, I was eating about 1,200 calories and biking 10 miles a day--for two and a half months, and lost about two notches on my belt. Then my living situation changed, I switched from biking to hiking an hour or two in the evenings and yoga classes, and I started eating a lot more but a lot better quality (huge green salads twice a day, beans and eggs with every meal, the stuff that makes you feel like a king), and the weight fell off. The next two months, and I lost like 15 pounds and was out of that belt in no time. I also agree that this is probably not the case for the OP, because eating better can really mean anything. But ... for Avistew, I'd say an extra three tablespoons of peanut butter in the evenings will help your body let go of the precious energy reserves it's holding desperately onto. Plus, it might make you happier! Hahaha. Good luck, everyone! (P.S. Kill the negative energy around here, guys! Go .. have some peanut butter, haha.)
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