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  1. Everything's got pulled apart again. Prioritys are shifting every week currently because I try to really dig to the point to know whats important for me. Fitness is a top priority but I decided to close this workout log currently and switch over to fitocracy. Just feels better. Life goals are changing all the time and I will log them again (in the blog section) when I think that I get the hang on to them. Thanks for watching.
  2. Haven’t updated my log tue to some hectic days, but I’ve met most of my goals anyway and my whole life has taken a turn in the right direction I think. And now... back to the battle log! 2012-2-7 Day 25 of the PLP challenge push-ups 25 + 11 = 36 band rows (band on doorknob) x36 squats 35 + 1 = 36 Facepulls with band on doorknob x 15 (I do them every day now because I feel better with them somehow) My girlfriend made me a compliment yesterday about my changing body! Feels good
  3. 2012-1-27 Day 20 of the PLP challenge push-ups 25 + 4 = 29 29 band rows (band on doorknob) 29 squats added 2x10 Facepulls with band on doorknob Shoulder is improving more and more. I think I can attack again next week
  4. 2012-1-26 Day 19 of the PLP challenge push-ups 25 + 3 = 28 28 band rows (band on doorknob) 28 squats added 2x10 Facepulls with band on doorknob Shoulder is a lot better now. Don't know if it is because of the facepulls or just natural regeneration
  5. 2012-1-25 Day 18 of the PLP challenge 27 push-ups 27 band rows (band on doorknob) 27 squats Have a pain in my left shoulder since yesterday. Will do only the plp challenge "workouts" this week and see how it progresses. When the pain not disappears I take the next week off completely.
  6. 2012-1-24 Day 17 of the PLP challenge 26 push-ups 26 band rows (band on doorknob) 26 squats Added 1 card to my game. Total of 70 now. Still a long way to go but progressing nicely.
  7. I think it is a good idea.. for myself I'm always alternating exercises. Like "main exercise" (example: deadlift) => exercise B (example: over head push) => maybe exercise C (examples: pull-ups) => rest => repeat. You can always catch a breath while traversing from one exercise to the other, exchanging weights, etc. which is enough rest time to get some good reps. Of course rest times between exercises rise a little bit on the heavy sets. I'm just going with my body here. When I'm totally hammered I wait a few seconds more. If you really want to push your max strength then this is probably not the best way. But for a nice progression combining strength and endurance its good.
  8. 2012-1-22 Some bodyweight speed, coordination and flexibility work (like front kick throughs, burpees, bridges, etc) 2012-1-23 Day 16 of the PLP challenge 25 push-ups 25 band rows (band on doorknob) 25 squats Added 3 cards to my game Short bodyweight workout while walking with the dog Push-ups 2x30 Assisted dips 2x15 tried bodyweight rows but totally suckt at it Squats 2x35 Knee raises in dip position 15 (& hold the last one up in the air as long as possible)
  9. 2012-1-20 Day 15 of the PLP challenge 24 push-ups 24 band rows (band on doorknob) 24 squats Added 3 cards to my game. Gym workout Still with a sore back so I went slow. Mobility work Bench press - Bar 2x10 - 10kg x 5 - 15kg x 3 - 20kg x 1 - 25kg x 1 - 30kg 3x10 Farmers walk 2 x 7,5kg - ca 15 meters 2 x 10kg - ca 10 meters 2 x 13kg - ca 5 meters 2 x 16kg - ca 5 meters 2 x 20kg - ca 10 meters 2 x 22,5kg - 2 x ca 15 meters (1 drop in second run) Some L-sit and planche training
  10. 2012-1-19 Day 14 of the PLP challenge 23 push-ups 23 band rows (band on doorknob) 23 squats Short workout at home. - Plank hold 2 min 30 - Side plank hold 1 min each side - Leg hold 1 min (don't know how it is called properly. I just lay flat on the back and lift arms and legs a short step into the air and hold it there) - Back hold 2 mins (don't know how it is called properly. I just lay flat on the stomach and lift arms and legs a short step into the air and hold it there) - Squat hold against the wall 2 mins - Push-up hold 1 min (hold at the bottom of push-up movement. Just a little over the floor.) Done.
  11. 2012-1-18 Day 13 of the PLP challenge 22 push-ups 22 band rows (band on doorknob) 22 squats added 2 cards to my tcg. Still have a sore back from deadlifting on monday. I think I need to work a little more on technique, the weight wasn't that high.
  12. 2012-1-17 Day 12 of the PLP challenge 21 push-ups 21 band rows (band on doorknob) 21 squats
  13. 2012-1-13 Day 10 of the PLP challenge 19 push-ups 19 band rows (band on doorknob) 19 squats Again no cards added Wanted to do a bodyweight workout at night but hurt two fingers during the day and called it off. 2012-1-16 Day 11 of the PLP challenge 20 push-ups 20 band rows (band on doorknob) 20 squats 4 cards added. I'm back on track Gym workout Deadlift - Bar x10 - 20kg x 5 - 30kg x 3 - 40kg x 1 - 60kg x 1 - 70kg 3x5 Single arm overhead push - 6kg x 5 each side - 7,5kg x 3 each side - 10kg x 1 each side - 11,5kg x 1 each side - 13kg x 1 each side - 16kg x 1 each side - 18kg x 4 right arm, 3 with left arm. Had no power for the 18kg today - 16kg x 6 each side Pull-ups 5x2 2x1 Everything done as a cirquit. Deadlift, overhead push, pull-up, rest, repeat
  14. 2012-1-12 Day 9 of the PLP challenge 18 push-ups 18 band rows (band on doorknob) 18 squats No cards added.
  15. 2012-1-11 Day 8 of the PLP challenge 17 push-ups 17 assisted dips 17 squats I had to change the exercises a bit, because the jumping pull-ups were too loud this early in the morning. I will look for my terra band tonight and do band rows from tomorrow morning on. No cards added today. Buuuh
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