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  1. So it's become painfully clear my joints do not like treadmill running and my shins do not like indoor track running. =( I haven't been able to bike since my knee surgery 2012, the elliptical makes me feel off balance and I am not a good enough swimmer yet to use it as cardio. I'm going to try the rowing machine an see if it agrees with my back and knee. It's low impact and would workout my arms and back. The only issue I see is the movement repetition. I was trying to catch one of the gym employees to give me some official guidance on how to use one but haven't been successful in my attempts thus far. Wedding update: My sister has picked out our gowns they definitely showoff my arms and upper back so I'll definitely need to do rings once the weather gets nice again. The dresses have been ordered and they can tailor down up to 2 sizes and I was told the sample was likely stretched out so my goal is to lose 20-30 pounds (in theory 2 sizes) by then.
  2. Amandaba's 20% journey. Hello all, I arriving to this party about a week late, but figured I could use the accountability. This summer I was training for a Halloween 10k and kept getting stuck in a loop of Week 5 to Week 7 due to injury, poor weather, or illness. Everytime I'd get halfway through Week 7 something would happen I'd have to take a couple weeks off. I've had a history of knee, ankle, and back injury. My goal had been to run at least 3/4 of the 10k doing intervals.The week before the race I irritated an old back injury, so even walking the 10k was out of the question. I traded bibs with a friend that has run marathons before and walked his 5k with his wife and he ran my 10k. The 5k was just long enough, my back was getting angry with about 1/3 mile left to go. It's better now that I've had the weekend off to rest and time in a whirlpool. My plan had been to start focusing on weight loss with the academy workout plan once the race was over. The same weekend as the race my sister let me know she was engaged. The wedding date is July 25th and I am one of the bridesmaids. While I'm not at my heaviest right now I am close. There are 38 weeks between now and the wedding. My long term goal is to lose 36 pounds. Why 36? I'm currently 194ibs, 10% weight loss has been shown to produce health benefits, 10% of 194 is about 19 pounds= 175 pounds, 10% of that is 17 pounds. 19 + 17= 36. 20% body weight loss give or take a little. My goal for the wedding is to lose 20-30 pounds. Goal #1 5k training 2x per week I'm back to week 5 of a 9 week program. I REALLY want to finish it. Before this summer I couldn't run 5 minutes; the farthest I've gotten in the program was a 22 minute jog which I was super proud that I accomplished. Goal #2 Weight training 3x per week Nerd Fitness academy Gym Level 3 Goal #3 No drivethrough I've gotten into a bad habit of swinging through the drive through and eating junk food at the cafeteria at my work for my meals. Goal #4 Finish Christmas stocking. I have a felt Christmas stocking I have been making for my niece's First Christmas. I REALLY need to get going on that so it's done in time to be up with the rest of the decorations! Here's a picture of my friends and I at the race. I'm the butterfly.
  3. Week 1 My first week didn't go as planned. My wrist has been bothering me for a few weeks. It's off an on painful to move certain ways. This past week I've noticed more constant pain and weakness. I was trying to think what could have caused it and I think I injured it when I ended having to throw myself forward snowboarding President's Day. I remember landing forward and not getting my arm was tucked into my chest as well as I wanted to and having pain in my wrist when I got back up. I think I may have sprained my wrist there and reinjured or worsened the injury this week running errands or something. I bought a wrap today to wear when I am not at work to help support and compress it. This week has been stressful to say the least. My cat ate postage stamps and ended up with a blockage, the was A LOT of vomit. I as able to take him to the vet Thursday, but unfortunately it was a vet I don't like as his vet had the day off. It cost $200 for a misdiagnosis, but at least we could see there wasn't any indication for surgery on the x-ray. His vet was kind enough to call me Friday to discuss what was happening as he had a similar situation in December. He finally started feeling better yesterday. On top of that I had an appointment with an eye specialist that I was referred to for concern of glaucoma from my routine contact lens appointment. I spent an entire day getting various drops in my eyes, getting bright light shined into my eyes so photos could be taken, and getting my eyes touched and prodded. I do not have glaucoma, but my optic nerves are not normal. I had to have additional testing done including ultrasound of my eyes. It could be something as benign as calcium deposits on the nerves that I was born with or something more serious that is causing increased pressure in my brain. The good news I guess is I am not experiencing any of the symptoms that are red flags for tumor, but it doesn't rule it out either. My concern is that this is a change. I've had contacts from 17 years so I've had my eyes checked out pretty much yearly to renew my prescription and this was the first time there was anything concerning. 1) Intermittent fasting 16/8 fast. I completed this 5 days this week. My mom was visiting to take me to my appointments, so I had breakfast food at my place. When I did not have breakfast food available I was able to fast and only was REALLY hungry come lunch once . Oddly enough it was the day I tried drinking green tea instead of just water during my fast. 2) Yoga 3x/ per week Not completed. I'm going to need to find something else to do until my wrist is improved. Maybe walking? Or try couch to 5K? I don't really like to run, but I need to do something. 3) NF bodyweight workout 2x/per week Not done, I think if anything I do lower body and whatever core work I can that won't involve my wrist. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to workout my other arm or wait to do upper body until my wrist is healed so I can work out both extremeties? 4) Headspace 2x per week. Not done. Though I think it might help with stress level.
  4. Ivysley begins her journey toward Glacier This September I am going to be vacationing in Glacier National Park for a week. There will be A LOT of hiking involved. My goal is to lose at least 30 pounds before vacation. Springtime is a messy time in Minnesota, so I will be focusing more on indoor activities. I haven't been working out all winter so will be easing into it. I enjoy yoga, so figured that would be a good respawn point. I'm usually more of an adventurer, however, I thought this challenge reflected the druids characteristics. 1) Intermittent fasting 16/8 fast. Eventually I would like to work up to 24, maybe even an occassional-36 hour fast. I will begin with not eating a morning meal. 2) Yoga 3x/ per week My yoga of choice is DirtyYoga.co It's a straight forward vinyasa style. 3) NF bodyweight workout 2x/per week last summer I won a year's membership to a kick boxing gym. Unfortunately this fall my work got insanely busy and I did not go for two months and was sick most of December. Since then I've been held back in returning. It's an intense workout and I don't feel like I'm anyway prepared to try it. The plan is the workout 2x per week, so I have a chance at making through the warm-up. 4) Headspace 2x per week. I've tried Headspace in the past and found very relaxing and clearing.
  5. Ivysley starts anew Hello all, it's been awhile since I participated in a 4 week challenge, and I realize I'm a week late to the party. I'm usually more of an adventurer (I love travel and hiking), however, my current fitness practice is more aimed toward the Monks (I believe, if I'm incorrect please tell me where I should belong!) A new ilovekickboxing gym opened in the city near me and while there is no sparring it is more than kicking and punching the air. I ended up winning a YEAR membership to it, which is awesome. I've gone 4 times since it opened the middle of July and have so much fun. The instructors are so encouraging. Who knew "nice power!" felt so good to hear! I was going twice per week with plans to increase to three-four times per week then left town for vacation and was sick for a week after returning home (I"m blaming my friends kids) so now I need to get my momentum back from a two week hiatus. The warm up is tough, the orientation class I ended up missing half the class because I had to keep stopping and spent a good portion of the class laying on the bathroom floor (it was coolest there) as I was close to seeing spots. Since then I've learned to pace myself during the warm-up and can make it through class with only short pauses. I end up soaking wet with sweat by the end of class and feel like a total bad@$$. Who knew roundhouse kicks were so much fun? I also need to get my nutrition back on track, I fell back into eating out most of the time. Though before vacation I was starting to make better decisions. My goals this challenge are: 1) Attend ilovekickboxing classes minimum twice per week. 2) No Fast Food (exceptions Subway, The Compadres) 3) Pack breakfast and lunch for work 2 out of 4 days each week 4) Complete baby quilt for nephew. If I complete a minimum of 75% goals I will reward myself with a new pair of boxing gloves. I currently have the free ones that came with the trial membership. I purchased hand wraps after the first class I did that I didn't have to stop to sit down for. If I can remember how to upload photos I'll post tomato face pics to help keep me accountable.
  6. Week 1 I had to climb on top of an even higher rock on Angel's Landing. #1 Workout at least twice per week. Did not get this accomplished, at all. Between cleaning my place for company, winterizing my apartment and getting Halloween things organized. I also think I may switch my plan. I was going to start doing yoga at home once my gym membership expires, but I think I'll have more luck with workouts if I start now. My thoughts also were to use the stairs at work to get some cardio in once the membership expired as I wouldn't have anywhere do go to do cardio. #2 Cook meal twice per week. I made one meal, chicken noodle soup, and it lasted all week (I even had so much left over I gave some to my landlord's family). I am now sick of chicken noodle soup. #3 Eat breakfast at home twice per week when not working early shift. Done #4 Wash face in the morning 4x per week. 3/4. I worked early shift this week making hard to force myself out of bed REALLY difficult. #5 Spend 1 hour x5 per week working on Christmas stocking. I didn't do 1 hours x5, but did do the equivalent of 5 hours, so win ***see edited goals in initial post Angel's Landing, you can kind of see the chain we followed up. I tried copying the instagram link on the photos and only got the link to show, not sure what I'm doing wrong. Photobucket has REALLY gotten frustrating since last time I used it.
  7. HI Teros! I was wondering if I'd run into you!
  8. I haven't even opened the link and the song is stuck in my head! Hello All! The best costume I have ever worn was Velma (from Scooby Doo). My haircut did not turn out the way I had intended so I made the best of it. My glasses were black frame, bought an orange turtle neck from good will, cut a brown pleated skirt to land just right, dyed knee high socks, I even had brown shoes that worked just right. Sadly I had no where to go that Halloween and no pic for myself. I wore it running errands and was stopped by so many giddy people. Second best (I know not a question, but hey I have a pic!) was Hamburgler-ette, equipt with a Happy Meal box as a purse. Oddly enough a local McDonalds caught fire that night, I was at a Halloween Party and have witnesses that can vouch for me! When was the last time you were lost? I'm not entirely sure when the last time I was lost was, but I have gotten lost thanks to road construction on more than one occasion go to visit a friend. He got REALLY good at figuring out where I was based on random things I was listing off that I saw. Once I knew I was on the interstate, but had no idea which direction I was going. He figured out where I was based where I could see a certain building in regards to my car (right driver's window, left rear etc.).
  9. How do you use Instagram to post?
  10. Good Luck! I'd love to hear more about that diet!
  11. Tiggs86 Zion Spark Hello all! It's been a LONG time since I've done a 4 week challenge. I recently came back from a camping trip in Zion, am all full of motivation, and figured I'd try the challenges again. Vacation Stats: Sunday: Angels Landing and Emerald pools- 12.06 miles, 92 floors Monday: Narrows- approximately 15miles, unknown floors* Tuesday: Subway- approximately 12.9 miles, unknown floors* Wednesday: Hidden Canyon, Weeping Rock, Court of the Patriarchs- 7.28 miles, 89 floors Thursday: Canyon Overlook, Paru's Trail- 8.86 miles, 16 floors Friday: Observation Point- 13.42 miles, 184 floors. *Monday and Tuesday based off a friend's watch as there were hikes involving water and my tracker doesn't play well with water. Totals: 69.52miles, minimum of 381 floors up (likely closer to 500). My Goals this challenge: (edited 10/29) #1 Yoga 3x per week Dirty Yoga for beginners (not so much a workout, but tutorial) #2 Stairs 3x per week I work at three different buildings one with 10 floors, one with 7, and one with 22 floors. I don't currently have a specific plan. Go up until I huff and puff then go back down for now, I can comfortably do 3 floors (as in I can catch my breath decently quickly after quickly going up 3 flights of stairs.) #3 Eat supper at home four times per week. Before vacation I fell into a bad habit of eating out ALL the time. #4 Wash face in the morning 4x per week. I've switched up my skin care routine so now I am going to be washing my face twice per day. (Angels on Bare Skin in the AM, Fresh Farmacy in the PM). I've never really washed my face in the morning. #5 Spend 5 hours per week working on Christmas stocking. I realize 4 challenges is recommended but I also need to get my 2nd cousins Christmas stocking done before Thanksgiving and thought this may help. Both images are the view of The Watchman from our campsite. I'm the one on the right.
  12. Week 1 1) Go to gym 3-4 times per week. Done 3x, though I think I may try a rowing machine instead of running right now. The changing seasons is making my knee angry as it is. 2) No fastfood. Done, as far as I can remember anyway. 3) Bring Lunch to work 3 times per week Not done, I'm pretty sure I did twice. Good news! I and a couple of friends are going to be going to Zion National Park early next October!!!! AWWWW! Zion is on my bucket list and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I was reading an article on hiking the Narrows with your gear and at one point it says "or you could just lose the extra weight." Now I realize they were talking about unnecessary items in the backpack, but it still applies to body weight. I have 30-40 pounds that could be lost to aide in hiking all day in the dessert.
  13. Excellent goals and good way to keep on with the habit change!
  14. Tiggs86PreppingforPOW Hello All I have been absent from the challenges for quite some time for personal reasons and am in need of a respawn. I believe my previous challenge I had mentioned preparing for a camping trip to celebrate my 30th Birthday. Well in August I, my sister, and three of our friends went to Northern Minnesota and spent a week camping and hiking. Over 30miles and 1500 stairs in 5 days! Here's a photo album: http://s868.photobucket.com/user/Tiggs86/library/30th trip As the Starks say: . Winter is my favorite time of year because that means snow which means snowboarding! Every year when it starts freezing at night I start dreaming about it I'm snowboarding. I think this has already started this year as a few times I have woken up in an amazing mood with my calves & quads sore. I FINALLY get to teach my best friend's daughter (who I consider my niece) how to snowboard! She had to write an argumentative paper for school last year, decided to use it to compare skiing vs snowboarding from an injury perspective, and convinced her mom to let her learn. She turned 13 in October and I was lucky enough to stumble across a sporting goods store that was going out of business early this year. I got her EVERYTHING. The board, boots, bindings, helmet, googles etc. I don't think I've been hugged that tightly and haven't seen her grin that big in a long time. I want to get prepared so I can keep up with running up the bunny hill while she is learning the basics of snowboarding. The tow rope is my arch nemesis and I would rather run up the hill than use the dang thing. I also want to be able to help lift her back to her feet if needed when she wipes out as well as help with balance as she is learning how to get off the chairlift. My final motivator is if there is a powder day (pow day!) and I am not working I can spend the day in my version of paradise instead of getting tired after a couple of hours and frustrated because I cannot will my legs to keep me upright on my board anymore. I get so mad because I want to do more but cannot physically/safely do so. My long-term goals include 30% Body Fat, able to run 5k, and finish my WOC certification. (I only have the Continence portion left to certify in as I've passed both my Ostomy and Wound exams. I am going to wait until after the holidays to schedule and start studying for it.) Goals for this challenge: 1) Go to gym 3-4 times per week. Alternating NF Academy workouts and couch to 5k. 2) No fastfood. I am addicted to fast food. Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's, Arby's, Dominoes etc. I don't even enjoy the taste! Going cold turkey is the way is going to be hard but I won't be fixated on "when should I go this week?". 3) Bring Lunch to work 3 times per week . I have a bad habit of getting lunch at work and that lunch is not the healthy options plus I ALWAYS seem to get dessert. Life Quest) Track spending using Every Dollar App by adding transactions the same day they happen. I end up not putting the transactions in then have a purse full of receipts that I toss without tracking. I'm trying to get a budget in order so I can figure out how much extra I can put toward debt. LOOT: For every goal I complete each week I get $5 to use for a body treatment, whether it's LUSH product, facial, pedicure, massage etc.
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