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  1. pumpkin protein! I will check that out. sounds SO good!!! yes, i found a friend that does workouts that sound as intense as yours... I am going to work out with her a few times and see how that goes for me. I'll keep your thred around for gym routines when i'm not with her! thanks.
  2. Unrelated to my goals, but something I'm trying to figure out. I am allergic to dairy-- the protein in it. So, no whey or casein. My protein shakes have been experiment and after experiment. I started with Soy Isolate Protein. Tastes pretty horrible, but it was pretty easy to stay lean. I switched to Spirutein, a vegetable based protein that has a much higher carb content, but still some protein. I've tried Goatein (goat whey protein), and that has a flavor that just cannot be enjoyed every day... but makes a good occasional shake. Higher in protein and lower in carbs than the veggie
  3. I was so sore this morning that I thought it best to take a day off. So I went to the gym and bust out an awesome set of squats! I've been feeling weak and three sets at 145 sounded like a terrible idea. I got all three sets and they were heavy as hell (heavier than they should have been, but successful!). I followed it up with three sets of triceps dips (3x8) and pull ups (3x5)-super sets. Not my best numbers, but a good workout. I foam rolled and stretched for about 30 minutes after and I feel fantastic! I'm happy I went to the gym and pushed myself hard.
  4. this is my favorite post-work out meal! So quick, easy, and delicious!!!
  5. My favorite "I'm being really strict" sweet is an old, frozen banana mashed with cocoa powder (for baking). The banana is sweet enough to kill the bitter in the cocoa and it turns out creamy and cold... kind of like ice cream (I haven't had ice cream in over 3 years so I could be remembering wrong...) Sometimes, I add unsweetened coconut flakes or full fat canned coconut milk.
  6. who needs to do more than 50 pushups at a time? well sir, I'd love to do 80 one day!! but is it a need?.... eh... 51 is a necessity I am in the Navy and for the young guys to get max score on their physical fitness test they need to do 87 in 2 min or less! As a female, I only have to do 51 (at my age, I only have to do 46, but I like the young kids' numbers and being able to beet them) Anyways! Way to get your push up goal early. I like your DL ladder... I don't often work on anything endurance, but that looks like a great workout!
  7. That 6.5%, 1/2 mile hill I ran a few weeks back-- I met a friend at the top this morning. We left his car there and I drove to the bottom. We ran the hill twice (thus the extra car... just to same some time). First run, I felt strong and smoked him! He runs a 1.5 in under 9 min, while I'm working to get mine under 12 min! Needless to say, that felt pretty good. Second time up the hill we traded places. He said he was able to find a rhythm, but it kicked my butt! Either way, twice up the hill is better than once and it will get easier. Last monday I get 8 strict pull ups! That was my
  8. My sis just found out she's pregnant! She just got to 2 pull ups and wants to maintain that through her pregnancy. Sweet goal, if I may say. I have been doing research to find out what's best and what's not so great for pregnancy workouts. Fun learning curve!
  9. 8 strict pull ups this morning! holla! (way too much ego for a monday...)
  10. I brought Ender's Game with me this week and just finished it. If you've read it: thoughts?
  11. went to the gym in the afternoon yesterday, used Nia Shanks Beautiful Badass Body Weight workout for ideas. Pull ups - sets of 3 Triceps Dips - sets of 5 Glute Bridges - sets of 10 Single Leg step-up - sets of 5 each leg I picked a variation that I could do 6-10 well, with good form, and then repeated this whole thing 4 times without rest. Then I grabbed an 8 lb ball and did every ab thing I could think of and called it a day. My food has been difficult to track. I am eating at a Chow Hall, so I can't measure anything or get ingredients. I eat chicken breast for lunch and dinner with s
  12. I'm "out of town." New gym; new air; new schedule. Yesterday, I did my DLs. There was no are for it, so I had lift lighter than normal since dropping the weights after a heavy lift was probably unacceptable. It was a weird gym, the free weights were very isolated from the rest of the gym. Other than the locker room, I did not see another girl until I went to the stretching area. Last night I found a steep little hill not far from where I am staying, so I did a few hill sprints this morning at 5am. It was much steeper, but shorter than my other hill. The air here is thick; it's very humid
  13. i did the grossest and probably scariest thing imaginable yesterday! I killed a spider (a big one) with my bare hand.... it was crawling down the face on my car stereo and I was driving 65 mph... i had no choice.... **shiver** GROSS!!!! **gag**
  14. Good call... I have seen people come down too quickly on the negatives and have to start somewhere else. Depending on available equipment, you can do Incline Cable Pullovers or Lat Pullovers to target the Lats specifically. I'm excited to see you post your first pull up by the end of the challenge!!
  15. played volleyball this morning for about an hour! i love that game.
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