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  1. Thanks everyone. I feel much better it was pretty much just a one day thing. Today I did my scheduled workout. Even though I haven't been posting alot I have been doing great.
  2. The past few days I have done good with my goals.My workout today I cut short cause I didn't feel good last night. All I did was sprint a half mile in 2 minutes then I walked a half mile.
  3. After reading this post http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/07/17/a-skinny-guys-guide-to-building-muscle-and-bulking-up/ I decided that for the next two weeks I will stop IF and begin a healthy bulk and then go back to IF after the two weeks to see if I can get closer to 10% bodyfat. Edit: Decided this was a dumb idea. I need to focus on my goals for this challenge and then focus on this next challenge.
  4. I ran a 5k today and finished it in 24 minutes. My daily devotional today was over Colossians 4:2-6. The message was that you should devote time out of your day for prayer. Pray for the opportunity to share the Gospel and pray that you can share it clearly. Be wise in your actions and take every opportunity to she the Gospel.
  5. I want to get around 10% bodyfat. Once I reach that I will try and bulk which is something I have never done before. So I will need to figure out how to do that without putting all the fat I lost right back on. I might have to get the nerd fitness strength guide.
  6. First one is from July 29th, 2013. The second one is from June 3rd, 2013.
  7. Awesome goals! I wanted to be able to do a muscle up last challenge but got injured and I am still recovering. Good luck on your goals. I am really looking forward to seeing you get that muscle up.
  8. I did the tough mudder workout today. I did great by completing it but I did and in some extra rest, it is a really tough workout. I am already a bit sore. My daily devotional today was over Romans 1:16-17. It basically said to not be ashamed of the gospel. And it said righteousness comes from God and those who are righteous will live their life by there faith.
  9. Thanks! I am really enjoying this challenge so far. Thanks. Yea, I know. But a tough mudder is only 10-12 miles while a marathon is 26 miles that is a really long run.
  10. Ran a 5k today. I did it in 33 minutes, so it was pretty slow. My best is 24 minutes. I did my devotional today too. It was over 1 Peter 4:12-19. It basically said that as a christian you will be persecuted and insulted but do not be ashamed but rejoice because those who suffer for Christ are blessed. I did not have any dairy yesterday. And I found a new love in unsweetened almond milk. It is delicious. Today will be my cheat day. I am going to an Italian restaurant and there is bound to be lots of cheese, haha.
  11. I love your goals. Try adding in some inverted bodyweight rows if you can. They really helped me get to my first pull-up quickly.
  12. Thanks! Doing it after my workout is definitely the best time for me because I usually take about 30 minutes to just cool down before I take a shower. And I workout everyday so I am just trying to piggyback my devotional on a habit that I already have.
  13. Thanks! I would love to! The passage was Jesus talking to a group of people. It was a parable basically saying that the gate to heaven was a narrow door and anyone who does not believe in Jesus will not make it into heaven. It was really short and simple.
  14. Today was awesome! I did three rounds of the Advance Bodyweight Workout and then I finished with 8 rounds of jump rope on 45 seconds hard 30 off. Then after my workout I did my daily devotional on Luke 13:22-30. I am now officially not having any dairy to begin to switch to paleo.
  15. I absolutely love almonds! They are my favorite snack. I am always worried about eating to much of them so I measure out about 1 cup of almonds almost every day and eat them. Almond butter is also delicious. Super excited about the first day of the challenge! I'm about to start my workout for today!
  16. Thanks for the advice. I find it very easy for me to under eat now. Which is the opposite problem that I used to have.
  17. I love the theme. The human flag is an awesome goal. You took my desktop background with the guy in the gas mask, haha. I see you are doing pull-ups as part of your workout. How many can you do?
  18. Thanks! I am worried about losing muscle. Since I started Intermittent Fasting last challenge I have been losing at a steady rate but since I started to try and switch to paleo I began to lose weight faster and struggled to eat enough food because broccoli is alot more filling than cookies, haha.
  19. It will be tough. The farthest I have ever ran is a 5k and those kill me cause I am pretty bad at running long distances.
  20. Awesome goals! I would love to be able to do a one-arm handstand.(Like my avatar, haha.) I love your idea for a fitness blog. I've thought about starting one a few times but I never got around to it. But I would definitely follow your blog once you get it started.
  21. Good luck on your goals! Your workout plan looks great!
  22. Good luck on your goals! I am looking forward to see you make it all the way to the end of the challenge.
  23. Not yet. I saw they might be having one really close to me next year so I decided I should start training now.
  24. Good luck with your goals! It looks like you have a great plan. I've always been interested in insanity but I hate working out in front of a TV so I have never done it.
  25. Awesome goals! I love pull-ups! Once you can do one you can start to progress alot faster. I will definitely follow since we are both training for a tough mudder.
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