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  1. Great job this week! Hopefully no one gets sick this week so you can get up early everyday. Everyday you get up early makes it easier for the next day until you reach a point when you feel bad if you sleep in. At least that is what happens to me haha.
  2. My workout today I did HIIT. 8 rounds of 10 sec on 30 sec off. I have been good about keeping up with IF. It is not to difficult. Haven't been able to post in my swimming thread because I have been super busy coaching. We had a meet on Thursday and one yesterday. I am going to get my shoulder checked out by a doctor today since I still can't do any type of pulling with my left arm.
  3. That really stinks. I hope you get over it quickly. I injured my shoulder the day before the challenge started and it completely ruined one of my goals so I changed it. Good luck on your goals!
  4. I have been doing great on my intermittent fasting. Today I practiced doing freestanding handstands and parkour rolls for 30 minutes. I am able to get into a headstand and hold it now pretty easily. I used the first progression in this and picked it up really fast. I did around 20 of those rolls and practiced the second progression a few times.
  5. Keep up the good work! Don't give in to smoking on the way to the station. It will only get easier everyday. You are doing awesome!
  6. Keep up not drinking pop. You are doing great! It may be tough but you lose any cravings for them rather quickly.
  7. My workout today: 3 rounds of: 10 hspu 20 crunches 10 tricep pushups 20 crunches 20 regular pushups 10 bench dips I also practiced the freestanding handstand and parkour rolls. I was able to hold a freestanding headstand for about 10 sec but I was not able to repeat it. I had a few good PK roll but I also had a few bad ones. My problem seems to be the last part of the roll when I mess up because when I mess up I slam my lower back into the ground.
  8. I changed my muscle-ups goal into a freestanding handstand due to a injury to what I think is my rotator cuff that is preventing me from pulling with my left arm.
  9. Thanks for the video Manveru, it is really helping. IF has been working out great for me. I have been drinking a lot more water than I used to because I use it to get rid of any craving that I have when I am fasting.
  10. I agree with Nightrise, try eating fruits instead. Keep up the good work on your other goals. I might be changing my muscle-up goal to something else because I may have hurt my rotator cuff. Can't wait to hear when you get that muscle-up!
  11. Today for my tips I am going to do butterfly. I really want to stress the importance of underwaters for butterfly in a lap pool during a race. Generally immediatley after you push off the wall you are moving the fastest, The goal of underwaters should be to maintain that speed for as long as possible before surfacing. The purpose of doing that is to avoid wearing yourself out quicker by resurfacing to soon and having to do more strokes than you would have had to do. Here is an article with a video demonstrating how to correctly swim butterfly. http://www.enjoy-swimming.com/butterfly-stroke.html And if anyone has any questions about how to do something swimming related please ask and me or someone else and we will try and help you.
  12. Good job on the chinups! Keep trying to eat healthy. Life can get in the way sometimes. And good luck with the wedding, very exciting!
  13. I did HIIT today. I did 8 rounds of 15 sec sprint, 30 sec walk. HIIT is always tough but I feel amazing after I finish. I did not get around to posting on the swimming thread yesterday due to me working all day because we had a swim meet.
  14. Thanks! I would definitely recommend IF. The only problem I have has so far is that it is super easy to under eat.
  15. I'm with you, I cant get any power out of my kick and plus I don't like it because it is a slow stroke in general. Backstroke is the best stroke ever! Haha.
  16. How is your handstand and frog stand coming along this week? Keep up the work on the pushups you will get to 50 straight real quick.
  17. Awesome goals! I am working on learning basic parkour moves too. All I have worked on is rolls and I tried a vault a few times.
  18. Awesome to see you moving forward. Keep it up!
  19. My workout for today: 2 rounds: 15 HSPU 20 squats 15 HSPU 30 crunches 15 HSPU 15 Hyperextensions 20 Bench DIps 20 squats I stopped doing HSPU during the second set of 15 on the second round at 11 reps because I could no longer do good reps. So I finished with 71 HSPU.
  20. Thanks, I have really never had a muscle injury before. I dealt with a strained calf but it only took a week to heal. I have had a 20 hspu x5 workout before. It killed but I felt accomplished. I might go for it this morning to help the push on the mini challenge,
  21. Good luck on your goals! The pull-ups are tough look into trying negatives by standing on a chair and then stepping of and slowly lowering yourself or look into inverted rows. Either of those will really help.
  22. Today I want to focus on backstroke. When you are swimming backstroke you may tend to swerve and keep running into the lane lines on each side. A way to avoid this is to use the ceiling to guide you. If you are unable to guide yourself with a ceiling try to stay close to the lane line on your side of the lane and keep it in your peripheral vision at all times. If you are having trouble with the arm motion in backstroke check out this site. http://www.enjoy-swimming.com/swimming-backstroke.html
  23. Intermittent fasting is starting to become easy. I really have no cravings in the morning and none in the evening before bed. I still can't do any sort of pulling exercise cause of my left shoulder/arm won't allow me to. I am hoping it is better next week so I can start working on muscle-ups. I may try putting an ice pack on my shoulder tonight and see how that works.
  24. My workout for today. 3 rounds: 10 HSPU 20 Crunches 10 Tricep Pushups 10 Left oblique crunches 10 Wide Pushups 10 Right oblique crunches 10 Regular Pushups 10 Hyperextensions 5 Clapping Pushups Weight: 171.2 lbs BF %: 14.7 Going strong on my intermittent fasting.
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