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  1. I did tricep pushups, wide pushups, clapping pushups, and regular pushups. Do they all fall under pushups or do I list them as a separate exercise?
  2. Good job keeping up the calorie counting. Good luck on the rest of your goals.
  3. Awesome! Looks like I will be doing the pushing since I hurt my shoulder on Sunday and can't do pull-ups. So I tried to figure out how this works. We just post what we did on the spreadsheet that you will be posting later right?
  4. Good job today. I could never keep track of my food. I tried a couple times but I just never kept it up after the first day or two.
  5. I ended my eating time by eating a half cup of almonds at 7 pm. I wanted some banana bread and ice cream really bad but I fended off the craving for now by filling up my water bottle and drinking that.
  6. Good luck on your goals. Pull-ups are an amazing exercise. Do you have a plan to get to 15 straight? What kind of running race are you looking into doing?
  7. It was spread out through a three hour football game but I still made me realize how unhealthy it was. I was disgusted with myself.
  8. I love this quote! Good luck on your goals. I can never get myself to ride my bike, but that is because I think it is boring, haha.
  9. I did the my ten minutes of looking up swimming technique. I decided another way I could hold myself accountable for this goal would be to post what I find in a thread and give some of my own advice. Here is the thread I am posting in. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/30948-swimming-technique/
  10. Good luck on your goals. It sounds like you have been through alot and that is an understatement nut you have turned your life around which is awesome! I quit on pop cold turkey a few years ago when I realized I drank seven cans in one sitting while watching a football game. Good luck on your goals. I can't wait to hear how you progress.
  11. So for my six week challenge one of my goals is to become a better swim coach. And to do that i said I would look up articles and videos on technique for at least ten minutes everyday. So I decided I could put some of that information that I find to good use and stockpile it here for easy access for anyone looking to improve their technique. Yesterday I helped someone with freestyle breathing technique which you can find here. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/30594-tips-for-endurance/ Today I am going to focus on freestyle arm movement. Here is a good video explaining some technique. Here is another good video explaining more of the entire movement of the arm. Near the end of the video he mentions the recovery phase where you are bring the arm forward. Notice the shape of the arm, to help practice that form a good drill is the "fingertip drill". The drill is where you skim your fingertips across the top of the water as your arm is moving forward. Here is an article explaining the same arm cycle that the second video explains. http://www.enjoy-swimming.com/freestyle-stroke.html I will try to keep posting everyday for six weeks to hold me accountable for my six week challenge.
  12. Awesome! Just keep working at it. Getting into swimming shape is tough.
  13. Welcome to the Assassins! A good way to start working to a pull-up is do to negatives. I would either use a chair and lower yourself down slowly or just jump up and then lower yourself down slowly.
  14. Congratulations on a successful day. Can't wait to hear about today. Good luck on the crow pose this week.
  15. Thank, it isn't that hard for me to follow because in the evening I am tired so I go to sleep kind of early and in the morning I am working. I did a speed vault. After the fourth one I got over confident and my foot caught so I fell but it was not a bad fall.
  16. Good luck on your goals. The 20 pull-ups over the course of a day sounds like a great goal and a way for you to build up your endurance. You are way ahead of me on the parkour. I am just beginning and I am just trying to learn how to roll and vault over things.
  17. I did my workout for this morning. Just constant movement for 23 minutes. I successfully did a vault over a small guard rail thing that was just out in the open. It was about 4 feet high. I am still following my intermittent fasting schedule and everything is going great. I can break the fast around 11 am. I have lost 3 lbs and .5% of body fat since I started which was four days ago.
  18. Awesome to have you join all of us in the challenge! That seems like a pretty good way to progress with the pull-ups is long as you don't stall cause if you do you should probably move to negatives. Good luck on all your goals. I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.
  19. Yea, I will try working on that today since my arm is a bit sore still.
  20. Hey dad! You can grade yourself by giving yourself an A if you do everything required for your goal then lower your grade for missing things. So for example your goal of running 10 miles every week: 10 miles A+, 9 miles A-, 8 miles B+... and so on. And you can try out this it makes things a little more interesting. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/challenges/real-life-roleplaying-making-your-nf-characte-r13
  21. Today has been a good day for me. I read up on and watched more than ten minutes of freestyle breathing techniques to give advice to someone over in the swimming forum. I broke my fast at 11 am just as I was supposed to and I have not eaten anything since 7 pm. I am already pumped to get moving for my workout tomorrow. I plan on doing legs and practice more parkour.
  22. I have always gotten up early. (4:30 for swim practice yay!) But getting up early is great once you get used to it because you can accomplish so much more. And plus you can see the sunrise. Good luck on you goals!
  23. I am guessing that your problem with your breathing is you are lifting your head straight up out of the water rather than to the side when you are swimming freestyle. The only advice I can give you on that is if you want to breathe on your right side you need to wait till your left arm reaches the surface of the water and then turn your head to the side, then take a quick breathe and put your head back into the water. Also when you are about to breathe exhale your air before you turn your head to the side for a breathe. Another reminder is to keep your strokes long and powerful. I will try and find you some videos showing you breathing technique but all I have is my phone and I am at work right now. Edit: Here is a good video explaining what I mean. Here is an article it explains breathing better than I can. http://www.swimsmooth.com/breathing.html
  24. Good luck on your goals! You should reach the 35 max pushups goal quickly. Looking forward to seeing how you progress.
  25. Great job! My fasting goal is tough for me cause I always like to snack in the evening but so far so good.
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