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  1. Sorry Waldo not a Packer fan, I am a Bengals fan. I just love that quote from Lombardi. Thanks Rooks. I will definitely keep updating this thread. I can't wait for Monday!
  2. Good Luck on the handstands. I have no problem doing handstand push-ups on a wall but I cant do five seconds of a freestanding handstand.
  3. Can't wait to hear how this goes! I love the push-ups goal idea. I may have to do something like that for the next challenge.
  4. This is my first challenge. I recently heard of a guild of assassins located at the top of a mountain close to my village. I want to be able to reach the guild safely I will need to train so that I can climb the mountain without getting injured. I heard that the path to the top is broken by chasms and blocked by large rocks. I know that many people have tried to reach the guild but have never came back alive. I will have to work hard and be dedicated to my goals if I wish to make it to the top of the mountain and join the guild. There will be many climbs up vertical cliff faces and I will need to be able to pull myself over the ledge so I will need to work on my upper body strength. For this I will need to be able to do at least five consecutive muscle-ups. I can't do one yet. I have no problem with pull-ups, my max is 27 I am changing this goal to a freestanding handstand due to an injury to what I believe to be my rotator cuff which is preventing me from doing any type of pulling exercise. My goal will be to be able to do a freestanding handstand for 1 minute by the end of the challenge. (STR-4 STA-1) There are many large chasms I need to jump across and large rocks that I will need to be able to jump over. To prepare for this I will begin to learn basic parkour moves, (rolling and vaulting, etc...) I have never done parkour before but looks very fun. (DEX-3 STA-2) To fit in with the guild I will need to look like an assassin and to accomplish this I will need to eat healthy so I will begin to follow an intermittent fasting regimen (16-8) and eat healthy during eating time and I will wear all black for some of my training sessions. (CON-2) My fourth goal, Become a better swim coach. Watch more swimming videos and get a better grasp of correct technique. To accomplish this I will watch swimming videos and read up on swimming technique for ten minutes everyday even if I already know that technique. I recently got hired as a swim coach for my community rec swim team and I have no coaching experience though I have swam competitively pretty much my entire life. (WIS-3) (Edited to add a storytelling element)
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