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  1. I did join the academy and I do like it. It's nice to have everything arranged. The plethora of videos are awesome too. They're still working on it and arranging things so eventually it will have more ways to keep you accountable, and literally see yourself LevelUp as you reach goals.
  2. Hahaha yeah goofy creatures!! Those are CANDY CORN OREOS. The most ultra ridiculous cookies I've ever seen.
  3. Woooo! Great job on your 5k! That's a great chunk of improvement from the start of the challenge! Sorry to hear about the breakup, sometimes regardless of how good someone may be, they may not be good for you. Good things are coming!
  4. Up early to get to Run class today, made good time! Coach says my form is good, so that's something. Came home and did some yard work quietly. My gf is working night shifts during Halloween Horror Nights so she sleeps til about 2 in the afternoon and it's my job to keep the dogs quiet.. which is harder than it should be. jerks bark at nothing. My meals have been mostly good, lots of veggies in all meals. Last night I broke and had some pizza but it was the only meal I had all day and it was thin crusted garden pizza. So, while it's NOT good, it wasn't the worst thing I could have had either.
  5. Good luck on your run tomorrow! Crush it! Can't wait to hear how you did!
  6. Rolled my ankle at work yesterday, what in the world is the matter with me? It hurt, but I could walk ok. My run class was yesterday but I played it safe and didn't attend, instead did a 2 mile walk last night with my dogs. Then this morning went on another 2 mile walk. Ankle seems to be much better today. Did a body weight workout today. Bought some fresh new seasonings and made up some chicken breasts tonight. Had it with steamed Brussels sprouts and salad. Tasty.
  7. Okay so my computer is broken, been using my phone and just downloaded the tapatalk app so hopefully I can post easier once I figure this thing out. Fingers crossed. I've been doing well! Not eating as clean as i want but still doing well and making good choices each day! I had a "cheat day" on Saturday. Some friends came into town for their honeymoon and we went to Universal studios together. I absolutely wasn't going to pass up a butterbeer and a flaming moe but otherwise didn't do too bad! Lots of water, salad for lunch and walked 8.5 miles. Sunday I had running (after the 8.5 miles I was not looking forward to it) but still busted out my fastest pace yet on my 2 mile trek of 13:32/mi Progress for the win! I also had a friend come over to hang out on Friday and we normally go eat out and eat awful. Instead I invited her over, I cooked some turkey sausage and veggies and had a nice big salad. I also found a climbing center if love to try but you have to bring someone to be your Belayer, and I don't think I have anyone who could. Still going to try. Also, here is a shot of my pantry, so you guys can see what I see every time I go looking for food. The green bean cans are mine.
  8. I really like your spreadsheet layout! I also really enjoy your goals, It's going to be great to see you knock this out of the park!
  9. Thanks robinhoodie! Yeah small talk is going to be a pain. But I think it will make things easier and perhaps make me seem more friendly! I think i sometime come off as standoffish because when someone talks to me i give quick concise answers and then silence. Whoops! I AM friendly! Time to show it!
  10. Terosx- thanks! I am awful with leftovers. In hate them so much. I've gotten sick a few times after eating leftovers, mostly as a kid but once not too long ago, now I get a little pukey every time I'm presented with leftovers. . Certainly makes this more difficult because in would need to cook for every meal. I've made some egg/veggie muffins before but they were tasteless! Do you have any suggestions on seasonings you've tried with your quiches that worked well? But I am going to try to eat leftovers as well as lots of fresh raw veggies.
  11. With my last challenge, I did well with some quests and bad with others. I made lots of excuses. This challenge is all about ' No More Excuses ' One of the biggest things that helped me with my last challenge was keeping a few of them pretty vague. Not locking myself into a specific workout routine, just making sure I did something to raise my heart rate and make me sweat. At this point any workout is a good workout. 1) Activity - Again, I need to get my heart rate up and sweat 5 days a week. Whether I'm running, doing body weight workouts, yoga, dog walks or whatever. I'm looking for activity as well as some progress. Right now I'm doing 14:28/mi average. My BodyWeight Workout, I do totals of: Incline Pushups: 53 BW Squats: 81 Lunges: 32 Inverted Rows: 15 Ave. Plank time : 00:41 I'm looking to make progress in all of these areas. Points available for this challenge: STR +5 STA +5 2) Diet - This is where I really struggled with my last challenge. When a day started falling apart I just ran with it. I was ok in the beginning, but at the end where I should have been eating completely clean, I was the worse, because I took advantage of a slip. This time I am going to commit to eating clean 2 meals a day. I'm going to keep a calendar and mark off each day that I am able to eat completely clean. For every 7 clean days I eat I will give myself a Bonus point! WIS +3 3) Talk to People - I'm a very shy person. If I'm talking about something I'm confident in, like my dogs, or training then I can handle that But anything else I'm awful at. Small talk? No way. I'm awkward. But this is the NO EXCUSES challenge, so I want to talk to more people. Try to do more small talk. Try to get more comfortable. I've read the article here on building small talk and tossing out compliments and I'm going to try this out. CHA +2 As a side quest I want to commit to posting regularly, both here and on my accountabilibuddies (GO #ZAP !) forum. I want to be more involved with everyone! I also want to keep up on the Side Quests. I've often done the workouts but I haven't recorded them. Or missed them because I wasn't following up on the site. I usually only access the site on a regular basis on my cell phone. I'm also really excited about the new women section coming up! Yippee! This goal is all about stepping up and doing what I need to do, rather than taking the easy way out.
  12. So this challenge has ended. I did very well with a few, pretty awful on one. Lets break down how I did. Clean Up! This was making sure I showered/brushed my teeth every day. I did great with this one. It was just making sure I did it. I give myself an A for this portion and will give myself the full Con2 for this! Next up is being Active. I did this goal but with a lot of help. We've had a lot going on, between the litter of surprise puppies and having a change in employees and training 2 new people who quit. So I've been working lots of kennel shifts, which is a lot of scrubbing, walking, squating on top of training. Lots of good stuff! On top of that on days I wasn't working kennels I was doing lots of walking, some body weight work outs and towards the end of this challenge running again. This will carry over to the next challenge as well. Making this portion so vague is what helped me achieve it. I wasn't locked into a particular workout, I was able to freestyle what I wanted/needed to do. Giving myself an A for this one, and full points of STA +4 STR +3 DEX +2 Finally we have the diet. Not as good here. The challenge was to gradually increase my Paleo diet and decrease my crappy processed food diet. I did well for a bit, when it was 1-2 meals are Paleo. But dinner kept killing me. Then when the kennel shifts took off I fell off a bit more, and lunches got bad too. I tried at least to make sure I ate a good amount of veggies every day. I'm not going to give myself Anything for this challenge. I'd give myself a C for this quest, but I don't feel I was consistent enough to award myself points. But diet will remain for the following challenge. As a side quest I wanted to work on my confidence and sell more clients to come in. I actually did do pretty well with that, I made a few sales I was very proud of, and followed up with doing a really good job training the dogs and had happy clients! This next challenge I will be carrying over a few of these quests and hopefully getting better each time! Practice makes perfect!
  13. We have 1 healthy puppy we continue to rotate and nurse. Diet wise I have been doing well with keeping things Paleo for at least 2 meals of the day. I tend to skip breakfast all together most days in favor of sleep. But I don't feel hungry so it doesn't make me eat something awful later on. I have noticed I'm eating waaaay more fruits than veggies which is not so good. I usually have bought the premixed salads from the store (spring mix, 50/50) but the last 2 I bought by the second day there were these slimy leaves and it grosses me out. Makes me think "this is it. Death by salmonella via salad! In general I shy away from fruits or veggies when I'm not sure if they are ripe or rotten. I need to take a class or something. Exercise I've been doing good with again. I didn't fence myself in to what kind of workout in would do, just that I had to do something and sweat. It's been blazing hot so i haven't done much running at all. But I'm doing well with my body weight workout, cleaning up the yard (I live on a hill and our lawn mower has no propulsion this counts), and yoga. I've also signed up for a group that meets to run at 7am and 7 pm twice a week and will practice learning proper form and stuff. Showers have been happening regularly though with as much as I have been sweating indont think this would have needed to be a goal for me to have accomplished! Selling I'm doing well with. One shinning moment when a lady was set she didn't want to bring her dog to us because our kennels weren't cushy enough. I helped her feel at ease and made it her choice and she did sign up. Yeah!
  14. Haha yes, it can be scary but it happens so often it becomes routine! It looks pretty grody. I had to get some antibiotics from the dr today. I had been having really bad headaches and fever so I had to stop in.
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