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  1. SIlas! You're kicking major ass! Keep it up on the bike, the eating, the bearding! HAH! Glad to see you pushing through your challenges. Your donuts are like my caramello bars. All that fucking sugar is disgustingly delicious. FOTB!
  2. So I've been practicing my headstands A LOT ... and I could do it for more than 10 seconds now. Challenge CONQUERED! At week three no less. Didn't go ride yesterday cause my hamstrings hurt so bad. And I didn't shave my legs. I know. Weird excuse. But I don't know anyone in the club and I didn't want to make an awkward impression guys! Yoga and strength training have been awesome. FEELING GOOD.
  3. No worries! I'm not really good at posting on these threads. It's hard for me to keep up with them ... even with updating my own stuff. But good news! I went to yoga yesterday and we were practicing our headstands, shoulder stands, and handstands, and I TOTALLY KILLED IT! I am now able to lift my legs up during headstands and hold it there for 5 seconds! And although my handstands are not a part of this challenge, I totally balanced on my hands for a few seconds too (away from the wall!) Very exciting!
  4. Updated my progress (or lack thereof) in the original post. Week 2 was hard for me. I'm not dwelling on it though. There were some things that happened that were out of my control that posed challenges on my goals. Week 2 is over and now I'm refocusing my energy for week 3. I've already signed up for a bike ride on Thursday with the local biking club, and I signed up for a 44 mile ride on Saturday. What I love about these challenges is how much you're forced to learn about yourself. I've learned that I am highly addicted to sugar. At the bridal shower, I declined all grains and breads, but I did have cheesecake and wine ... and cupcakes ... and other sweets. In realizing that, in order to satisfy my craving for sugars, I bought a bunch of fruits and I've decided to make a fruit juice with some cinnamon as a substitute for sugary sweets or chocolate. It's incredible though, my sugar cravings. I read somewhere that quitting sugar is similar to quitting cocaine. I've never ever done cocaine, but from what I read, it sucks. It's incredible to believe that sugar has such addictive qualities and how negatively it effects our bodies. And you add in the mental barrier and it's an INSANE challenge. End rant. Here's to week 3!
  5. Just caught up reading and I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad day! #hugs I hate when those sneak up unexpectedly. I echo what Katia said. You will rise above and kick some major ass. Week two, baby! So how are you feeling?
  6. This. This this this! How amazing is that? Just reading it, I got teary eyed! I'm so stoked for you. This is exactly what NerdFitness is all about. And it's an honor to be here and witness it. Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. I kinda wrote about the amazing power of this group's motivation influence in my post. As my first challenge on NerdFitness (and first of its kind, ever), I'm blown away at the power of the FotB!
  8. This is the best. idea. ever. I'm totally gonna be a snob about it!!! And then laugh! mauh ah ah ah !
  9. Review of week one: Riding the bike: I wanted to ride my bike at least three days but only made it to two. I don't feel bad though because I did ride my bike on Sunday (the day before the official start of the Challenge) and I went camping/hiking and that took away time from riding (which I would have done if I wasn't in the middle of the woods). Yoga: I was supposed to do yoga at least twice a week. I made it to one class and it made me so sore, I didn't do yoga the rest of the week. As I get stronger, I'll be able to do yoga more frequently without crying like a little girl. Paleo: Definitely went off track this week in terms of eating strict paleo. I've already been on a paleo diet for a few months, but I was adding more and more non paleo items into my diet. Although I would say I'm definitely not as bad, I did slip a few times (PIE!). And of course the wine. I failed in trying to just drink once a week. Sadly, I think I drank wine (at least one glass) every night after Monday night. Damn birthdays, and visitors, and friends, and fun times. I might try to wean myself off the wine drinking in a less drastic way since obviously I can't handle just drinking once a week. Despite all of that, I did lose 1 pound this week. BOOM! Reading: Although I did not technically read 30 minutes EVERY night, I did read enough to get me through half of my book. My goal is to read 2 books by the end of the challenge and at this rate, I'm in good shape. Bonus goals: In addition to my above fitness goals, I did manage to get to the gym once this past week to explore weight lifting. I saw a personal trainer train some girls and after the session was over, I went over and asked her for the proper technique for dead lifts. She was happy to help and even gave an analogy I can relate to (using yoga!) so I started with some simple reps of 10. (I went again today (week 2) and I am very stoked on the progress already). Anti snooze: I think I snoozed once this week. I've been getting up early to ride and go to the gym with a friend, and that really helps not snooze. I really enjoy the mornings and all the working out has tired me out so I fall asleep better. I haven't taken melatonin once this week! It's amazing. In addition, I tried the step master for the first time last week and I enjoyed it so much that I do a 30 minute warm up before I start weight lifting. Who would have thought. Question: Am I supposed to grade myself on a week to week basis, or is the grading just used at the end of the challenge? Extra thoughts: This challenge, in just one week, has opened my eyes to so much. It's incredible to have online support, first of all. Seriously, at first, I thought it was a weird concept: having strangers root for you through forums. I've never been into forum discussions because I feel like people post so much, it's almost impossible to keep up (I still feel that way but I'm trying to keep up). But I was riding my bike yesterday and I got a bit lazy on this one part. I suddenly thought about the Fellowship of the Bat and I kicked my own ass. It was incredibly strange to be motivated like that. I've just never had that as a motivator before. Pretty. Fucking. Awesome. Also, life sure gets in the way and makes accomplishing these goals a DAILY CHALLENGE. Sometimes it's outside circumstances, but most of the time, its yourself ... at least that's the case with me. Just week one was a fantastic way of analyzing me, my way of thinking, my way of doing, my way of eating, etc. What motivates me? What doesn't? Why? Also, I've come to find out that I am insanely addicted to sugar. That will be a goal on the next challenge, but wow. I never EVER realized that sugar can be such an asshole. Anyway, that's long enough. I have some designing to do but I will be stalking the bats later. FotB!
  10. Alright. I'm behind. Quick recap: Hiking trip: Went to a new location I've never been before called Virginia Lakes about an hour north from where I live. Went with a couple and we hiked the summit, which began at 9,790 feet and climbed to 11,000 at Summit Pass (5.5 miles round trip). It was supposed to be a 12 mile trip on a loop, but that required extra planning (two cars ... one at the start, one at the finish) and we all had wine the night before so we decided to make it less complicated. This is where we hiked/camped. The weather was hot and I was afraid of running out of water so I started to suck on snow I picked up from the trail (don't worry, it was clean). I went fishing in Virginia Lake afterward but caught nothing. DAMN! Then it was back to camp for reading, relaxing, and eating. I didn't read the night before (wine) so I made up for reading during the camping trip. Although I didn't bring an axe or sledgehammer, my friend and I found a downed tree and started stomping the dead tree branches off of it in order to built a fire. We got a little scratched and bruised from it, but it's all a part of the experience! Up next: Review of Week One.
  11. I'm going camping today so I won't be around til Sunday. I'll be hiking 12 miles or so. See you manana!
  12. Thanks guys! Quick update: Went on a 14-mile bike ride this morning. Maxed out on my downhill speed at 52 mph! CRAZY! I'm getting more comfortable with going downhill where my hands don't get numb so IT'S VERY EXCITING!
  13. I've betrayed the bats. I ate pie tonight. NOT PALEO. I have the hardest time saying no. Boyfriend's parents were in town. Went to dinner. Ordered spring salad with seared ahi (paleo), drank wine (paleo?) and then had banana pie with the best goddamn crust ever (NOT paleo). And I didn't work out today cause I was sore. Day four: TOTAL EPIC FAIL! Facepalm.
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