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    Ok. Week 1 for a new 6 week course for me. I've been completely ignoring the set 4 week challenges and following my own plan for 2017. At this point, I'm so far off the regular challenge start and end times, it just makes more sense to go back to battle-logging. Here's the plan I've been following for this year: Jan. Feb & March- I'll be focusing on body weight cross training to build up my base line and get competent in movement again. The aim will be 15 mins. (or 12 to 16) in circuits or intervals; combining cardio and resistance. 3x a week. April, May & June- The weather is gorgeous and I can't get enough of the outside. So I'll separate cardio and resistance to grow my endurance. My cardio will change to 15-20 min. of interval cardio, 3x a week, building back into running. My resistance will change to specific set driven workouts of both body weight and weights, 3x a week. (aiming for 15-20 min. long). July, August & September- It's hot and humid here, and I don't really want to be do anything more than hiking outside. So I'll be back in the air-conditioned gym doing 5/3/1 and short tabata cardio. I usually do this only twice a week, but I'm thinking of adding a day to break up deadlifts and RDLs a bit and working towards applying the 5/3/1 approach to build pull ups as the third upper body. Cardio will change to short tabata sets, so i don't overheat by going longer. My endurance runs on the previous cardio days will turn into distance walks/hiking. October, November & December will cool off enough, and by then be habit enough, I can move back to endurance sets for both cardio and resistance.