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  1. (New plan : 4 weeks > Wedler based program > 3x a week > day 1: Bench Press & RDL > day 2: shoulder press & leg press > day 3: accessory lifts. ) Wendler week 1. April 2nd. 10 min. walk Bench press: 3x5 @ 30lbs, 3x5 @ 40 lbs, 3x5 @50 lbs. RDL: 3x5 @ 50lbs, 3x5 @ 60lbs, 3x5 70lbs. 12 supine leg lifts, 10 v-crunches L& R, each Stretching. April 5th. 7 min. elliptical Shoulder press- 3x5 @ 25 lbs, 3x5 @ 35 lbs, 3x5 @ 45 lbs Leg press- 3x5 @ 1
  2. (Trying to re-establish strength baslines) March 3- shoulder press 1x5 @ 10lbs, 2x5 @ 15lbs, 2x5 @ 20 lbs. back extensions 5x5 @ 85 lbs. seated leg press 1x5 @ 70 lbs, 1x5 @ 80lbs, 1x5 @ 90 lbs, 1x5 @ 100lbs, 1x5 @ 110lbs. March 15- 10 min. walk, Incline press 5x5 @ 40lbs abdominal press 5x5 @ 60lbs shoulder press 5x5 @ 20lbs tricep press 5x5 @ 60lbs
  3. Here are my workouts so far this year: Jan. 21- 10 min. walk, & 10 knee pushups. Jan 29- 5x5 knee pushups, 5x5 squats, 5x5 deadlifts with several large books. Jan 30- knee pushups 5x5 Feb. 2 - 5x5 squats, 10 min. walk Feb 14 -5x5 squats, 5x5 incline pushups Feb. 28- 10 min. walk Just trying to build the habit.
  4. Thinking a lot about forming a new battlelog since my workout plan has shifted so drastically......... Decision pending.
  5. Tonight--Auxiliary Day Lat Pulldowns- 5x5 @ 70 lbs Rows- 5x5 @ 55 lbs Back Extension 5x5 @ 100 lbs Leg Curls 5x5 @ 65 lbs Tricep press 5x5 @ 60 lbs hanging knee tucks- 3 ( I technically did more, but my form fell apart after three).
  6. Tonight 7 min. interval cardio on elliptical Shoulder press at: 3x5 @ 25lbs 3x5 @ 35 lbs 3x5 @ 45 lbs Leg press at: 3x5 @ 115 lbs 3x5 @ 125 lbs 3x5 @ 140 lbs 1x5 @ 160 lbs 1x5 @ 175 lbs Long butterflies 3x20 side plank R&L 20 seconds each Stretching. 6 glasses of water.
  7. April 3rd 10 min. on treadmill bench: 3x5 @ 30lbs 3x5 @ 40lbs 3x5 @ 50 lbs RDL: 3x5 @ 50lbs 3x5 @ 60lbs 3x5 @ 70 lbs. supine leg raises--15 side v-crunch R-12 side v-crunch L -12 Stretching
  8. Today Ten minutes on the elliptical. shoulder press 5x5 @ 25lbs chest press 5x5 @ 30lbs lat pull downs 5x5 @ 70 lbs hamstring curls 5x5 65 lbs seated leg press 5x5 @ 115lbs. BW back extensions 15 reps. stretching.
  9. Turns out all of my health problems from last year were due to complications from Covid. I've been a long hauler and it really messed with my overall health. From the beginning of the summer until the end of December, it was just never ending First I had internal bleeding, then shingles, then a period that lasted nearly five months. It took a long time to get better. Here are my workouts so far this year: Jan. 21- 10 min. walk, & 10 knee pushups. Jan 29- 5x5 knee pushups, 5x5 squats, 5x5 deadlifts with several large books.
  10. Sick again for the past couple of weeks. Every time I try to get back in the swing of things, I have some sort of life interruption. Which derails me for a few more weeks. I'm so sick of this.
  11. 16 min. of cardio machines- some weird steppy thing for 10 and a treadmill for 6. Inclined chest press- at 20 lbs for 10, 30 pounds for 8, and 40 lbs for 7. An abdominal trust(?)- I had to push a handle by bending my upper body forward: 30 lbs at 10, 40 lbs, at 10, 50 lbs at 8, and 70 lbs at 6. i'm not trying to go for gains right now, just re-establish my baselines.
  12. I have had a host of health problems during the past few months. None of it life threatening, or even requiring bedrest; but enough to derail my workouts every time I try to start up again. Things are coming back under control finally, (fingers crossed) and I'm thinking heavily about joining a planet fitness around the block from my work. I've always been dismissive about planet fitness, but something's better than nothing. But I can't seem to make myself work out at home, and have to pass the planet fitness to go home, so it's more likely I'll stop in there then go somewhere else.
  13. I have 9 points out of my 60 thus far, mostly due to workouts. I've been an academy member for years but have only started doing the workout plans recently. They've been pretty excellent so far.
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