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  1. Sick again for the past couple of weeks. Every time I try to get back in the swing of things, I have some sort of life interruption. Which derails me for a few more weeks. I'm so sick of this.
  2. 16 min. of cardio machines- some weird steppy thing for 10 and a treadmill for 6. Inclined chest press- at 20 lbs for 10, 30 pounds for 8, and 40 lbs for 7. An abdominal trust(?)- I had to push a handle by bending my upper body forward: 30 lbs at 10, 40 lbs, at 10, 50 lbs at 8, and 70 lbs at 6. i'm not trying to go for gains right now, just re-establish my baselines.
  3. I have had a host of health problems during the past few months. None of it life threatening, or even requiring bedrest; but enough to derail my workouts every time I try to start up again. Things are coming back under control finally, (fingers crossed) and I'm thinking heavily about joining a planet fitness around the block from my work. I've always been dismissive about planet fitness, but something's better than nothing. But I can't seem to make myself work out at home, and have to pass the planet fitness to go home, so it's more likely I'll stop in there then go somewhere else.
  4. I have 9 points out of my 60 thus far, mostly due to workouts. I've been an academy member for years but have only started doing the workout plans recently. They've been pretty excellent so far.
  5. At the beginning of March, Covid started shutting everything down, and I did nothing for about two months. I was actually sick for about three weeks in March, I never got officially tested for Covid, but whatever I had felt like walking pneumonia with a low grade, intermittent, fever. Early on, I transitioned to working at home, and I still feel like I'm trying to catch up from that decision. The courts essentially closed during those two months, so my cases didn't move very much and I basically sat a home in a introverted wonderland of Netflix and gardening. My meal prepping di
  6. Yay! I found my Battlelog. I had to do some looking for this thing.
  7. I've struggled with it quite a bit. I have a long history with eating disorders (both bulimia and binge eating) and tend to ignore my body's signals (both to start or stop eating). The only thing I've really figured out with intuitive eating is know what nutrients my body craves and how to provide the right macros when I am hungry.
  8. So glad this thread is here. I have a history with bulimia (8-9 years, i guess) which has really gotten in the way of my fitness the past. And is currently a problem because I'm afraid of relapsing.
  9. Squat's this week: 80. (10,000 9, 650) Push ups: 0.....I should probably attend to this. (10,000 9,985) Forms none this week.
  10. squats this week: 70, Pushups: 15 incline. Forms : nothing new. Also started tracking/counting portions and macros. (NOT CALORIES,) I haven't tracked my food without tracking calories in about ten years, so we'll see how this goes.
  11. Recap from last week.. 200 squats. (10,000 9,800), no pushups, (10,000).
  12. TKD TSD KJ 1.Courtesy- 1.Il Bu- 1. Sanchen- 2. Integrity- 2. E Bu- 2. Pyang Ohn Shodan?- 3.Perseverance- 3. Sam Bu- 3. 12 Iron Elbows- 4. Self-Control- 4. Il Dan?-
  13. Hoorary!!!! After much yoga and ice my leg finally feels better. I have lightly started to work out again; which is such a relief as I am so out of shape right now. I am coming up on my 32nd birthday, and I was 22 when I first started really paying attention to my health; so after a decade, in many ways I feel as though I am back to where I started. In many ways I am light-years ahead where I started because I know so much more about how my body and temperament respond to things. Sometimes it's about the journey, sometimes it's about the destination, but either way it's a lot easier if y
  14. You know, i honestly thought when i found out about my IT band issues that i could have it all fixed in a week or two. But it looks like this is going to take some real work to improve and I'm having a hard time reigning in my expectations. Had jujitsu this evening and just barely got through my stances because my legs were so tight. This will be a work in progress i guess.
  15. Being able to actually and properly treat my IT band has vastly improved my leg issues. So much that I was able to workout again today, at least a little. 2 min warm up. 12 min. time challenge: 3 rounds 15 sliding side lunges- R 15 sliding side lunges- L 10 knee pushups 15 Russian twists 2 min. stretches. For the past month I've been seriously tracking my food again: water consumption, calories, portion size and macros. I haven't restricted myself just tracking . Yesterday I took a red pen to everything I could
  16. I have an IT band injury!!!! I finally have a explanation for why my right leg is so sore and messed up. Now that I know what it is, I can finally treat it, and maybe get past this near constant knee and thigh pain I've been dealing with for the past year!!!!
  17. I've started this thing with my mom, where I text her every night after a workout to let her know I've finished a workout. If she doesn't get a text by a certain time she calls or texts me to give me a reminder to do it. It's been a good source of accountability. I've decided yesterday to ditch a set number of reps, and instead I'm going for a set time. 1 min each of: running in place, squats, knee push ups, and crunches; with 20 sec. of rest in between each set. I didn't keep track yesterday, but I'm going to start tonight. Over the next few weeks I'll work on form and slowly
  18. The multiple language learning has actually been really helpful in wrapping my head around safe and steady training. As I mentioned before I'm teaching myself three languages right now: Spanish, German and Korean. I'm using Duolingo for all three. With Spanish (which I first learned in high school but have since gotten out of practice) I'm also reading Harry Potter in Spanish (I've gotten through two pages in a month), with German and Korean I'm watching t.v. shows in those languages; and with Korean I'm also taking a workbook course, since it's the one I am least familiar with.
  19. Ok, part II I couldn't remember doing anything productive health-wise this past year, and read through my older threads to see what I was up to this past year. I was doing well with steady progressions on fitness and proper dieting until May when I started having injuries and my mom went to the hospital. Then I just sort of fizzled out due to depression and burnout. I wasn't really sure what I want anymore. A couple months ago, someone on the NF Women's FB page said something about not knowing her "big why" anymore. Even though I was struggling with that myself, I
  20. Also, life update: I'm currently learning Spanish, German, and Korean;. Business is going fairly well; largely unimpressive, but steady. Not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I got my second degree black belt in Aiki jujitsu at some point this past summer. And I've started taking turmeric/ginger supplements that have done wonders for my stiff joints.
  21. Sheesh, I couldn't even find my own page at first, it had been so long since I've been here. Recap time- as promised, but will be written in sections due to available time: So after completely failing a couple challenges, a couple months back. I took time off everything to really analyze my current needs, desires, ability levels and resources. Desired: I want to lose the hundred pounds I put back on after graduating law school. I also want to at least recover, if not increase the strength, speed, flexibility and endurance I had at my best levels of
  22. Been away for a while, figured some stuff out and will post soon.
  23. So, I completely forgot about this challenge after awhile, and I think I missed the last one too. I've got back to battle logs, will do a massive recap there.
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