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  1. Holy cow. Praying for you, my man.
  2. I noticed after a few cold showers that I prefer room temp ones!! Anything warmer and I get too hot!!
  3. I second that!! I was on bp medication for almost a year.
  4. How bout 4000?? My water bottle holds 1000 and my goal is to drink 4 of them!! Thanks for the catch! "My goal is to drink one swig of water a day"
  5. This week's is a fun mini-quest! It has been cool to drop in on different people's posts.
  6. One of my problems has always been how I respond AFTER the emotional eating. I usually give up for a whole thinking I blew it. The good news is that we can bounce back from a lousy night and start afresh the next day!
  7. Not too much at all! It sounds great!!
  8. I updated #3 and turned it into a water consumption quest. I haven't been drinking enough for the last few weeks! The first few days of this challenge have been solid. We started things off with a bodyweight workout Monday morning and a hike through one of the paths in a local State Park with friends in the evening! I did forget to measure, so that'll be up this evening, hopefully!
  9. I long for the day when we stop using our phones as phones! Fun life quests!
  10. Is four generations the end goal or will you be going farther back once you get the hang of it? Sounds cool!
  11. Going for a Meta goal! Stick with the Challenge to succeed at the challenge as a goal in the challenge! NICE
  12. We're getting the band back together!
  13. In a British accent!! Thanks, my man!!
  14. I was just denied life insurance "Due to client's build." That's definitely not something I wanted to read today. But, I've decide to hang it up on my fridge as inspiration. Talk to me in six weeks, insurance denier!
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