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  1. JessFit

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    Yesterday I hung out with a parrot, got my hair colored, and benched 100lbs for sets! I'm SO EXCITED! I've not benched this much in 2.5 years, and I've never benched this much at this low of a body weight. My best ever bench was 120 for a single, and I'm desperate to overtake that number. I'm so exhausted and I have so much to do that meal prep has fallen to the side. I'm too stressed to sleep well, and too tired to function well. I'm thankful that my lifts are going as well as they are considering I'm fried. Goal 1: 83.67%/80% compliant. Goal 2: Chin-up and pull-up work 4x a week: 7/20 Goal 3: Lift 2X week. 9/10 Goal 4: Cardio 1x/week: 7/5
  2. JessFit

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can I ask what city you're in that you're seeing Hamilton? My brother used to be assistant company manager for Hamilton on Broadway, it is a great show and the songs are so catchy. Yay for being chatted to by cute young guys, that has to be an ego boost.
  3. JessFit

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Harry Potter themed brunch? WHAT!?
  4. JessFit

    Blocky is Knee Deep in the Dead

    Your lifts seem to be going really well, YAY!
  5. JessFit

    RedStone Holds the Door

    Hugs, feel better!
  6. JessFit

    CM basks in the midnight sun

    sometimes you need the sleep more than you need the exercise. Balance is important.
  7. JessFit

    Assault on 99 Part 3: Back in the Game

    Great job, seems like you're in a solid place.
  8. JessFit

    Adam sneaks into the Warriors quietly.....

    Sensible? What is sensible? Joking, you're going the right route here and it is great that you realize this. Ask yourself what your macros are and if you're eating properly/healthy most of the time. It occasionally helps to get someone who knows to calculate your ideal macros for you. I've done paleo and I have seen people drop weight on Keto, but those are predominately too low carb for maximal lifts. Carbs are necessary for building muscle and what you eat as carbs are important. Fluff carbs aren't going to serve you as well as sweet potatoes, rice, and whole wheat pasta. When I first started lifting I hit a bit of a plateau, backed off, worked back up, and blew through my plateau. My nutrition was decent and I was able to keep going with novice gains. When this didn't work and I couldn't keep pushing the novice gains, deloads weren't getting the job done, and I was plateaued really hard, I had to switch the programming up. When deloads stop working and/or your nutrition is on point and you're still hitting plateaus regularly, it is a good indicator that it is time to move on to intermediate programming. Each person is different so you've got to listen to your body.
  9. JessFit

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    I am scheduled to be a home owner by the end of this challenge! Holy WOW! I still have a hard time believing this is happening. I'm focusing on growing in to a stronger person, a more consistent person, I more understanding person. Home owning is a huge deal for me because my life has not been entirely stable as an adult, so achieving this stability is a huge reflection of the work I've done and the growing I've managed. I'm still not done though. This challenge is going to be a little bit odd, I want to focus on getting as strong as possible, I need to focus on the correct steps for moving forward in my life, so I'm only setting 4 goals, and they're going to be fairly simple. Goal 1: Stay 80% compliant with my meal plan. I've got to buy a house, I don't have monies for snacks and eating out. That being said, this challenge is gonna have "I'm a new homeowner" pizza and champagne while I sit on the floor of my brand new empty condo after signing the papers. There is also Pride and friends visiting from out of town, so that will be a bit of a struggle. Currently 86.67% compliant. Goal 2: Chin-up and pull-up work 4x a week: 0/20 Goal 3: Lift 2X week. I'd prefer this to be higher, but I'll be content if I can get 2x in. 0/10 Goal 4: Cardio 1x/week: 0/5