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  1. Hi all! Touching base, the move went ok, most of the boxes are unpacked. Things are still a mess but that's getting better. I was in NJ for work, then got to visit my brother in NYC and enjoy part of World Pride Week and visit Stonewall on the 50th anniversary. I'm about to head out of town again this weekend, Chicago for the weekend, NYC Monday night, and then road tripping back from NYC to Chicago during the week. It should be an adventure. I did lift while in NJ but I haven't since the beginning of July, there is far too much to do. I desperately miss the gym. Today I'll finish cleaning the
  2. Yesterday I hung out with a parrot, got my hair colored, and benched 100lbs for sets! I'm SO EXCITED! I've not benched this much in 2.5 years, and I've never benched this much at this low of a body weight. My best ever bench was 120 for a single, and I'm desperate to overtake that number. I'm so exhausted and I have so much to do that meal prep has fallen to the side. I'm too stressed to sleep well, and too tired to function well. I'm thankful that my lifts are going as well as they are considering I'm fried. Goal 1: 83.67%/80% compliant. Goal 2: Chin-up and pull-up wo
  3. JessFit

    Rookie Takes Aim

    Harry Potter themed brunch? WHAT!?
  4. Your lifts seem to be going really well, YAY!
  5. sometimes you need the sleep more than you need the exercise. Balance is important.
  6. Great job, seems like you're in a solid place.
  7. Sensible? What is sensible? Joking, you're going the right route here and it is great that you realize this. Ask yourself what your macros are and if you're eating properly/healthy most of the time. It occasionally helps to get someone who knows to calculate your ideal macros for you. I've done paleo and I have seen people drop weight on Keto, but those are predominately too low carb for maximal lifts. Carbs are necessary for building muscle and what you eat as carbs are important. Fluff carbs aren't going to serve you as well as sweet potatoes, rice, and whole wheat pasta.
  8. Funny story, my mother (aka my favorite travel buddy) cannot pass a tower without wanting to climb it... it is physically impossible for her to not stop and inquire. We've climbed towers and belfries in multiple states and countries. In November in San Diego we did 50 floors one day, in September the Cologne Cathedral got us to 67 floors in about 30 minutes. I fully have to train at the gym to keep up with my 57 year old mother when we do things! (Side note: she lives in Arizona and volunteers at multiple state parks and hikes about 3 days a week year round. Last week she just hiked the Grand
  9. WIZARD PLATES! WOOO WOO! I will get to 135, some day, for at least one! I WILL! So, I'm a home owner now... yikes. Dad came to visit this weekend and he works nights so I ended up awake from 3am Saturday morning to 1am Sunday. He slept a chunk of hours mid day. I got far too few hours of sleep this weekend, but whatever. I'm dropping the ball on everything. No meal prep, haven't eaten an on-plan meal in 4 days, etc. That being said, thanks to stress, I've actually lost 1.5lbs. Squatted on Thursday, 170x5x3. I wasn't feeling it, so after the second set I wr
  10. Baby steps are still steps! Good for you for the progress you're making.
  11. JessFit

    Rookie Takes Aim

    I feel you on enjoying social time but just needing to be alone. Whew it sounds like a busy weekend for you!
  12. Depression is crap and I'm sorry. A lot of times it throws a tantrum and I miss the gym too. That is ok, it is ok to identify the cause and let it happen. You got back at it this weekend. Hugs
  13. I am also a weirdo powerlifter coming from a dance background, and after 25 years of dance classes, I'm told that my hip are too flexible to properly sumo. I tend to get stuck in the hole in sumo. I actually practically cut back on mobility work, yoga, and dance before a big meet because it is super common for my hips to refuse to work properly and then I get stuck in the hole on squats and deads. I do pull and squat with a 45 degree angle turn out with conventional lifts.
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