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  1. I'm really glad to see that you're doing so well with this! It seems like you've achieved so much in the last two weeks and you're so excited for the next 4 and I love that so much!
  2. Now struggling because I want grilled cheese... I'm such a sucker for comofrt food once it gets cold out
  3. Please do! Just correct the spelling mistakes. I type so fast on here and there isn't spell check to I make an embarissing number of those. Take some down time to celebrate your achievement and take care of yourself. Sick is never good
  4. Let me know how you like Zombies, run! I was looking at it. I'm doing C25K now.
  5. Yes, yes you do! I'm glad you got a new PR on the 5k and had fun at faire this weekend! Donn't stress over the weight. It could be muscle, it could be awsome. Both of those weight a lot.
  6. I'm pretty sure that is swimming with a whale shark and totally financially not happening for a couple years. But it will! Atlanta here I come! I'm just living vicariously through reading about your exciting adventures for the time being, thanks for letting me do that
  7. Ermahgerd so exciting! I went to college in PA and riding a motorcycle through the mountains in autumn is by far the best. You got it at a great time.
  8. It looks like you had a pretty good week two, and I read this topic and I always get jealous because you have such cool and creative goals. Every single time I pop in here I get jealous but I love to read about you working toward them
  9. I'm so sorry, that is a crazy bunch of things to have to process all of the sudden. *hugs* but the finished pieces look amazing! You're a great sister and I'm sure she appreciates how supportive you're being.
  10. Does your brother normally lift? I love the sore feeling, and it doesn't happen often enough anymore :-( But a bubble bath and hot tea and bed early when you're sore is just about a perfect night! Have a great workout today!
  11. Don't worry about it if they aren't. Don't give them the power to intimidate you! Because there will always be at least that one guy who will make stupid comments or think you don't belong there or think you don't know what you're doing because you're female or you just want to be hit on because you're female in the weights section. Just ignore them. You'll find nice people there I'm sure, but make sure the random icky guy doesn't make it less than fun for you. Thanks, I know, I feel like everyone I follow is into different things as far as workouts and goals but I think it makes me want to learn or try new things. Question all: Has anyone tried C25K? I have the IPhone 4S (haven't updated to IOS7 yet becuase I haven't actually been home long enough to since the update came out) but I updated my app last week and ever since when I use it the app seems to lose track of where I am and move backwards. Saturday I started running and at it somehow moved backwards to the 5 minute walking warmup. I kept pushing myself because I thought I was being a pansey and couls'nt even run 3 minutes but it ended up being far more than 3 minutes. My phone is locked and in my jacket pocket and I don't touch the little button on the earbuds so I don't think it is me. Any ideas or has anyone else had that problem? Today should be a run and cooking dinner for myself. YAY!
  12. Wow, that is an impressive week. You totally deserve a rest day!
  13. Have kept you in mind and have been trying to make you all proud! I don't love it but I think there are benefits. It's good for endurance even if it's tough on the knees, thanks though! Thanks so so much! You guys are awesome
  14. Great writing prompt and workout! Love it
  15. You Rock and deserve bacon! That's a kick ass workout
  16. You Rock and deserve bacon! That's a kick ass workout
  17. Keep your chin up, you are doing fine and can rock it this week
  18. A. I agree with mad hatter about food B. that food looks amazing C. Rock those push-ups!
  19. Squats with a bar is totally doable for you, just be careful of form. I know you can do it!
  20. Eating half way decent this weekend despite that I'm away. Plus Applebee's has bacon vinaigrette for salads! Aghhhhhhh yes! Why did I not think about this before? I'll have to look up a recipe. Haven't gotten a solid nights sleep in a while but having a great time seeing my baby brother. Plus I got up early (5am) both mornings because I'm so used to being up early for lunch. Yesterday morning I hit my second run of the week because I was up so early, found an adorable little pond with duckies, yay! I took a picture, I'll share once I'm on a real computer. So that means my scores for the week: Running: 2/2 Lifting: 2/2 Cooking: 2/2 Extra: Zumba .5 Total 6.5/6! Last weeks score was 4.5/6 so my total thus far is 11/12, woohoo! I was going to run at 5am this morning but it was raining so I accepted today as a rest day and am looking forward to another week of challenge, 1/3 done y'all (since I'm in the south today) so good luck on it
  21. That broccoli does sound amazing! And target usually has cute rain boots online but then target usually has cute everything
  22. Finally catching up with some people's threads and I think you're doing fantastic! Espeically with the Whole30 thing, I know how tricky that is.
  23. Love tha attitude, "Gotta power forward" good for you! The stretching is like anything else, harder at first and it keeps getting easier. Good luck!
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