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  1. Don't stress the measurements right away. Are workouts getting easier? Are you progressing with those? Focus on that for now and the rest will follow! And YES! I have a crockpot recipe and I love it. Apples OMNOMNOMNOM! I also love making apple chips this time of year. Pumpkin is great and all, but I will apple the heck out of everything if I can
  2. You're doing great, and you make me want to switch from C25K to Zombies! I also love to bake, so I just take it to work and feed my coworkers. I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of being their enabler but they're making the choice to eat it, plus then I get to enjoy the relaxing baking that I enjoy so much. If you're into greek yogurt then I suggest plain yogurt, jam (I love apple butter but you can mix it up!) I also like to add nuts and honey to this. It has become breakfast and desert in my world.
  3. I bought my Dad a beer making kit and IPA ingreedients for Christmas. He gets into beer too, so now he can putz around to make his own. Knowing my dad this will get very creative.
  4. Really, don't stress over it, sick happens, and it isn't fun, but you've got to take care of you. That's really what these challenges are all about!
  5. I love this, I hope that you're still enjoying it and it is still easy sauce. And, like every other female who has posted here, I have to say, OMG WOLVES <3! I spent a day a couple weekends ago playing with a 4 month old wolf pup and he was just the sweetest thing. There's a ranch around here that does rescues. Now I want one of my own but I'm thinking urban life and wolf would be a bad mix.
  6. Ok, could someone please explain to me how we're almost done with week 2 of the challenge already? Got in a run last night! Woohoo! I started week 3 of C25K which involved 90 seconds of running, 2 minutes of wakling, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking, 90 seconds of running, and 2 minutes of walking, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking. And of course 5 minute warm up and cool down. And yes, I am that person who cannot even run for 3 straight minutes. Anyway this was for sure easier than I had feared. I didn't get the full 3 minutes in either time but I was very close. Since I don't really like running I end up having a harder time with mind over matter mid-run and I think I give in more easily. However I really did push for the first 3 minute block yesterday and was very close to making it. I have 2 more runs with these intervals before it gets stepped up and I'm kind of excited because I actually think that I can do this! I made mini-pizzas for mom and I last night. This is great because then I can put all sorts of veggies and/or meat on mine and she can just put cheese wiz (no joke people) on hers and we can have dinner "together" but I don't have to choke down something that is so unhealthy I don't even want to look at it. SECOND AT HOME DINNER DOWN! Tonight is Zumba with gram and this sweet older lawyer that I work for. I'm so excited I've got them going, they both need to get out and be less sedentary so I'm ok that I'm missing a lift for this. Plus my gram is just so cute in her little spandex shorts shaking her bum to zumba routines. And *keeping fingers crossed* I can get into work a little late tomorrow which should mean time for a lift in the morning! Which was unexpected but I'm so excited. If I can get up early and go for a run near the hotel on Saturday then I will actually hit all my goals in what seemed to be an overwhelming and impossible week. I hope everyone elses week is looking to end on a similar high note. Thanks for all the support you guys threw out there when I was looking at getting in fewer than half my goals this week. You all rock!
  7. Good for you, that is what the challenge is all about! If it were easy then we wouldn't all be here encouraging each other to hit these goals. Not sure how old she is but I used to teach dance and tumbling ages 1 and up (well, my oldest dance student was 83 but I don't think he's a relevant example) and the kids LOVED to stretch. Maybe start teaching your little one some stretches and you can have bonding time and create good habits early. I'm sure youtube has some videos with appropriate stretches, but a lot of them that I did were just normal stretches. Kids love cat/cow, sleeping child, and cobra only I called cat/cow the "dog" and they barked, referred to sleeping child as "cat" and they got to stratch at the carpet like cats, and called cobra "seal" and they could decide what color imaginary ball a seal would balance on their nose. They're also good with toe touches and butterfly and most of the basic stretches. Kids are super flexible at a young age and if they use it early then they will retain more of it. Not sure how old your little one is or if this is even possible, but it is an idea that might get you an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning.
  8. Best heist ever! I will totally help with this, mwahahahaha
  9. My mom lives in Casa de Hamburger Helper. It's a constant battle in my house... Seriously guys, thanks to you all I'm sitting at work planning dinner... I am sticking some sort of chicken in the crock pot while I run errands and actually run. Maybe honey dijon chicken? I love all the paleo crock pot recipes out there
  10. Haha that is good motivation! You should check out some of the other fist time challenge threads to see how everyone else is doing and what their goals are. I think it will help you and maybe help motivate you. Plus you will discover some pretty awsome people. Also make sure to stick your challenge thread in your signature and expore the boards a bit. It is so great to have you here!
  11. Good for you to start whenever! dropping 50 pounds in 5 weeks might be a little much, so don't get discouraged if you dont hit that, make the 50 pounds the long term goal. Also check out the rules page for challenges and make sure to post updates here. Good luck!
  12. Love love love! I'm not a member or anything but I really enjoy attending things like this and do a fair bit of sewing so I have quite a bit of garb. I really should look into the local chapter now that I've moved.
  13. I probably do steak once a week, just steak, sometimes with veggies or something, but nothing fancy.
  14. I agree with Bekah, and I love how positive and encouraging she is!
  15. Good for you for sticking to it even though you don't love the bodyweight routine. I hope that you find something you like because enjoying the workout makes it that much better
  16. It looks like you're doing great! I think you've got wonderful goals! I'm glad to see that you stuck to it even with the traveling. Have a great trip!
  17. This looks great, although I admit to worrying about the 16% body fat goal. Please stay healthy! As someone who was under 16% body fat for long periods of her life I can tell you that it can come back to bite you. Also, I was Sadako in a high school play and folded cranes forever and ever and ever. I love the symbolism and stroy behind the cranes and all that it means. I folded hundreds in the month before the play to get into character and have been folding for the last 10 years, ever since. Your cranes look great, good luck!
  18. This sounds great! Keep us posted on how it is going and good luck, especially with the getting out of bed early
  19. Finally catching up on this, read through the whole thing and you're doing so great! And the bra is sexy as hell!
  20. Sounds amazing! But then I'm always hungry anyway, especially the day after a lift.
  21. Thanks, big family means that I have to start shopping early. And yeah, it is nice to be back to bodyweight. I feel like when I'm lifting below that I'm not seriously lifting, but over that and it really is a workout lol.
  22. Sounds great! Good for you with the workout and the fantastic sounding lunch
  23. That sounds like such fun, but such hard work. The best part has got to be knowing that it really is "your" home in the sense that your two hands turned it into "home" shape. Congrats
  24. I had never heard this about salt either, I love that paleo gives us reasons to eat as much as we want, we don't worry about cholesterol, and salt is a good thing! Paleo makes me happy
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