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  1. Scarily true! And makes me think of the quote from A League of Their Own <3 Hard is what makes it great!
  2. OMG you just made my day! HP FTW <3 Deadlifts aren't bad, actually, and it's surprising how fast you can progress on them. They're simpler than people think they are, so yeah, learn them! They're one of my favorite lifts. And yeah, people keep telling me that a deadlift should be a higher number than a squat but for now I'm pretty even, I grew up training to be a dancer and debated going pro and so I've got a very disproportionate amount of lower vs upper body muscle. You can get to deadlifting body weight, I'm sure you can! When I starting lifting my body weight was 20 pounds lower than it is now, so all the sudden that goal became harder to attain. For people working out to lose weight the goal gets easier as you go because as the weights on the bar go up the weight on the scale comes down. Previously my best squat number was 145 (I've only really been lifting since April and I took most of August off) so that's my next squat mini-goal and then, to infinity and beyond!
  3. You're doing great with your workout and the journaling prompts sound smart and fun! And no worries about eh perfectionsim, I'm there too sometimes. Good luck with the workout tonight!
  4. Good morning NF world! It's a great day to be a nerd! (Ok, that was a little bit Mr. Rogers and a little bit me hehe) Zumba got moved to Thursday and so I got to lift yesterday, yay! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that somehow I can fit in a lift Thursday or Friday. I might not be going to the social that is planned for tonight because it is an hour away and I don't know if I can make the wake then. If I don't go to the social I should have time for one run and to make dinner. And I'm super sore from yesterday's lift because I owned it so there will be lots of pre and post run stretching. Anyway, yesterday's workout: Squat: 2x5x45 1x5x75 1x5x105 3x5x135 <- which was bodyweight! Glad I'm back up to bodyweight again Bench: 2x5x45 1x5x55 3x5x65 Deadlift: 2x5x75 1x5x115 1x5x135 <- which was bodyweight! Glad I'm back up to bodyweight again PLUS, I got the first batch of Christmas gifts in yesterday! Woohoo! I start ordering the next batch next week. Each paycheck I've got to chip away at the list so come December I won't be searching for pennies in the couch and under the car seats and I'm doing really well so far.
  5. :-( I will be out of town visiting family but I hope that we can do something else again soon!
  6. I love the progress and self control that you're making, and yes, anything can be put on a wrap. My current fave are whole wheat wraps with peanut butter and sliced apples. Wraps are genius
  7. Having never been in this position I don't know how you would store it before it went bad, but I know a few guys who would probably buy it... just saying if ever you try to make bank on this
  8. That is great! As someone who hates mornings but has to get up early I can honestly say that it is impressive for anyone who isn't a morning person. Good for you!
  9. Lifted yesterday, hoping to get a run in tonight if I don't get home too late. Rock that bodyweight workout!
  10. Ok this is beyond amazing sounding! Ugh I wish I had time to grocery shop today, thanks so much for sharing!
  11. Is honey paleo? If ever you get a sweet craving put a few pieces of bacon on an aluminum foil covered baking sheet and bake for ten minutes, take out and coat with honey and sprinkle on some cinnamon, bake until done. Ta-da candied bacon!
  12. I'm sitting at my desk wishing I had your omlet... just saying PS. Great job with them gains!
  13. If we were prefect we wouldn't be working so hard to hit goals. I think you did great! You did something for each of your goals and you didn't fall too short. Good luck with the studying and midterms.
  14. I know that you both are right! I'm working on rearranging my schedule a bit to try to fit in some of the things I would otherwise be missing. This is exactly why I made the number of runs/gym visits my goals instead of run time or weights or something. LIFE IS CRAZY! The up-side, had a steak again last night, so I got one cooked dinner off of my goals list. Steak happens to be one of the only "healthy" things that can be made for my mom as well as me. But heaven forbid I suggest she have a sweet potato instead of a white one... We're Irish like that. Anyway 1/6 of my goals down for the week and I'm doing good on the budget for this paycheck. I've still got extra in the budget so I am looking good on my life goal for the first 1/3 of the challenge.
  15. I agree with this, and I apologize, I think my previous comment was as much to myself as you. Liquid calories in the form of pop are my nemisis, and I drank way more pop last week than you did alcohol! Plus I'm super impressed with your run. I'm working on running too, and I'm way slower than you are! Impressive and congrats
  16. I have a really REALLY big family. If I don't buy a few gifts each paycheck starting in August then I have zero dinero in december and everyone gets crapppier gifts because I had to go cheaper. Plus I make a lot of the gifts so I need to start early so I end spend months knitting, candle making, ect. I LOVE Halloween way more though, so yeah, I don't skimp there, don't worry
  17. Awwww babies are so cute, and so are pregnant women! And yeah, I'm plowing through Christmas shopping... Bring it Santa, you're going down!
  18. That sounds amazing. I used to do a ton of performing as an Irish dancer, and some as a ballroom dancer. I miss it so much but the past year or so has been so busy with school and work that I'm really just social dancing. There's a surprisingly limited number of belly dance classes here in Chicago which is why I haven't learned yet. Good luck with the performance this weekend, I'm sure you will own it!
  19. I've never seen atlants, I'll have to look into it! My friend's 5 year old son has been allowed to watch the tamer parts of Game of Thrones and is hardcore crushing on Daney so I'm going to facetime him as Daney. Should be priceless. My brother and I were peter pan and tinkerbelle last year, this year he is off at college so I'm on my own to hand out candy but the neighbor kids still expect a costume. All the other adults in my neighborhood think I'm ridiculous but I love the kids reactions when they see an adult dressed up to hand out candy
  20. OMG BRAVE FTW! I have a kimono which is why I was thinking Mulan. If I have time to make the brave dress on top of the gatsby dress and danerys costume I might. I havea huge pink and blue ren gown and a dark blue and green ren gown. I'm trying to think how I can turn those into costumes for the masquerade Bellydance seems amazing! I've done all the standards (tap, ballet jazz, hip hop ect.) and was a compettive Irish dancer and ballroom dance but I haven't found a belly dance class that fits my schedule. I have a friend in eastern PA that is a belly dance teacher but I'm in the midwest. How long have you been doing that? Do you perform at all?
  21. I-Jo, what kind of dance do you do? I think I'm going as Danerys for one party, another is a masquerade party so IDK there but it needs to involve a big dress. (Ideas for this welcome). I will probably do Gatsby for work and then I try to dress up as something kid-recognizable for trick-or-treating. Last year I did tinkerbelle. This year maybe Mulan? (Also other popular kids characters reccomendations appreciated, I don't have any of my own yet so I'm not totally up on trends) This being said, I'm a theater costumer so a lot of this I will either make or pull from my costume-room. If you couldn't tell Halloween is my fave.
  22. Um, YES! That would be amazing! Although I might sub beef for bison. I like bison but it is harder to find. I'm a pansy when to comes to spicy too. Did you use ground bison or chunks?
  23. That is an impressive week of workouts! Good for you
  24. Week one was ok, I didn't get any runs in but I did alright otherwise. This week is SUPER CRAZY BUSY though, and I was out of town last weekend and will be out of town this weekend so I am not really able to work on my goals there. I'm seriously going to be lucky if I amange 3 of the 6 things I'm supposed to do this week.
  25. Those sound amazing! But what is liquid smoke? That is something I've never heard of before
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