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  1. Hahaha yeah that might qualift as a junkie! I read so much that I do read my fair share of sci-fi and fantasty but it is only a small precentage of my total reading. And I'm not sure how I feel about Enders Game becoming a movie. I wasn't thrilled with what they did to the Hobbit, and it reinforced my desire to steer clear of movies based off of my favorite books, so I'm not sure I'll see Enders Game until I read the reviews and find out if the readers of the world are happy or not.
  2. Well, I lift 2-3x a week already so I avoid other strength stuff because I really need my recovery time, and I'm testing for a law enforcement position in a couple months and I have to run as part of the test, Believe me, that is the ONLY reason that it is on this list! I did Zumba Tuessday instead of run which was fun as heck, but you're right, maybe I'll work yoga or something in on the days I don't make a run.
  3. I start work at 6am... I already get up at 4:30. I'm really not a morning person, so this is super hard for me as is. I'm not sure getting up any earlier, or running in the dark, are really options for me. Thanks though. I think once my schedule shifts a little bit and I'm only working one job again I would want to start running and lifting in the morning
  4. Wednesday: Kind of a failure, I didn't eat the pasta I had planed, my mom wanted something else for dinner so we did cook a chicken based meal. So I give myself points for cooking, there is my 2x making dinner a week. However it was pouring and lightninging (is that a word? Anybody?) so I didn't get a run in. I'm going to get 0 runs in this weekend unless it is super clear tonight and I'm feeling up to running after I lift. I'm going to be blunt and say it isn't very likely. However I made salted carmel rice krispy treats with the recipe I found on the Live Big Eat Big website last night. They're AMAZING! Not healthy, but then the theory behind Live Big Eat Big sin't your usual workout buff's theory. And Since my doctor thinks I need more body fat on me and I'm going to see her in a week I figured this can't hurt. Plus they're SUPER YUMMY!
  5. Thanks Jake, that is what I try to do. It hasn't been happening of late. I start work at 6-ish in the morning and when I get home at 6pm I really don't want to wait any longer for dinner. Also, I'm honestly weird about leftovers, some things I just don't want reheated (cooked veggies, brown rice, ect) so I do have to do some cooking. I'm trying to find a happy place, where the hard stuff is done in advance
  6. I make mine with veggies always, bacon sometimes. I agree, they are so easy to make a bunch at once and eat whenever best suits. Whats your veg combo? Mdowning, You're doing just fine, one of my goals I haven't even touvhed this week and since I'm going out of town I won't. At least the one day you got a salad from a fast food place, I would rank that as higher than a C+! And you're going strong with the workouts so I think you're ok, next week you can just do some food prep on Sunday or something and be in better shape for the whole week.
  7. Daggart, I think fruit is paleo but since sugar isn't really paleo some people who are into paleo avoid fruit. It really depends on your personal prefernce I believe Caramel: The workout looks great!
  8. I know, right? I'm like "Ummmm, do knee pushups count, because I could some one of those. And by some I mean one. Maybe."
  9. I love your goals, simple but effective and not likely to be too overwhelming. I love that you have worked the little one into it!
  10. Everyone says it but that's because it is true, get on a sleep schedule, same time to bed and awake every day. Some people can't because of their jobs but I sleep so much better when I do this. Also you've got some great goals. Good luck
  11. I love the way you laid out your goals. You're so numerically precise! I'm super impressed. And it looks like you've had two really good days already. Congrats!
  12. Great goals! I love love love reading, so I'm totally encouraging of that one! I also have a goal to avoid take out and fast food. It is just too easy a trap to fall into
  13. I picked it up because it was reccomended by awsome people! Haha I'm not a total fantasty junkie, I'm pretty well rounded in my book choices: history, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, non fiction, literature, even the occasional romance novel. One of my favorite books for years has been Enders Game (more Sci-fi than fantasty), I've read some of his other stuff too. I Love the original 3 books of the dragonlance chronicles. I also quite enjoy Tolkien, but then who doesn't? What about you?
  14. Here's the thing, the first book I was bored with for the first 400 pages, too much scene setting up (I have a lit degree so I really get into the nitty gritty) but then I was like, ok, I can get into this. Then Martin goes and kills people, the people I like, or does something else that has me hating his guts and the books as well and wondering why I'm even going to finish. But in a couple days I end up going back to the book and finishing it because good kids finish their books, and then I buy the next one. And I still can't decide if I hate this series because Martin is twisted and mean, or if I love this series because Martin is a creative genius. I'm not really into the whole violence and vengance and backstabbing thing most of the time but he is a good writer, and madness and genuis are two sides of the same coin, which leads me to say that I'm completly addicted to the books, but totally on the fence about if I like them or not! And yeah, I'm regretting my own choice of challenge thread title, because I'm on day 3 straight of singing these songs, both Kanye and Daft Punk
  15. I love the batman theme, and memes. This is so great! Randomly throwing this out there, my favorite paleo anything is bacon wrapped pinapple chunks with paprika. I mean, bacon is just, well, BACON! <3
  16. I'm currently in law as a career and taking a police exam this winter. Not sure if I want to really go into that, but it can't hurt to take the tests. My aunt is a cop and is pushing it so I'll give it my best shot.
  17. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/37137-interesting-creative-title-here/ That's where I shared some. Not all Whole30, but the egg cups and apple chips are for sure. I'll try to see what else I can think of and feel free to message me to chat about food stuffs *yum* I also love Stupid Easy Paleo website for noms, they have some fun stuff to help you from getting bored. I'm not sure exactly how whole30 differs from paleo but I know lots of the food overlap so you can check that out
  18. I completely agree with this! Life is beautful and so are the people who are living it. The only things we should shame are rudeness and harming people/animals/things/nature. Can we start asshole shaming instead of fit/fat shaming or stereotyping? Anyone?
  19. Thanks, I really hate running, but I really love dancing. So making the swap of a run for Zumba is something I was only too happy to do, but running is in my challenge because I need to run as part of a fitness test for a potential job and I don't want to do it! So I stuck it in there to guilt myself into it. My grandma is pretty awsome, I got super lucky, and thanks for the encouragement, it's really appreciated.
  20. Never tried Fitocracy. It could be interesting
  21. Changing your sleep schedule can be so hard! I find it easiest to force myself to get up early and then the early bed time will follow.
  22. I love grilled stuff, but I'm not any good at grilling. Universe y u so cruel?
  23. A few days into week one and I’m pretty OK with how the week has been going! Monday I lifted, woohoo! I don’t normally lift on Monday but I’m going out of town this weekend and my schedule is a little all over the place so I did what I had to do. Squat: 2x5x45 1x5x75 1x5x105 3x5x125 Bench: 2x5x45 1x5x50 3x5x60 Deadlift: 2x5x75 1x5x105 1x5x125 Plus I made myself dinner on Monday! A steak, yum, except I’m reading A Feast For Crows (the 4th book in the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire Series) and I was reading and not paying attention so the steak was a little better done than I like it. I’m super excited because I managed 1 of my 2 lifting sessions and 1 of my 2 making-myself dinners in the first day! Tuesday was supposed to be a running day but my grandma wanted me to go with her to Zumba. She’s in her 70s, wore spandex, and shook her tush. My grandma rocks. However this meant that I left the house at 5:45am and got home at 8:30 pm. There was not going to be a run at that point. I also wasn’t home to cook dinner so yeah. Since I will be out of town this weekend I’m not sure I’ll get both runs in, but haw can you say “no†to grandma? Wednesday: Sitting at my desk with a protein shake and yogurt and I realize that I forgot to take beginning photos and measurements yesterday. Grrr! I will have to do that today. Today I also did a lot of (online) Christmas shopping and got a jump start on dinner so I feel super productive and it is only 8:30am! Ok, by getting s jump-start on dinner I mean that I pulled a freezer-bag of sauce that I made a month or so ago out of the freezer to defrost so tonight when I get home all I have to do is make some whole-wheat pasta. The sauce already has meat in it, and since I’ll be running today I’m totally ok with a carb heavy meal. I’ve been following C25K’s interval running plan, because I’m a terrible runner, and tonight I’m stepping it up to the next level and will probably hate myself. I’m not looking forward to it but the only way to get better is to do harder stuff, right?
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