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  1. I just posted a bunch of snack ideas on someone elses thread... let me see if I can find it.
  2. Impressive that you're starting Whole30. I've never tried it but I do try to eat in that direction. I love bacon wrapped pineapple bites seasoned with paprika!
  3. I get that reaction a lot too. It makes me a little crazy. Or worse, when I tell them that I lift they tell me it isn't safe or good for me to lift heavy weights. Or that I'm going to get bulky... Am I bulky yet? Nope, so what exactly makes you think that the bulk is just going to magically appear?
  4. I love how excited we all are that day one was awsome! I'm so glad the day went so well for most
  5. I understand the "eat everything" diet plan. I'm not underweight for the first time in my life and my doctor is thrilled hahaha problem is with working out so much it is hard to keep the fat in the 20-25% range sometimes. Enjoy that you have that luxury
  6. I end up reqarding myself with "good" tea when I do impressive stuff at the gym, and the rest of the time I end up with herbal stuff in bags from the groccery store. I feel your pain! Herbal stuff isn't so bad to drink a lot ofbecause it isn't caffinated and has antioxidants, plus there are so many flavors to choose from that
  7. super impressive, hope that you got your 8 hours!
  8. Cut up an apple and put it in a pitcher and add a cinnamon stick and water. You can get like 4 gallons of flavored water out of one apple and cinnamon stick (or some loose cinnamon in a coffee filter) and the apple and cinnamon help with energy! I like green apples best in that but each person is different.
  9. Hahaha batwoman, my mother has been saying "that's icky" to 90% of food out there her whole life. 50+ years later she won't even try anything new. So I don't have much hope. And yes, I typically do a lot of cooking on Sunday, but like I said, I've just been all over the palce the last month and my schedule has fallen apart, and that includes my cooking so I've got to get back into it.
  10. Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes! People laugh at me because I have such a variety of interests but I enjoy it
  11. You pick your own goals and post in the first time challenger forum and then keep people updated. You also grade yourself at the end. I'm on my first challenge and it seems pretty straightforward.
  12. Obviously you didn't live on my college campus, in that town people bought exercise wear specifically for class and walmart. In some cases it was even their dressier option! I hope your pup enjoys the attention! I love dogs, sadly my living situation isn't well suited to one right now but my cats are more than a handful.
  13. Glad everyone is enjoying the ideas. Food and making good food is a 1/3 of my challenge this time around so I think I'll be throwing some recipes out there as the challenge goes on. Just an FYI. I'll try to remember to let you know if I come up with any more snack ideas.
  14. Yay yay yay, good starts are super exciting!
  15. you can peel the apples if you like, it is totally optional though. If you do then they bake flatter but I'm not aiming for asthetic pleasure. I do core them though. I have no clue what happens if you bake them without coring. And I'm so glad that I could help. I eat a LOT and I snack at my desk all day so I try really hard to find great healthy snacks. Plus the hand-to-mouth action has to burn some calories when I do it that often... right?
  16. Nah, I can't decide what I am, so I keep going back to school. I've discovered that you can try "certification" post-bac classes that are only a year part time. This was paralegal. I have no clue what I want to do the full masters in yet. Still, a job, classes, and my internship made sleep rare at best!
  17. Clean snacks: I carry bags of baby carrots, nuts, dried fruits, apples, ect. with me. I also make eggs once a week to last the whole week. I line muffin tins with cupcake liners, add spinach and veggies, sometimes bacon bits and/or spices, then beat eggs (about 1 egg per cup) I pour the beate eggs into the cupacke libners and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. I like plain greek yogurt with jam (I'm partial to apple butter) nuts/granola, and honey. Sometimes I bake muffins but that is a lot of carbs. Cliff bars, healthy crackers, hummus, all work and can be snacked. I liek tuna with greek yogurt, celery, mustard, lemon juice, and onion and sometimes I add whole wheat noodles. I make apple wraps, whole wheat wraps and PB with sliced apples. Also can sub cream cheese and fruit, honey, bananas, ect. I really enjoy making apple chips, I slice apples really thin with a mandolin, lay them out on parchment covered baking sheets, sprinkle with cinnamon (sometimes sugar) and bake at 250 for an hour, turning half way through. Hope that this helps!
  18. I think with your schedule you should star there and then reevaluate after 2 or 3 weeks. If it is too easy then you can look at fitting in more or harder workouts or something. Don't overwhelm yourself at the start.
  19. Hahahahaha I'm a klutz, swinging anything between my legs could get painful. I tripped over my cat and fell down a flight of stairs last week. Do you like HIIT? I have a friend who is looking to get into it. Are you doing the 6 week challenge? I know in your original post you mentioned wanting to do challenges but I wasn't sure if you were jumping right in and doing this one.
  20. Hahahahahaha I can't believe you've actually done this! And this little guy makes me laugh every time I see him. The HR lady in my office likes that as little as the one in your office likes dancing...
  21. Thanks, yeah. I think that will help with my "fewer takeout meals" thing too. Saturday I was running errands to I got a salad to go for dinner. Despite that I had all the salad fixings at home. I was so sad when I realized that I had just spent $7 on something I had already spent $5 the only difference being that the $5 I have to put together myself although it gets me a lot more salad
  22. Good for you! that's really reasonable but will tkae work so I think it is great middle ground
  23. I love that one of your goals is to get enough sleep. I've been doing little else since I finished my post-bac program last month! There will come a day when sleep happens, I promise.
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