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  1. That is one fancy wristband! I debated investing in one of those, or the fitbit one, keep us posted on how you like it and how it benefits everything you do long term.
  2. Just remember when the easy stuff seems hard, that everyone starts at the beginning. You'll get there!
  3. 7 pounds in 2 weeks is super impressive! Way to go! No worries about an off weekend, think of it as giving your metablism a boost and enjoy the fact that you did really great the next day!
  4. I'm making spinach and bacon (and maybe feta) stuffed portobellos this weekend! Because part of my next challenge is going to revolve around making smart dinner choices (I eat really well all day until it comes to dinner) so I'm VERY excited to try out some new recipes in preparation for that!
  5. Yeah, I don't count calories, I also allow myself to eat junk but I do limit that (I'm actually trying to keep my body fat % above 20% bc I was under weight so much of my life so I approach it differently). However meat, veggies, fruits, ect. I just eat and eat and eat! The whole restrictive calories thing is great for someone who physically does nothing or is trying to look super cut for a competition or something, but it is unrealistic in day to day life. I can't lift if I don't eat enough. And if I have my weight in iron on my back I really need to be able to lift it hahah! What sort of bodyweight exercises are you doing?
  6. Wow, I love the way you did this! I really ahd so much fun reading it laid out like this! Are you doing the next challenge? What would be your goals for it?
  7. Welcome to NF! Your minimalist introduction leaves me wondering, nicely done! Good luck
  8. Holy 11 pounds! Super exciting! Hahaha you're motivating me, and I've been a lazy bum lately so that is a really good thing. Walked into the gym yesterday and the guys at the desk said "Damn, we thought you were dead" so yeah. (I only took two weeks off I swear!) What is the pushup challenge? And yes, isn't it ridiculous the amount of food, especially protein, one must consume for lifting?
  9. Ermahgerd I LOVE HP! That video clip just made my day, I hope it made LGDs day too! Especially since there were no house elfs harmed in the making of her soup
  10. Going over calories a little isn't really that big a deal, plus you were probably burning calories jumping around and being excited at the game right? Ok that is my logic, and I know it's not really valid, but it gets be through. Really though, you're fine, enjoy the evening and don't feel guilty or what was the point of going over anyway? And Yay excited for work sets and potty training! Next week should be interesting
  11. Inverted rows are icky! That being said, you're doing great, really great considering how hard those are. As a right arm dominant person (who carries her very lerge cat around with her right arm a lot) it seems like I can't get my left strong enough. My right arm is making great progress, my left is a whining kid who won't do anything you ask. So I'm struggling too, but I have noticed improvement. I'm not sure I'll ever be "even" unless I get another 20 pound cat to lug around in my left arm!
  12. Just checking in to see how this all is going! Hope you're well and working toward your goals
  13. I was typing something long and then Cline posted and I realized I was typing what he had already said. I 100% agree with Cline. As you do this you will stop craving the things you've cut out. This will take time and effort, it can't happen over night and you have to be strong but you can get there. Too much at once is overwhelming both to your mind and your body so take steps and take time to focus on each step and you will totally see results!
  14. Agreed, moderation is the goal. You're doing great so far, and you can make it through the next challenge without letting the rest of your life fall apart, I'm sure you can!
  15. I use greek yogurt in a lot, mixed with tuna (along with lemon juice and mustard and onion and celery) to get a great suitable lunch. I also know people sub avacado for or in addition to things. I'm not huge on avacado, got sick off of guac once, but it works too. Greek yogurt everywhere I can is still my favorite. Also there are usually nuts in my purse, I nom on lots of nuts, especially since I can snack on them whenever, no prep needed. Sorry I don't have more suggestions.
  16. My name is on a plaque in the entrance hall of my elementary school for reading... So I feel you. Welcome to NF fellow bookworm, we are so glad to have you here!
  17. I do starting strength too, it gets results, I will say that. Although I get bored and take random weeks off to do other (not strength training) stuff all the time which I'm sure hurts my progress
  18. I could never do a pushup but once I started bench pressing I was able to do them! Also wall pushups and laying on the floor gripping the underside of a table (the rim around the edge) and pulling yourself up toward the table is a great way to work those muscles from home.
  19. Totally agree with Jay! You need to look at your mindset, it is hard but if you decide it is worth it and set up good support system then you can do it. And you should probably see a doctor as mentioned above because that sounds really drastic and could be a few different seriously problematic things. Also, again as noted above, take small steps and set small goals. Thats the best way to get drastic achievement. You can do it, you really can, if you just do it logically and slowly and set your mind to it. I gave up caffeine a few months ago and it was so hard to go through withdrawl but I stuck it out and feel so much better now, months later, jut because of that little change. I didn't cut sugar and junk food and everything, just focused on caffeine and then was able to survive and tackle something small later on.
  20. Welcome to NF! You sound super fun, and your puns made me smile. I hope to see the cosplay pics when you get there, because I'm sure that you will. What kind of strength training program are you looking at?
  21. Congrats, sounds great! As someone who just finished a year long postgrad program, along with an office job, sometimes a second job, and an internship I can sympathize. Sometimes Work started at 6am and class ended at 10pm but I did everything I could to get those workouts in. My advice: DONT GO HOME FIRST! Because then the couch's gravitational pull will get you and you won't go back to the gym. Stick that workout bag in your car and just go. Trust me. Also on days (ok weeks) when the gym just won't fit in the schedule try small at home bodyweight workouts right after you wakeup or before you shower. Or walks (jogs if you don't get too sweaty) at lunch at work (if you're like me and can eat all day at work and don't need lunch). Also make a chart with workouts on them, what you're going to do on which days and preferably what time. Then make a plan to reinforce this: some punishment for not going (have to give your wife $5 or put $5 in a jar to donate or something so you're doing good even when you don't go) or a reward like $1 in a jar every workout for something you really want. Or get your wife to help so rewards are dates or so she can keep you accountable. You will know what will work best for you, but keep in mind that burning yourself out is worse than not working out and be nice to yourself. Good luck.
  22. Jay, I feel you, with a Lit degree my cooking tends to be more artsy too, and sometimes is just black when I get caught in a book and forget I'm cooking.. whoops! Meteoric, the food looks great and I'm thrilled you came to this awsome place called NF. We are super glad to have you! PS. I'm ok with you sharing more food, because that looks amazing and makes me want to cook healthy, yummmmm
  23. I'm going to throw this out there, I eat a LOT (of junk) to keep my body fat % over 20% and was always a size 2ish so I can relate. Now I've gained 20+ pounds from lifting (I also do yoga and zumbda and dancing and hiking and running so I'm getting cardio in) and gained a pants size (and I have to eat even more junk to keep my body fat at a healthy 20%+). However, I'm healthier than I've ever been, so tell her not to worry about size or weight, because most of my size gain was from butt muscles and I'm told by a number of my male friends that I look much better (I don't notice the changes as much). She won't get bulky, trust someone of a similar build. As a group instructor I can honestly say that we deal with a lot and are usually as accomodating as we can be. If she asks to talk to the instructor before signing up she can ask any questions and do some explaining and the instructor can offer a better alternative if their class isn't right for her or they can reassure her that it is. I'm sure it is hard for her but she has to remeber not to get defeated because there are ways she can do this. Also your weight training plan sounds good, but I can honestly say that women tend to have stronger lower bodies than upper. I'm not sure exactly her case but only 15 pounds on the leg press caught me by surprise since most super-beginner women can handle more than that. Most guys don't take that into consideration because thier upper bodies tend to be where they focus and tend to be very powerful so see if she can step it up a bit. If not, cool, have her work until she can of course but stronger leg muscles will help with balance too.
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