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  1. Brader, I've been a lazy bum the last month with finishing up school and getting my brother off to college and then realizing how little I have to do without school. I haven't even been to the gym in two weeks. I'm just not motivated, maybe even burned out after all of it. I had hoped and expected to be in a batter place than this for the start of the nect (and my first) challenge. I haven't been nearly as motivated as you lately!
  2. I know the sugar contect is a little higer, but I love strawberry protein powder with orange and pineapple juice. Or I mix protein powder with plain greek yogurt to give the yogurt flavor and get a super dose of protein
  3. Wait guys, I just realized how soon the next challenge starts, and that I have been a mess with diet and workout for about a month, and haven't done anything at all workout wise in two weeks! Ugh! With finals, and then being sad and unmotivated because school was over and sending my little bro off to college and missing him and such I really haven't wanted to do anything at all. I just go home and put on sweatpants and sleep. It's pathetic. I don't normally need motivation to workout, I normally just do it because it is good for me. This is weird. I guess I need to convince myself to go back.
  4. Wait, is the next challenge really only two weeks away? Ugh I guess I need to start thinking about that too! Meanwhile your routine and eating seem to be going quite well. Sorry I've been in recluse mode the last few days and finally just caught up. Sorry about the morning sickness but congrats on being such a great dad and supportive spouse! And congrats on all the progress you're making!
  5. I'm going to be honest, when I undereat and get hungry, I snap and eat everything. It's a little scary and people have considered calling an exorcist... And I feel terrible after, but if I keep to a moderate workout plan so I don't burn out and a modterate diet that isn't 100% great but is mostly good then I don't lose it and I stay in a better place psychologically and physically. I think your weekend plan is great, the trip is well planned to allow you some down time. 15 minutes of cardio a day won't overdo it I'm sure but down time is good.
  6. It is great that you are hitting your goals, but make sure that you get enough to eat, undereating isn't good either and I don't want to have to worry about you! Also a rest day this weekend while visitng family isn't the end of the world. Food and rest matter bigtime in reaching these sort of goals. The worry-wart-mom side of me being placated (I'm not actually a mom, I just worry like one) I think you're doing great and I'm so thrilled that you're finding this stage easy and fun
  7. I've never read the book so I can't give my opinion on that. I do however know that I'm too uncordinated to even manage a handstand, a handstand pushup, even with two arms, is mindblowingly impossible for me! hehehehe I fall over with my feet on the ground, with my hands on the ground is a recipe for disaster!
  8. Taking it slow is a good plan, it will help you stick with it longer
  9. Thanks, I haven't (had time to be) a Sailor Moon person in a long time. But I love the encouragement that goes on in a challenge and would totally be interested.
  10. I'm glad you're so excited and had such a great day yesterday! Enjoy your bike ride later
  11. Run time is super impressive! Congrats on a great fitness day and that mama and baby are well!
  12. So glad that you've joined us! I was always a huge reader too and I love your book-list.
  13. You've got this! Little diet and exercise changes can make a big difference. Can't wait for a post in 6 weeks!
  14. I love your attitude and confidence! I'll be joining the next six week challenge too and you make me so excited for it! PS. Pin-up photoshoots are such fun!
  15. Agreed, strength training is a good way to go. Your muscles will work no matter how much fat you have, and modifications of stuff until you get to a point where you're comfortable doing them is perfect. Make sure you read/youtube the right way to do stuff too so you stay safe and get more benefits from the workout. And I'm also agreed that a diet to compliment your workout is so important. My whole workout is worse if I wat the wrong things
  16. Agree with the starting strength, keep it to 3 days a week and you can do some cardio if you want on your bike at home. I follow the same ABA BAB split that was reccomended above and you see a lot of gains that way. No pormises about losing weight with strength training, because putting on muscle does happen. However it will help you lose inches when paired with a good diet.
  17. I'll be a first-challenge person too! Good luck!
  18. wow, that's fantastic! Super impressive. I love reading things like this because I find them so inspiring! Rock on
  19. Welcome and congrats on deciding to make positive changes in your life!
  20. You sound like a super-fabulous nerd and I love it! Congrats on hitting the half way mark. NF is a great place to be and we are so happy that you've come to join us
  21. :If you're scared just be scarier than whatever is scaring you!" - Thumper
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