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  1. Fabulous list of songs! So gald I found this thread! Kind of random, but if I go running I have to listen to "born to run" at some point in time during the run. It has become tradition and motivation since I actually really hate running. Also, I'm going to go super girly here, Zero-to-hero from Disney's Hercules and I'll make a man out of you from Disney's Mulan. I fell like I can be such a badass whenever I hear either of those songs!
  2. That's amazing! agreat story of mind over matter and I'm so glad you triumphed! I'm working toward my first 5k, I hope that yours is kickass!
  3. So gald you've joined us! SS is a program that will help you make great strength gains but listen to your body and make sure you get enough recovery time in. Congrats on the fun at gymnastics and the motivation to keep going. Wnating to do it for you is the best reason to do it!
  4. Great tips guys! My work schedule is changing so I will probably be running before the sun pops up. All this is good to know!
  5. Congrats! That is a great first post on the NF forums! Keep up the great work and enjoy the heck out of your success
  6. I'm really excited to see how this turns out! I don't think I'm lifting as part of it but I can't wait for the outcome!
  7. I do SS and I get that from guys ALL THE TIME! They also think that a back squat should be done with a torso perpendicular to the floor and I'm like "that's a front squat, sorry but you're an idiot" so yeah, just ingore them. Well, first ask if they're an SS trainer, and if they say no then just ignore them
  8. Why is it socially acceptable to call in sick for a hangover but not for DOMs?

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    2. JessFit


      Clearly you guys don't work in my office where a select few guys are "sick" every Monday of football season...

    3. GetOffaMyRunway


      I used to work somewhere they actually scheduled extra people on Sunday mornings because of how many call-outs we'd get. The one time we didn't get any I wound up sitting in a break room for three hours because I wasn't needed.

    4. SpecialSundae


      Definitely not socially acceptable to call in sick with a hangover. That's a sacking offence in many places!

  9. Good idea! I always have issues with pants because my leg to waist to height ratio doesn't match up properly.
  10. Thanks all! I'm going to have to look into them! I will hit up some local sports stores and see if they carry either style to see what best fits my too-long-for-my-body legs. You both rock!
  11. You do have a fabulous attitude! I'm going to reccomend starting strength (which I use), new weight lifting rules for women, or stronglifts 5x5 to learn more about form. The best way to do it is the right way to do it! And I'm so glad that you're being brave enough to take on strength training right off the bat, congrats on being gutsy. What kind of dance are you into? I grew up a dancer and debated going pro for a while. Now I love fitting it in wherever and whenever I can, including Zumba when I have time. I'm also doing interval running but I do it outside instead of on a treadmill. How do you stay motivated on a treadmill? I would love to know so when it gets cold out I will keep running and not get bored with the treadmill and stop.
  12. Welcome to the NF forums! None of us really think we can do big things, so we do something little, that is a little more than we did before, and those littles add up to a big! Just focus on the littles for now and you will get there. You have a lot of great goals and as long as you aren't too hard on yourself and take small steps you will completly be able to make them all come true!
  13. Hey Girl! Welcome to NF, this is the place to be. Everyone is nice and helpful and encouraging. Good luck with your weight loss plan and the next six week challenge (which I will be joining too bc I couldn't do this one). What kind of workouts are you looking to do?
  14. Thanks, I'm in Chicago so we get snow and cold and wind. I assume on the worst days I will either give myself extra rest time or suck it up and run on the boring as hell tredmill. But I don't want to give up my outside time completely. Also can anyone reccomend any good gear for running before the sun comes up? I live in the city so there will be cars out and I don't want to get to intimate with one. You all are the best!
  15. Evicious I am laughing so hard! Even if you never say anything to her you sure made me smile!
  16. It really is person-dependent. I don't cope well at all with going any length of time without eating. Especially not doing physical activity. I always notice that my workouts are lacking when I don't eat because I just don't have the energy to go all out. Again, this is just me and I-Jo is right, is is something you need to learn about yourself, no one can tell you how your body will react.
  17. I'm one of those people who believes that women shouldn't have to look any specific way when they workout, they should be comfortable. If that means bright colors or a specific brand then great. For me it is soccer shorts that were my little brother's uniform shorts when he was 8... oh well. Can anyone reccomend good cold weather running clothes? I just started running this summer and don't want to be limited to the treadmill come winter. I noticed the Adiddas comment above and will be looking into those. Thanks ladies!
  18. Yesterday I saw one of my mom's friends. I have known her for about 13 years and i offered to take her to the gym with me so she could attack the post-baby weight. She repleid "why do you workout so much, you've always been so thin it isn't like you need to" and I wanted to scream. Dropping weight is not the only reason to workoutAnd just because I'm naturally thinner doesn't mean that I should just eat whatever and be lazy! Grrr
  19. Ensi, what are you reading for fun? I Love having the time to pay attention to my want-to-read books! Additionally, I agree, the less you eat the things you shouldn't be the less you want to eat those things! It's wonderful!
  20. No, nothing happened. I'm not sure we were ever able to pick a date! How sad.
  21. Cline has some great reccomendations, don't be afraid or feel limited, just stay safe. For me the empty bar is easier than dumbbells because your back can take some of the weight instead of it mostly relying on your arms. I can squat a lot more with a barbell than I can with dumbbells. Women tend to have surprisingly strong lower bodies but struggle more with arm/upper body stuff. If you are going with the 45 pound bar ask someone to spot you at first, someone who can curl the 45 pound bar so they can get if off you if need be. Also don't go to failure, start with sets of few reps until you can manage the 45 pound bar.
  22. DOMs in my abs are so bad I feel sick to my stomach... loving it!

  23. Fantastic! That is amazing, I admire you so much for what you do. I hope you have a long, successful, and rewarding career
  24. congrats! Yay, i bet they do look fantastic and I hope that you feel fantastic
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